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Window film has various applications throughout Kansas City’s metro area, suburbs, and outlying regions.  Residential clients generally explore window film as a solution to climate control, glare, fading, privacy, or security.  Commercial clients have an even broader range of options that expand to include ballistic resistance, exterior aesthetic, daylight redirecting, anti-graffiti, elevator refinishing, decorative, branding, and many more.  Increasingly,  Public Buildings are also looking to window film for safety & security, energy savings, and decoration.  We look forward to learning more about how we might be able to craft a solution for your project!

Explore Window Film's Many Benefits for Kansas City

Energy Efficient/Low-E Film to Reduce Heat Transmission 

Energy efficient/Low-E window film offers Kansas City residents the opportunity to save significantly on their energy bill year round. With Low-E window film, commercial and residential properties alike can lower their heat and HVAC consumption considerably. This great ROI can help eliminate hot/cold spots while maintaining a stable, comfortable internal temperature. From energy savings to increased tenant retention, energy efficient window film is a great affordable solution for Kansas City properties. 

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Protect Your Kansas City Home or Business With Security Film

Safety and security window film provides premium security benefits for any Kansas City property at an affordable cost. By mitigating broken glass and flying debris hazards, building occupants and valuables can be protected against significant injury and blast-related death. Perfect for Kansas City residences and businesses, security film can defend against break-ins, burglaries, explosions, natural disasters, and more. 

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Add Privacy to Your Kansas City Property

Privacy film is highly customizable and available in endless design options. From mimicking frosted glass to customized etched logos, your Kansas City home or business can transform dysfunctional spaces into private areas. Great for conference rooms, bathrooms, locker rooms, and more, privacy film can block unwanted views and optimize comfort. 

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Add a Personalized Look to Your Office or Store With Decorative Film

Increase brand visualization, create paid promotional space, and more with decorative film. This highly customizable window film solution is available in virtually any color, can be HD printed, and reflect any imagery you’re looking for. Kansas City commercial property owners can utilize this cost-effective solution for temporary or regional sales promotion, promote their brand and space to attract potential customers, create a more inviting workspace for employees, and more. With open creative direction, Kansas City business owners can bring their design dreams to fruition. 

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Window Film Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays, Protecting Your Property from Kansas’ Harsh Sun

The sun in Kansas City can be intense all year round! Protect your family and furnishings by blocking 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays with UV blocking window film!  A recommendation from the National Cancer Society and rated SPF 1000, overexposure to UV rays can cause fading and discoloration of furnishings, flooring, display merchandise, and more. With considerable potential eye and skin disease, UV rays need to be blocked in order to protect building occupants. 

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Window Film Can Reduce the Glare in Your Home & On Your Screens

Glare can be a prevalent issue in Kansas City homes and businesses due to the constant, year round sun. From persistent headaches to severe squinting and discomfort, glare can actually lower employee productivity and make any screen viewing activity a nuisance. Glare reduction film can alleviate all the negative symptoms of glare while still allowing moderate amounts of visible light transmission.  

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Reduce High Maintenance Costs with Anti-Graffiti Films

Kansas City can be more prone to vandalism and graffiti due to its size and population. Anti-graffiti film is a great, budget-friendly solution for business and public building owners looking to save on high repair and replacement costs. This innovative film can protect metal, mirrored, glass, and more. Anti-graffiti film conceals existing damage while protecting against new vandalism efforts, giving your customers and guests the best impression of your Kansas City business.

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Mirror & Metal Film Can Improve the Aesthetics and Reduce Maintenance Costs For Commercial Buildings in Kansas City and Across Kansas

Keep your Kansas City commercial building’s vulnerable mirrors, stainless steel, and other metal surfaces looking great and scratch/graffiti-free with Mirror and Metal Shield! This thick, durable film can even withstand acid and corrosion, ensuring a professional, clean look. Skip expensive elevator recommissioning costs and unnecessary downtime with Graffiti Shield films. 

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Block RF Radiation in your Kansas City Home with Window Film

In today’s world, RF radiation has become a concern for some homeowners depending on their home’s location. If your Kansas City home is in proximity to certain cell phone, TV, or radio towers, RF window film is one way to increase your protection from those powerful radiation waves. If you experience any sensitivity or negative side effects from RF radiation, window film can help alleviate the symptoms. 

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Protect Your Building’s Employees and Guests with Window Film

In the event of a bomb blast or natural disasters like hurricane force winds, flying glass shrapnel is the leading cause of considerable injury and death. Bomb Blast films keep glass in place in the event of high impact, against certain ballistics and against nearly any high-velocity blow to your location’s windows–helping to keep your patrons and employees safe!

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Change or Modernize Your Kansas Office with Exterior Resurfacing

Exterior resurfacing can really transform your commercial property leading to higher tenant retention, increased energy efficiency and functionality, elevated property equity, and more. Modernizing your Kansas City building’s exterior can conceal damaged and outdated windows while adding the year round insulation you need. From money saving benefits to improved aesthetics, exterior resurfacing is perfect for any Kansas City commercial property.


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Cloaking Films for Kansas City Businesses and Office Spaces

Cloaking films offer an innovative solution for screen privacy. Perfect for collaborative workspaces, conference rooms, and more, cloaking films are designed for glass walls to obscure digital screens from outside views. With cloaking film, only the people you want to share sensitive information with during on-screen presentations can see it in your Kansas City office.

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Whiteboard Film for Businesses and Homes in Kansas City

Whiteboard film is perfect for utilizing existing space and unconventional walls that can’t have anything nailed to or installed on. Great for Kansas City office spaces, kid’s rooms, home kitchens, and more. Whiteboard film offers all the benefits of a whiteboard but is highly customizable in regards to sizing, shape, and location.

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Bird Strike Prevention Window Film for Kansas City Commercial Properties 

Did you know that up to a billion birds die each year in the U.S. alone from flying into glass windows, walls, and other building structures? Have you noticed this issue in your Kansas City building? Not only is it unfortunate for the birds, but it also causes a lot of maintenance and repair costs. Bird strike film is designed with decals that are visible to birds so they don’t fly into your glass. Save bird lives and money with bird strike window film.

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An Award Winning Contractor You Can Trust

BBB Accredited Business

BBB Window Film Contractor Kanssa City

Scottish Window Tinting has an A+ rating with BBB providing excellent customer service for the Kansas City area. We recently received a Gold Star award from BBB indicating zero customer service complaints for every year in business. We’re proud to be an accredited business and look forward to showing you the Scottish Difference.

Vista Dealer of the Year

Window Film Dealer of Year Kansas CIty

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to announce our recent award on behalf of Eastman and Llumar SelectPro for “Best in the West” window film contractor. As the Western Vista dealer of the year, we’re humbled by the recognition of our work ethic, consistency, and dedication to our customers and community. We strive to continue being the recognized leader in our industry and are proud of our recent accomplishments, our hard working team, and all of our wonderful Kansas City clients.

Angie's List A Rating Business


We’re proud of our comprehensive A rating on Angie’s list from all our reviews from the last decade. We’ve received A ratings across the board for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. We welcome all Kansas City residents to work with us on your next window film project.

A Window Film for Every Kansas City Building

Residential Window Tinting for Kansas City Homes

Kansas City homes have a lot to benefit from window film solutions. Energy efficient window film provides considerable savings while offering UV blocking properties that protect your family, furnishings, and valuables. Glare reduction window film is great for movie night and home offices, improving overall home comfort. Decorative and privacy window film provides endless creative decorative opportunities for homeowners looking to set their home apart.

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Kansas City Hotel & Motel Window Tinting Benefits

Energy efficient window film offers Kansas City hotel and motel owners considerable energy savings opportunities and can actually lead to LEED certification. Privacy film is great to give your guests more seclusion and privacy. Decorative window film can be utilized for brand visualization, decorative elements, and paid promotional space. Protect your guests and hotel staff with safety and security film. Security film protects against natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more.

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Window Film for Kansas City Restaurants, Bars & Clubs

Kansas City restaurant, bar, and club owners can rest assured knowing their properties and patrons are protected around the clock with security film even when they’re not there. Security film defends against burglaries, explosions, break-ins, and much more. Anti-graffiti film is great for high traffic areas with surfaces prone to vandalism. Cut down repair and replacement costs with anti-graffiti film while offering guests a professional, clean impression of your establishment. Energy efficient film offers high heat rejection and UV blocking properties that can help you save money, protect guests, staff, and valuables, and create an optimized environment for customers.

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Window Film for Kansas City Retail & Storefronts

UV blocking window film protects your commercial property from UV radiation, the culprit of shortened product life, warped display merchandise, and fading furniture and floors. Give customers high quality products that haven’t been affects by sun damage while lowering energy costs in your Kansas City retail space. Decorative window film offers endless opportunities for sales events, regional promotions, advertisements, and much more. Glare reduction window film is perfect for any retail space where customers interact with screen viewing activities– optimizing the buyer experience and heightening employee productivity. Security film is always a good investment as well; protect your storefront against burglaries, break-ins, and more.

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Kansas City Hospital & Healthcare Window Tinting Benefits

Daylight redirecting film has been proven to decrease patient recovery time while also lowering hospital lighting costs. Safety and security film can protect your staff members and patients against explosions, natural disasters, and much more. Utilize decorative window film in hospital child care centers, gift shops, cafeterias, and other spaces that need eye-catching decorative elements or promotions. UV blocking window film can protect expensive hospital valuables while protecting patients and staff from UV radiation. Privacy film is perfect for hospital glass partitions, shared patient rooms, and more.

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Commercial Window Tinting for Kansas City Stadiums & Arenas

Stadiums and arenas are unfortunately targets for domestic and terrorist attacks around the world. Protect your patrons and staff with security film. Bomb blast and ballistic resistant film offers comprehensive protection against explosions, gunfire, natural disasters, and much more. Decorative window film can be incorporated into building wraps or indoor promotional spaces to advertise current or future events to fans. Energy efficiency is definitely high priority for Kansas City stadium and arena owners, making window film a great, affordable option.

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Kansas City Public & Government Buildings Window Film Benefits

Security film is always recommended for public and government buildings. Secured buildings can take advantage of ballistic resistant and bomb blast films in order to protect employees and sensitive information. Energy efficient window film is perfect for many of the outdated windows featured in Kansas City public and government buildings. Modernizing window appearance and increasing functionality can optimize the workspace and help save significantly year round. Glare reduction film helps increase employee productivity as well.

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Window Film for Kansas City Mass Transit Systems

Window film has various applications across Kansas City mass transit systems, from buses to trains, airports, bus stops, and more. Anti-graffiti film offers protection against vandalism and graffiti, and can be installed on virtually any smooth, nonporous surface. Anti-graffiti film protects while concealing damage giving customers a great impression of your transit system. Safety and security film protects against natural disasters, break-ins, explosions, and more– protect your customers and mass transit staff from the unexpected. Decorative window film gives opportunities for sponsorships, paid promotional space, and much more.

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Kansas City Schools & Universities Window Tinting Advantages

Schools and universities can heighten security measures with safety and security film. Protect your students and teachers from gunfire, explosions, natural disasters, and more. Daylight redirecting film has been shown to increase student test scores while helping schools save on lighting costs. Privacy film is always a great option to protect students from unwanted views from onlookers and assailants. Kansas City schools looking to save on energy costs can always benefit from energy efficient window film.

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Window Tinting for Kansas City Convention Centers & Theaters

Convention centers and theaters are definitely high traffic areas that can be a target of any random attack. Protect your staff members and patrons with security film. Bomb blast and ballistic resistant film offers extensive protection against natural disasters, explosions, gunfire, and much more. Decorative window film can promote upcoming events and plays while elevating guest experience. Energy efficient and UV blocking film can help convention center and theater owners save considerably.

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Kansas City Jails & Prisons Window Film Benefits

Security film can protect Kansas City jails and prisons from the outside in. Protect prisoners and staff members from natural disasters, explosions, and more. Add another level of precaution that deters prisoners from escaping. Anti-graffiti film is great for protecting surfaces that are prone to vandalism and reducing costly repair and replacement fees. Energy efficient film also helps save money on heating and cooling costs.

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Window Tinting Advantages for Kansas City Museums, Galleries, & Libraries

UV blocking window film is perfect for Kansas City museums, galleries, and libraries. Protect your costly investments, art displays, and more from irreversible UV radiation. Safety and security film is always recommended as well– protect your guests and valuables from burglaries, break-ins, and more. Decorative film is great for curating art exhibits, enhancing guest experience, promoting future events, and much more.

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Scottish Window Tinting Testimonials

Featuring 3M Safety & Security Films

Choose a Contractor You Can Trust

When working with Scottish Window Tinting you know you’re working with a reputable company. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, and in 2017 we won the “Best in the West” award from Eastman/Kodak, the manufacturer of Vista, Llumar, and Huper Optik window films. We invite you to consider experiencing the “Scottish Difference” when exploring options for your Kansas City film project.

Kansas City can greatly benefit from window film solutions. Both commercial and residential properties throughout Kansas City can experience a multitude of diverse advantages from security to energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking to redirect natural light to lower lighting costs in your Crossroads office building or add privacy elements to the master bathroom in your Brookside home, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered.

A Full Range of Window Film Brands for Your Kansas City Projects

Vista Energy Saving Film Kansas City

Vista Window Film delivers premium commercial and residential window film solutions. Renowned for their solar rejection and UV blocking capabilities, Vista window films offer significant savings for Kansas City residents. Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred Vista window film contractor in the Kansas City area. Learn more about Vista window films for your Kansas City property.

VS60 Spectrally Selective Film
V14 Dual-Reflective
V33 Neutral Series

Huper Optik UV Blocking Window FIlms Kansas City

Huper Optik is the recognized leader in sustainability and green solutions. With numerous energy conscious window film lines, Huper Optik provides premium window film products for both residential and commercial use. Scottish Window Tinting is the trusted Huper Optik window film contractor in the Kansas City area and is proud to carry their entire line. Read more about Huper Optik window films for your Kansas City home or business.

Select Series Retail Specification Sheet
Ceramic Series Retail Specification Sheet
Therm-X Series Retail Specification Sheet

3M safety and security film kansas city

3M is one of the leading window film manufacturers offering highly innovative window tinting and film solutions. Kansas City commercial and residential properties can utilize these revolutionary film in a multitude of applications. From 3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film to 3M Scotchshield Safety & Security Window Film, Scottish Window Tinting is proud to offer the entire, comprehensive 3M window film collection for the Kansas City area. Discover more on 3M window tinting solutions for your Kansas City residence or office.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film
3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film Commercial Brochure
3M™ Commercial Window Film Energy Efficiency Brochure


Madico has been improving customer lives for over 100 years with industry changing window film products. With a long-term commitment to product research and development, Scottish Window Tinting is humbled to carry the entire Madico line for Kansas City residents. Madico offer architectural window films for both residential and commercial buildings, focusing on what customers prioritize.

Architectural Solar Performance Specs
Safety and Security Solar Performance Specs
Amber 81 Spec Sheet

Solar Gard Fade Reducing Window Film

Solar Gard offers window films with industry leading warranties that feature anti-fade properties alongside optimal clarity. With an extensive collection of window film solutions, we ensure you’ll find the right Solar Gard investment product for your Kansas City home or business. Learn more about Solar Guard window film solutions and how they can compliment your Kansas City property.

Solar Control
Solar Control Panorama

Graffiti Shield Protective Window Films Kansas City

Graffiti Shield specializes in anti-graffiti, vandalism protection films. With decades of manufacturing and window film experience, Graffiti Shield offers premium anti-graffiti films for Kansas City commercial properties and public buildings. From metal to glass, mirrored, and custom surfaces, Graffiti Shield offers comprehensive protection against vandalism efforts. Read more about Graffiti Shield films and how they can save you significantly on repair and replacement costs.

Glass Shield 4-mil CSI Spec
Multi Layer 4-mil CSI Spec
Metal Shield CSI Spec

Sunscape Security Films Kansas City

Developed by Madico, Sunscape offers complete sun protection by blocking 99.9% of UV rays and rejecting 80% of solar heat. Sunscape focuses on energy efficiency and optimizing indoor comfort in Kansas City homes and businesses. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the leading installer of Sunscape window films.

Sunscape Product Performance Spec Sheet

HD Clear Decorative Films Kansas City

HDClear excels in the decorative film industry delivering countless revolutionary decorative film options. From oneway graphics to custom HD printing, HDClear decorative films stand apart from the rest. Scottish Window Tinting is honored to carry every decorative film series from HDClear, providing Kansas City the highest quality decorative films available on the market. Discover more on HDClear window films.

HDClear Spec Sheet
HDWhite Spec Sheet
HDEnhance Spec Sheet

CBond Window Films Kansas City

Named by Forbes as one of the “Ten Technology Incubators Changing the World”, C-Bond delivers innovative glass strengthening primers that highly increase glass flexibility and strength after impact. Perfect for Kansas City secured buildings, government buildings, commercial properties, and more, C-Bond heightens any security window film system. Learn more about C-Bond and how your Kansas City building can experience its premium security benefits.

C-Bond Spec Sheet

Sun Tek Energy Saving Window Tinting Kansas City

With over 60 years of experience in window film production and technology, SunTek provides top-of-the-line solutions for both residential and commercial use. SunTek focuses on premium aesthetics combined with functionality. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the number one source for SunTek window films in the Kansas City area.

SunTek Arcitectual Window Films Spec Sheet
SunTek Safety and Security Window Films Spec Sheet


Established in 1977, Llumar specializes in high performance films that enhance energy efficiency, comfort, aesthetics, safety, and security. We ensure that you’ll find a Llumar window film solution that’s perfect for your Kansas City residence or office space. With the largest Llumar selection available in the area, Scottish Window Tinting can help you find the right investment for your property. Read more on Llumar window film solutions for your Kansas City building.

Dual-Reflective Film in Hurst, Texas
Low-E Window Film in Denver, Colorado
Spectrally-Selective Window Film in Tucson, Arizona

VKool Window Film Kansas City

A renowned brand from the Eastman Chemical Company, V-Kool is recognized globally for their spectrally selective window films. V-Kool utilizes XIR technology, a proprietary sputtering process developed in Silicon Valley, for their spectrally selective infra-red heat rejection properties. Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred source for V-Kool window films, offering Kansas City residents their entire line. Discover more on V-Kool window film solutions.

V-Kool Commercial Brochure
V-Kool Residential Brochure

Kansas & Missouri Regions We Serve


Kansas Window-Tinting Contractor

Scottish Window Tinting provides premium window film installation services for cities throughout the state of Kansas. We’ve completed hundreds of commercial and residential projects, and offer the largest selection of high quality window film solutions. The cities in Kansas we serve include Wichita, Overland Park, Kansas City, Olathe, Topeka, Lawrence, Shawnee, Manhattan, Lenexa, Salina, Hutchinson, Leavenworth, Leawood, Doge City, Garden City, Junction City, Emporia, Derby, Prairie Village, Hays, and many more. We’re proud to serve all of Kansas and can’t wait to get started on your next window tinting renovation!

Kansas City Metro

Scottish Window Tinting is the trusted window film contractor in the Kansas City area. We’re proud to offer commercial and residential window tinting for all surrounding neighborhoods throughout CBD-Downtown, Greater Downtown, East Side, Midtown-Westport, Northeast, Northland, Plaza area, and South Kansas City. Some of the neighborhoods we serve include Beacon Hill-McFeders, Columbus Park, Crossroads, Hospital Hill, Quality Hill, River Market, Union Hill, West Side, Ashland Ridge, Blue Hills, Blue Valley, Cunningham Ridge, Dunbar, Eastwood Hills, Glen Oaks, Ivanhoe, Knoches Park, Mount Cleveland, Palestine, Parkview, Sheraton Estates, Sterling Acres, Vineyard Estates, Center City, Coleman Highlands, Hyde Park, Mount Hope, Old Westport, Southmoreland, Valetine, Independence Plaza, Paseo West, Pendleton Heights, Barry Harbour, Birmingham Bottoms, Bradford Place, Briarcliff, Claymont, Linden Park, Park Plaza, River Forest, Brookside, West Plaza, Armour Hills, Blue Hills Estate, Tower Homes, Waldo West, and many more. If you reside or own a commercial property anywhere around the Kansas City area, we’d be happy to assist you with your next window film project!


Missouri Window Film Tinting Contractor

As the premier window film contractor in the Missouri area, Scottish Window Tinting is honored to deliver the best commercial and residential window tinting services. We’re humbled to serve Kansas City, St. Louis, Springfield, Independence, Columbia, Lee’s Summit, O’Fallon, St. Joseph, St. Charles, St. Peters, Blue Springs, Florissant, Joplin, Chesterfield, Jefferson City, Cape Girardeau, Wildwood, University City, Wentzville, Ballwin, and many more. If you own residential or commercial buildings anywhere in Missouri, we’re happy to help with your window film project!

Kansas City Film & Tinting Project Portfolio

Kansas City Commercial Window Film

Featured Commercial Project

We’re proud to have helped the Honeywell Aerospace facility located in Olathe, Kansas transform their dysfunctional building into a high-functioning workspace. With over 20,000 square feet of windows and the majority of them facing south and west, the Honeywell Aerospace facility dealt with severe glare issues that lasted three to four hours daily. With no viable shade and window covering options, Scottish Window Tinting found a perfect glare reduction window film solution. Employees experienced major discomfort and debilitating glare prior to installation. After glare reduction window film was installed, Honeywell experienced optimized employee productivity alongside a more comfortable work environment. Scottish Window Tinting also completed safety and security film application on their two primary entrees. Since the Honeywell Aerospace facility is a secured building, they required extensive background checks and mandatory vehicle searches. We’re well versed in these high security client situations and are happy to help with your secured building’s window film project.

Kanas City Residential Window Tinting

Featured Residential Project

Scottish Window Tinting recently completed a home window film installation in Copper Creek, a residential suburb of Olathe, Kansas. The Johnson family had significant heat issues in their home which caused high energy costs and overwhelming HVAC consumption. The heat would build up all day in their home causing round-the-clock AC use and a really uncomfortable sleeping situation for the whole family. Scottish Window Tinting worked hard to find the right energy efficient window film that would save the Johnsons considerably on energy costs and is also a great ROI. After installing energy efficient window film on all of their windows, the Johnsons experienced drastically lowered energy bills and optimized home comfort. The Johnsons are now able to really enjoy their home and sleep comfortably throughout the night.

Kansas City Window Film & Tinting Applications Blog

We are proud to offer an extensive selection of window film solutions including 3M, Vista, Llumar, Huper Optik, Madico, Sunscape, Sun Tek, HDClear, Graffiti Shield, VKool and CBond Window Film Products.  Whether you are in the Kansas City Metro, St. Josephs, Lawrence, Topeka, Columbia, or even Joplin, one of our expert customer service professionals is standing by to help you choose the most effective product for your needs.

Contact us today to start a discussion about how we can craft a solution for your Kansas City home, office, or public buildings. We look forward to working with you on any window film project, large or small.