Window Tinting for Utah Homes and Businesses

Utah is known for its incredible natural beauty. Its vast and magnificent desert landscapes are home to the most incredible views in all of america. The regions climate is rugged and arid, with little rainfall and scorching summer heat. Though lizards absolutely love this type of weather, it can be harsh on residents and businesses in the area, particularly outside of the Salt Lake City area, where the climate is even more desert-like. If you live in the dry suburbs or the rural desert regions of Utah, or you work in a tourist destination or other local business, your space could greatly benefit from a window film application from Scottish Window Tinting.

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Window Tint for Utah Residential and Commercial Spaces

Energy saving and UV protective window film from Scottish Window Tinting can help to insulate you home from both heat and cold. After all, Utah does have the greatest Snow on earth! Energy saving film works in two ways. First, it prevents heat from the sun in the form of UV radiation from penetrating your windows. It can cut the amount of UV rays that penetrate regular glass by 75% or more, which will drastically reduce the amount of air conditioning needed to keep you home cool, without sacrificing any natural light. It will also prevent warm air from escaping in cold weather. Overall, our window film has been shown to reduce home and office energy expenditures annually by around 60% which means more money in your pocket to spend on what really matters, like family time and adventures.

There are a large number of incredible churches across the state of Utah that are home to LDS organizations, and other religious denominations. If you are a part of the administration of your religious organization, your church or temple may benefit greatly from the addition of window film. Energy saving window film can be applied to old, drafty windows to save energy, without altering the appearance of the windows at all. UV protective film protects the floors, furniture and valuable artwork within your place of worship from damage from the harsh sun. Decorative window film can be custom designed and applied to existing windows, to create a beautiful, upscale look in a modern or classic church, without spending tons of money on expensive interior and exterior renovations. If you are interested in completely repeating the look of your church with some beautiful custom stained glass, you can check out the custom stained glass offered by our sister company Scottish Stained Glass.

If you would like to schedule a complementary consultation to learn more about the benefits of adding window film to your home, business, or place of worship, contact us today!