Window Film in Austin

Diverse Window Film Choices for the Austin Area

Window film offers an affordable way for Austin residents and business owners to improve the efficiency and design of their building. We use reliable products from some of the most trusted brands in the industry to provide you with incredible benefits like energy savings, UV protection, and even bomb blast security. Our films are so effective that our clients are able to experience a full return on their investment in as little as two years. Installing window film for your Austin home or business is an all-around smart move.

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the number one window film company serving Austin.

Austin Window Film and Window Tinting Applications

Energy Savings Window Film for Austin Homes and Businesses

Energy savings window film offers Austin homes and businesses an escape from the hot Texas sun. With high solar rejection properties, Austin residents can highly benefit from the energy savings and improved home and work space.

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Safety and Security Film for Austin Properties

Austin properties can be protected from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more with safety and security film. Bomb-blast and ballistic-resistant films are specialty security films designed to guard against higher impact instances such as explosions and gunfire.

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Privacy Window Tinting for Austin Residences and Office Spaces

Privacy tint comes in a multitude of different aesthetics that compliment any Austin property. Provide ultimate comfort and protection with privacy window tint– block unwanted views from burglars and onlookers. Numerous reflective options are available for modernizing your property while also addressing your privacy concerns. Take advantage of exterior privacy tinting for numerous benefits in your home, business, or office.

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Decorative Window Film for Austin Offices and Businesses

Decorative film can be utilized for branding, marketing, and promotional applications throughout Austin. These highly customizable films are available in any color, pattern, design, and texture. Improve aesthetics, attract new customers, and much more with decorative window film.

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UV Blocking Window Film for Austin Properties

UV blocking window film offers SPF 1000 for your Austin property. Protect your loved ones, staff members, guests, and valuables from harmful UV rays emitted by the Texas sun. Prevent potential health concerns and save money on furniture and flooring replacement costs.

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Glare Reduction Window Film for Austin Commercial Properties and Homes

Glare can cause serious discomfort between the migraines and squinting. Experience improved family movie nights and employee productivity with glare reduction window film for your Austin property.

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Anti-Graffiti Film for Austin Businesses and Public Buildings

Many of Austin’s building are prone to vandalism and graffiti, just like any other large city. Save on repair and replacement costs when you install anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film mimics the original surface while protecting against any new vandalism efforts.

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Metal and Mirror Restoration for Austin Commercial Properties

Metal and mirror restoration is made affordable and easy with window film. These specialty films imitate the look of metal and mirrored surfaces while concealing existing damage and defending against new damage. Skip expensive elevator recommissioning costs alongside other costly repairs.

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RF Blocking Window Film for Austin Homes

RF radiation has become a serious concern for some Austin homeowners who experience health conditions from overexposure. RF blocking window film provides much needed relief from RF radiation, allowing sufferers the ability to relax and lead improved lives.

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Bomb-Blast Window Film for Austin Public Buildings and Commercial Properties

Bomb-blast film offers ultimate protection from explosions by bonding broken glass fragments together so that glass shrapnel can’t elevate the situation. Cleanup after an event is made easy. Protect building occupants from high impact events with bomb-blast window film.

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Exterior Resurfacing for Austin Commercial Buildings

Exterior resurfacing conceals damaged windows while improving functionality of outdated windows. This service provides Austin building owners an affordable, effective alternative to window replacement.

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Cloaking Film for Austin Offices and Secured Buildings

Cloaking film provides an innovative, nonintrusive way to conceal sensitive information from unwanted views. By cloaking only LED screens from the outside of glass rooms, employees can share presentations with others that are meant to see it.

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Whiteboard Film for Austin Homes and Offices

Whiteboard film offers all the same benefits and functions as traditional whiteboards, but can be customized according to desired size and shape. Great for nontraditional space utilization, saving room, and preventing installation damage.

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Bird Strike Prevention Film for Austin Buildings

Bird strike prevention film features visual decals that notify birds that your building is there. Save countless bird lives, prevent unnecessary cleanups, and save considerably on repair and replacement costs.

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The Window Film Contractor Austin Can Trust

BBB Accredited Business


Scottish Window Tinting has an A+ rating with BBB providing excellent customer service for the Austin area. We recently received a Gold Star award from BBB indicating zero customer service complaints for every year in business. We’re proud to be an accredited BBB business and look forward to showing you the Scottish Difference.

Vista Dealer of the Year


Scottish Window Tinting is honored to announce our recent award on behalf of Eastman and Llumar SelectPro for “Best in the West” window film contractor. As the Western Vista dealer of the year, we’re humbled by the recognition of our work ethic, consistency, and dedication to our customers and community. We strive to continue being the recognized leader in our industry and are proud of our recent accomplishments, our hard working team, and all of our wonderful Austin clients.

Angie's List A Rated Business


We’re proud of our comprehensive A rating on Angie’s list from all our reviews from the last decade. We’ve received A ratings across the board for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. We welcome all Austin residents to work with us on your next window film project.

Window Film Application for Austin Residences

Austin residences can save considerably on expensive energy costs with the installation of energy efficient window film. Experience cool summers and moderate temperatures year round with energy efficient window film. Decorative film can be incorporated into beautiful privacy elements for home bathrooms, showers, dens, and much more. By mimicking frosted or etched glass, privacy film offers an inexpensive, elegant solution that can be easily replaced for those who enjoy redecorating. Safety and security film is great for residences who live in areas with higher property crime and violent crime. Protect your loved ones and valuables with security film.

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Window Film Benefits for Austin Hotels & Motels

Austin hotel and motel owners understand the need for lowering running costs, including energy expenses. Energy efficient window film provides an affordable solution that’s just as effective as window replacement. Safety and security film safeguards your guests and hotel staff from a wide variety of threats including break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, and much more. Privacy window film is a great option that’ll make guests feel relaxed and comfortable knowing unwanted views are obstructed.

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Window Tinting Advantages for Austin Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs

Decorative film provides multiple, different applications for Austin restaurants, bars, and clubs. These highly customizable films can be utilized for brand promotion, food and beverage specials, and much more. Privacy tinting is a great option, offering guests the ultimate way to relax knowing they can’t be seen from outside. UV blocking film offers great fade protection for your interior furnishings and investments.

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Austin Retail & Storefronts Window Film Options

UV blocking window film provides necessary protection for display merchandise, store products, flooring and furnishings, as well as store guests and employees. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to warped merchandise, shortened product life, and permanent damage to valuables, skin, and eyes. Security film offers protection for Austin businesses against smash-and-grab burglaries, after hours break-ins, and much more. Decorative film options are very customizable and can be utilized in a multitude of different marketing applications. From regional sales to brand visualization, decorative film can increase customer retention alongside attracting new customers.

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Austin Hospital & Healthcare Window Tinting Benefits

Privacy tinting can greatly benefit Austin hospitals by providing the much needed seclusion and privacy patients and hospital staff desire. Privacy tint enables another layer of safety as well– assailants and burglars won’t be able to look in and scope out your hospital. Daylight redirecting film has been shown to decrease patient recovery time while also lowering hospital lighting costs. Daylight redirecting film can boost morale among employees as well, lowering absentee rates. Decorative film can be incorporated into children hospital units, cafeterias, and more, providing colorful, fun elements that can make patient experience better.

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Window Film Benefits for Austin Stadiums & Arenas

Security film is definitely a necessity for Austin stadiums and arenas. With specialty security films, bomb-blast and ballistic-resistant, your patrons will feel safe and guarded against any unknown threat. Energy efficient window film provides the savings stadium and arena owners often seek when running such large establishments. Optimize guest experience while saving significantly year round. Decorative film is great for upcoming event promotions, large exterior buildings wraps, and much more. Perfect for sponsorships and brand visibility as well.

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Austin Public & Government Buildings Window Tinting Ideas

Government and public buildings often require a higher level of security– safety and security window film provides an inexpensive solution that protects against various threats. Protect building occupants and office valuables from the unknown. Glare reduction film is a great option for Austin government and public buildings as well. Improve employee productivity while optimizing comfort for everyone. Daylight redirecting film is also a great idea for public and government buildings. Lower lighting costs while improving morale, lowering absentee rates, and much more.

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Austin Mass Transit System Window Tinting Benefits

Anti-graffiti film provides Austin’s mass transit systems an easy way to save money on reoccurring repair and replacement fees associated with vandalism. Anti-graffiti film can be applied to virtually any nonporous, smooth surface. Safety and security film is a great investment for protecting patrons and staff members from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and much more. With so many people relying on public transit, it’s vital to have premium safety measures in place. Decorative film provides sponsorship and promotional opportunities, offering paid space utilization. Decorative film can be applied to vehicles, bus stops, mass transit buildings, and much more.

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Window Film Applications for Austins Schools & Universities 

Daylight redirecting film has been scientifically proven to decrease absentee rates while increasing student scores. This innovative film provides heightened productivity as well as significant lighting cost savings. Safety and security film has become the recommended, budget-friendly safety solution for Austin schools. Protect your students and teachers from potential assailants, break-ins, explosions, natural disasters, and much more. Glare reduction window film is great for school labs and university libraries, allowing students to remain productive while researching and working on projects.

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Window Tinting Advantages for Austin Convention Centers & Theaters

Austin’s convention centers and theaters can always benefit from safety and security film. Protect guests, exhibitors, and performers with security film by mitigating any broken glass hazards. Decorative film can be utilized to market upcoming events on exterior building wraps or interior glass elements. These customizable films can be incorporated into shows themselves, optimizing guest experience. Energy efficient window film provides high savings for owners while providing a more comfortable internal environment.

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Austin Jails & Prisons Window Tinting Options 

Energy efficient window film provides considerable savings while providing a more comfortable, stable internal temperature for staff members and prisoners. Safety and security film can deliver protection both inwards and outwards– protect buildings occupants from natural disasters, break-ins, explosions, and much more. Security film also deters any escape attempts. Daylight redirecting window film can be utilized to boost prisoner and staff morale while helping limit lighting costs.

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Window Tinting Advantages for Austin Museums, Art Galleries, & Libraries

UV blocking window film is a necessity for all Austin museums, art galleries, and libraries. UV radiation causes warped art, faded floors, discolored upholstery, shortened product life, and much more. Defend your investments from irreversible sun damage with UV blocking window film. Safety and security film provides around the clock protection from smash-and-grab burglaries, break-ins, natural disasters, explosions, and freak accidents. Protect building occupants and valuables from potential glass shrapnel in any high impact event. Decorative film is a highly versatile tool that can be creatively incorporated into art curation, exhibits, library signage, and more.

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Featured Safety and Security Window Film for Austin

Choose a Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

When working with Scottish Window Tinting you know you’re working with a reputable company. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, and in 2017 we won the “Best in the West” award from Eastman/Kodak, the manufacturer of Vista, Llumar, and Huper Optik window films. We invite you to experience the “Scottish Difference” when exploring options for your next Austin window tinting project.

Austin features many opportunities to take advantage of window film solutions. Both commercial and residential properties throughout Austin can experience numerous diverse benefits from glare reduction to safety and security. Whether you’re looking to improve security in your office building in South Congress or reduce glare in your Ziker home, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered.

All-Inclusive Window Film Brands Selection for Your Austin Project


V-Kool delivers high performing spectrally selective window films for both residential and commercial properties throughout the Austin area. V-Kool is known for great energy savings and beautiful aesthetics. Learn more about V-Kool window films for your next Austin project.

V-Kool Commercial Brochure
V-Kool Residential Brochure


Llumar provides a comprehensive selection of window films, from energy efficient to safety and security. Renowned for both Austin home and business applications, Llumar provides affordable solutions for residents. Read more about Llumar window films for your next Austin renovation.

Dual-Reflective Film in Hurst, Texas
Low-E Window Film in Denver, Colorado
Spectrally-Selective Window Film in Tucson, Arizona


SunTek offers architectural films that come in a variety of different aesthetics in order to compliment any Austin residence or office space. These great ROIs are great for those looking to save money.

SunTek Arcitectual Window Films Spec Sheet
SunTek Safety and Security Window Films Spec Sheet


C-Bond delivers a premium glass primer that we like to utilize for most of our window film installations, especially security film projects. By providing high strength and flexibility to original glass, glass fragments stay bonded even in high impact events. Discover more on C-Bond glass primer for your next Austin project.

C-Bond Spec Sheet


HDClear provides the leading decorative films for both commercial and residential use in Austin. These innovative, highly customizable graphics are great for decorative elements and visual marketing. Learn more about HDClear decorative films for Austin properties.

HDClear Spec Sheet
HDWhite Spec Sheet
HDEnhance Spec Sheet


Graffiti Shield offers high performing anti-graffiti films for Austin’s commercial properties and public buildings. These sacrificial films provide high savings and optimal protection for vandalism prone surfaces. Read more about Graffiti Shield for your Austin business or office.

Glass Shield 4-mil CSI Spec
Multi Layer 4-mil CSI Spec
Metal Shield CSI Spec


Solar Gard delivers sustainable window film products that can lower energy bills by 30%. Austin homeowners and business owners can save considerably year round. Discover more on Solar Gard films for your Austin home or business.

Solar Control
Solar Control Panorama


Madico provides specialty window films with a multitude of different benefits and applications. Great for residential and commercial use throughout Austin, Madico is one of the leaders in window film innovation.

Architectural Solar Performance Specs
Safety and Security Solar Performance Specs
Amber 81 Spec Sheet


3M offers optimal window film solutions for commercial and residential application. We guarantee you’ll find the right 3M product for your Austin home or business. Learn more on 3M window film for your Austin property.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film
3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film Commercial Brochure
3M™ Commercial Window Film Energy Efficiency Brochure


Huper Optik is a green conscious brand that has engineered window films to alleviate energy consumption and costs. Huper Optik’s all-inclusive energy saving window film solutions are a great addition to Austin properties. Read more about Huper Optik window tints for your Austin home or business.

Select Series Retail Specification Sheet
Ceramic Series Retail Specification Sheet
Therm-X Series Retail Specification Sheet


Vista delivers high quality residential and commercial window film solutions for Austin residents. These diverse, energy saving window films provide optimal efficiency and security. Discover more on Vista window film for your Austin residence or business.

VS60 Spectrally Selective Film
V14 Dual-Reflective
V33 Neutral Series


Sunscape provides high solar rejection and UV blocking window films that are a great investment for both Austin home and businesses. Sunscape provides premium saving benefits as well as high UV protection.

Sunscape Product Performance Spec Sheet

Austin Residences

Though Austin is undoubtedly the coolest city in Texas, it still falls victim to that intense Texas sun. Our residential window film can help block out unwanted heat in your home. Not only can it make your living space more comfortable during the summer, but it’s also an eco friendly option because it reduces your electricity usage. Our residential window film can dramatically increase the efficiency of your HVAC system and provide you with serious energy savings.

Austin Commercial Spaces

Commercial window film offers a smart, low-cost solution for Austin businesses. Whether you’re looking for a film that can market your business, create private spaces in your office, boost your employee productivity, or increase your security, we’ve got the product you need. Our commercial films can transform your office into an efficient and stylish workspace. From colorful decorative options to bulletproof protection, our commercial window films can make your business totally unstoppable.

Austin Neighborhoods and Texas Regions We Serve

Austin Neighborhoods

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to serve all the neighborhoods located throughout the Austin area including South Austin, South Congress, North Austin, East Austin, Mueller Community, Travis Country, Hyde Park, Zyker, Tarrytown, Circle C Ranch, Travis Heights, Montopolis, East Riverside, Anderson Mill, Allandale, Windsor Park, Red River Cultural District, Barton Hills, and many more.

austin window film contractor

Texas Regions

Scottish Window Tinting provides window film service throughout the Texas area. We proudly serve Dallas, Fort Worth, Arlington, Round Rock, San Antonio, and many more located far and in between.

Which Window Film Product Is Right For Your Austin Neighborhood?


Fade Prevention Window Film


In a neighborhood like West Lake Highlands, where old, gorgesous homes with their towering windows abound, you need UV Blocking window film to stop UV rays from deteriorating, wood flooring, upholstery, furnishing and artwork.  Window film hinders most of the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your West Lake Highlands home’s valuables and belongings. It also protects you and your family from sun-related illnesses like skin cancers and premature aging.


Energy Efficient Window Film


In a progressive neighborhood like Travis Park, saving energy is a way of life. Not only does this conserve resources but saves homeowners a ton amount of money each year!  The benefits of the energy efficient window film vary greatly, from eliminating hot and cold spots to reducing glare. But the best part of installing energy efficient window film is watching your utility bills drop after you apply it to your home’s windows!  


Safety And Security Window Film

commercial safety and security film salt lake city

Holly is a relatively safe neighborhood but just like in any big city, break-ins happen all the time.  While you can’t stop someone from attempting to rob your home, you can stop them from actually penetrating your windows with security window film.  Since it takes a number of blows to fully penetrate a window with security film, burglars usually move on to easier targets, rather than waiting for police to arrive.


Decorative Privacy Window Film

decorative window film salt lake city

Living in the city is anything but private.  Let’s face it, in a city the size of Austin, privacy is never an easy thing to come by.  When you live in close quarters like South Lamar, you need to find creative ways to keep the unrelenting eyes of your neighbors and random passers-by out of your home.  Window film gives you as little or as much coverage as you need on your windows, without totally blocking the view and no loss of natural light.

Austin Window Film Project Portfolio

north park lincoln dealership commercial window tinting

Featured Commercial Project

The North Park Lincoln Dealership located in Austin was experiencing heat issues specifically from their east-facing windows. With the constant Texas sun beating down on their office space, employees had a difficult time working and concentrating with the abundant glare. Scottish Window Tinting installed over 500 square feet of solar control window film on all of their east-facing windows in order to improve energy efficiency, reduce glare, moderate their heat issue, and ultimately improve employee productivity. As the trusted commercial window film company serving Austin, we have all the commercial solutions that you need.

austin home window tinting contractor

Featured Residential Project

The Morenos live in a beautiful, new construction home located in Austin. The only thing lacking was shade from overhead trees. Their home suffered from UV radiation and high heat exposure from the constant Texas sun. The Morenos spent a lot of money on high AC usage and also repair costs for permanent sun damage on their upholstery. Scottish Window Tinting provided an affordable solution that was also a great ROI– energy efficient window film. This great alternative to window replacement optimized the Morenos’ home by providing comfort, high energy savings, and great fade protection.

Austin Window Film FAQ

If you’ve never had your windows tinted before, you probably have some questions about the cost, how it works, and the process overall. You don’t have to be an expert in these matters to get started; that’s what we’re here for. However, it may help you feel more confident in your decision to have some additional information. Below, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions about window film in Austin.

Having the windows of a building tinted is a slightly different process than having car windows tinted. If you were getting window tint for your vehicle, you might just go into a shop. However, most architectural films are applied by a professional. This ensures that the film is adhered properly to the glass. In Austin, you would obtain window tint for your home or office from a local contractor like us!

Spectrally selective and low-e window films are both energy efficient window films. However, low-e window films usually aren’t used in warm climates like that which belongs to Texas. This is because there is no need for them. Low-e window films retain heat during the winter and block heat during the summer. Spectrally selective films only reject heat, which is what you need in Austin.

We’re glad you asked! Knowing the cost of an install is an important part of being an informed buyer. According to Home Guide, the average cost of window tinting for a small home is $311 to $712. This cost includes the price of the film (which averages from about $4-24 per square foot) and the price of the installation work. Cost is largely determined by the size and complexity of the project. Commercial installs are generally more expensive.

Yes, indeed! There is actual footage online of intruders trying to break-in to a building with window film and being stopped in their tracks. Security window film is an effective way to delay a break-in. It may also prevent injury and reduce accidents. Some security window films used in high risk environments are even designed to be strong enough to resist gunfire.

Not at all. In fact, you’re unlikely to notice any difference at all in the amount of lighting. What you may notice is a difference in its intensity. The light will be softer and more evenly distributed. In this way, it actually improves visibility. Some window films are even designed to be 100% clear so they do not interrupt visible light transmission.

We recommend either a spectrally selective window film or a standard solar control window film. Low-e window film is not necessary in Austin. Or, if security or privacy is a concern, you could opt for a reflective solar control film or a solar security film.

We recommend starting with a consultation. This is a good baseline. That way, you can see what options are available to you and learn about the benefits of each film.

Austin Window Film & Tinting Blog

Want to know about how your Austin home or business can benefit from window film? Just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to give you more information about our products and installation services.