Residential Bird Strike Prevention – Home Window Tinting

Residential Bird Strike Prevention Film Saves Money and Lives

Bird collisions can happen at any time, at any property. Bird collisions have become more and more common among residential properties, leading to unsightly cleanups and property damage. Homeowners who are prone to bird collisions can end up spending significant amounts of money on glass repair. These collisions can also be quite traumatic for certain family members. Bird property collisions actually account for about one billion bird deaths each year in the United States alone. Help promote bird conservation and start saving money with bird strike prevention film!

Residential bird strike prevention film offers exclusive benefits and only costs a fraction of authentic fritted glass.

What is Bird Strike Prevention Film?

Bird strike prevention window film, also known as fritted film, is an innovative way to prevent bird collisions on your property. With patterned decals throughout, birds can easily recognize that there's a structure in front of them. This helps reduce collisions and keeps your glass safe and protected.

Beautiful Aesthetics for Your Home

Subtle fritted patterns make large, reflective windows clearly distinguishable from the sky. This provides an upgraded, modern aesthetic for your home. Bird strike prevention film won't negatively impact the look of your windows. Save bird lives, reduce traumatizing events, save money, and prevent cleanups!

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