Mass Transit – Train, Bus, and Airport

Transit Centers window films for Anti-Grafiti, Security, Privacy and more

Mass transit centers, like bus or train stations and airports, are constantly under stress due to large numbers of people and the increased risk factor they carry with them. Window films can ease the nerves of transit center owners, employees and commuters by preventing vandalism with our anti-graffiti films, providing privacy to passengers, adding a splash of color to drab turnstiles, and protecting all from explosions or devastating accidents.

Thwart Vandalism

Mass transit is a popular target for vandalism and graffiti. With Graffiti Shield, the damage can be covered and the surface protected from any kind of graffiti, even scratching and acid etching. Glass Shield, Mirror Shield, and Metal Shield will take the brunt of the damage, and can be easily removed, leaving the surface ready for a fresh film.

Increase Security

Security is on everyone’s minds these days, particularly those who manage public or government facilities like train and bus stations. Our security window films sturdy polyester mesh will hold the glass in the window if shattered. Suitable for transit centers, bus and train windows, and glass doors.

Privacy & Customization

Privacy and decorative films can add an upscale look to the glass windows or doors of a transit station. Frosted films give the look of etched glass and add privacy where needed. Add the name of the bus or train company, a logo or graphic, or a message to patrons. Add a map to a wall, or a logo to a mirror.

If you would like to speak with someone directly about how one of our window films can benefit your bus or train station or airport, please contact Scottish Window Tinting today.