Window Film for Hotels

Hotel Window Film saves money, saves the planet, and saves your guest from a potential uncomfortable stay.

Hotel window film provides a wide variety of benefits to hotel owners and guests alike. Installing one of our privacy window films can make a world of difference in the look and feel of communal spaces like lobbies and restaurants as well as increasing privacy and creating a sharp look in guests personal bathrooms. Our window films can greatly reduce the cost of energy bills during the extreme weather months in particular and can protect guests from the sun’s harmful rays.

UV Defense

Allow your guest to really take in the view without being exposed the harmful UV rays. Solar control window films provide hotel guests and employees with 99.99% UV protection, preventing the suns harmful rays from disrupting any ones stay. Everybody wants a room with a view, but nobody wants to experience the negative effects of exposure Ultraviolet rays.

Energy Saving

Big windows are a big selling point for hotels. Problem is, the bigger the window, the higher the chance heat will have to escape in the winter or flood the room in the summer. This can overwork your heating and cooling systems and end up costing you a fortune in energy costs. With the installation of solar control window film, you turn can that spending into savings. You can save so much energy, in fact, that window film usually pays for itself in 2-5 years.

Privacy & Style

Our privacy window films provide guests with an exclusive and comfortable experience. Frosted window films, pictured in the image above, allow for complete privacy without preventing light from entering a room or space such as bathrooms and conference rooms. This unique and diverse film can be applied to interior and exterior surfaces, allowing for endless possibilities.

Scottish Window Tinting provides window film estimates to hotels across the United States. Contact us today and we will set up a free consultation, or answer your questions about window film in your hotel.