Graffiti Shield

Best-in-class anti-graffiti film

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Graffiti Shield provides products that can protect glass, mirrored, and metal surfaces from all kinds of graffiti and scratching/etching damage, including acid etching. These sacrificial films can be removed if ruined, and a new clean film installed, for a fraction of the cost of replacing a window or mirror.

And better still, if your property has already been graffitied or vandalized, these heavy weight films will cover the damage, making your surfaces look new again.

Glass Shield

Invisible Defense

Glass Shield is a 6 – 12 mm. thick Anti-Graffiti film that is not visible to the naked eye once installed. It solves the problem of vandalism via scratching or etching of glass, which, unlike regular spray paint types of graffiti, cannot be cleaned off.

Mirror Shield

Invisible Defense

This film mimics the look of a mirror. It can cover any damage already done to a mirror, including corrosion from age, moisture, or other natural factors, as well as vandalism and graffiti.

Metal Shield

Strength of Steel

This 6.5 mm. film can mimic the appearance of stainless steel and other metal surfaces. Although metals such as stainless steel are quite durable, they are subject to damage by scratching. With Metal Shield, the damage can be covered and the surface will look as new,

Custom Shield

Custom Designs

Graffiti Shield also makes a customizable product that can be used for branding or advertising. Please contact us today for more details.

You can never know if and when vandalism could effect your home or place of business, but with Graffiti Shield, you can have peace of mind that no matter what, your protected. Contact us today for a free quote on all of our Graffiti Shield products and more.