Jails & Prisons

Window film for security... inside and out

From minimum to maximum security, high performance window films can offer security and anti-vandalism benefits to jails and prisons across the midwest. Window films are an outstanding method of adding security to windows, and can even be customized with text to replace other types of signage.

Ultimate Secuirty

Security window films can eliminate the danger of flying glass during a riot or explosion in a prison. These films are a cost effective method of adding security to any type of correctional facility, from juvenile detention to a maximum security location.

Prevent Vandalism

With an anti-graffiti window film, the surfaces beneath can be protected against all kinds of graffiti and even normal wear to mirrored or metal surfaces. These films are sacrificial in nature, meaning they will take the brunt of the graffiti, saving the surface beneath. If damaged, they can be removed and a fresh film applied.

Faux Surfaces

In a space filled with dangerous individuals, glass and mirrored surfaces are often broken and utilized as weapons. Our mirrored films can be placed over wood, metal, and other surfaces as a replacement for regular mirrors. Now you can provide mirrors for prisoners, without the dangers that these surfaces can present.

If you own or manage a jail or prison and would like more information on how security and surface films can improve your space, then call Scottish Window Tinting for a free consultation today.