Safety & Security

Defend against accidents, break-ins, and natural disasters

Homeowners everywhere can benefit from the peace of mind provided by security window films. These films are applied to exterior windows, and come in tinted and non-tinted finishes, for ultimate customization and privacy options. Security films are an invisible layer of ultra thin film which are applied to the interior of a window’s surface. The extremely sturdy micro structure of the films¬†bond window fragments together, preventing widows from shattering in the case of impact.

We highly recommend these films for homes with pets, young children, or people who live in areas at risk from hail, tornados, and other natural disasters. Oh, and did we mention that all security films also block 99% of UV radiation?

Break-In Prevention

Having your personal space broken in to is every homeowner's worst nightmare. For robbers, windows and glass doors are generally a preferred point of entry, as they are the most fragile surface in a home. Defend your windows with Security window film from Scottish Window Tinting. Like a force field, security film bonds glass together in the case of impact, deterring and often preventing robberies altogether.

Accident Mitigation

If you have a home with rowdy kids, pets or both, you may have already experienced window breakage from soccer balls, baseballs, tennis balls, or other similar projectiles. Fun can become hazardous pretty quickly when glass is shattered, as glass shards can become projectiles or can be later trodden upon by unsuspecting feet. If your family loves their backyard fun, consider security film solutions. Bonding window fragments can help mitigate and prevent damage, and keep your kids and pets safe from the dangers of broken glass.

Security window film is an excellent investment in defending your home and loved ones… and helping you sleep better each night. From homes with rambunctious kids, to areas with unpredictable weather, to cities with high crime rates, safety and security window films from Scottish Window Tinting can help you drastically increase the security and privacy of your home.