Cloaking Film

Cloaking Film Gives Office Buildings Privacy & Style

Cloaking film offers an easy way to create the ideal office atmosphere. It’s designed to provide privacy for office and conference rooms while still allowing for an open looking space that encourages collaboration. It obscures digital screens so that displays cannot be seen from the outside of the room. This helps to keep sensitive data confidential and creates a more secluded and intimate environment for those inside the room. And it has a clean, attractive appearance that brings style and sophistication to your workspace.

casper cloaking window film

Data Confidentiality

Sometimes sensitive data and information has to be shared during meetings. But this can be problematic for rooms with clear glass walls due to a lack of privacy. Cloaking film makes LED display screens appear opaque from the outside of the room so that data stays confidential. It allows for free and open discussion without closing off the room entirely.

Comfort & Privacy

Collaboration is important for business. But it can be uncomfortable to speak freely without having a certain level of privacy. Cloaking film makes conference rooms, glass front rooms, and huddle rooms more intimate and comfortable without ruining the welcoming feel of your office space. It strikes literally the perfect balance between openness and privacy.

Custom Designs

Cloaking film adds style and decor to glass walls without compromising transparency. It’s available in a wide range of patterns and can even be custom printed with any graphic of your choice. Cloaking film allows you to experience unlimited possibilities for the design and appearance of your office and is perfect for both new projects and existing glass.

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