Graffiti Shield

Revolutionary surface films for superior protection

Metal Shield and it’s counterpart Mirror Shield are some of the most unique and revolutionary film products on the market. Designed by window film engineers, these incredible film products go beyond windows, to protect metal and mirror surfaces. Unlike regular window films, these films are designed to mimic the surface of stainless steel, other metal finishes and mirrors, and can be applied before and after vandalism has occurred. That’s right, these films can be placed over mirror or steel surfaces to mimic their appearance, saving businesses potentially thousands of dollars in costly replacement fees.

The Benefits

Repair & Defense

Metal & Mirror shields do much more than just defend against graffiti. Because these films are designed to actually mimic various material finishes, they can be placed on top of already damaged surfaces to give them a beautiful, like-new appearance.

Diverse Surface Protection

Graffiti-Shield products offer the most unique and inclusive surface protection films on the market. Our films go way beyond windows, and can be specially engineered to mimic nearly any surface finish, including gold & wood!

Metal Shield

How It Works

Metal Shield is a 6.5 mm thick surface film, designed to mimic the appearance of many different types of metal surfaces and is customized for each business’s specific needs. Primarily, metal shield is used to repair and protect stainless steel surfaces, as these are the most common metallic finishes utilized in public areas. Like Glass Shield, Metal shield is designed to resist acid etching techniques, and can be easily removed and replaced if the surface is vandalized.

We recommend this film for transit stations, stadiums and arenas, office buildings, and other commercial spaces with beautiful stainless steel or other metallic exterior finishes.

Mirror Shield

How It Works

Mirror Shield is slightly lighter than Metal Shield at 5 mm thick, yet repairs and protects just as effectively. This unique film seamlessly mimics mirrored surfaces, bringing scratched and tagged mirrors back to life, and providing all over protection that, like the rest of the Graffiti-Shield line of products, defends against even the worst acid etching vandalism attempts. Mirror shield has even been utilized by some of our clients to create new mirrored surfaces on walls and doors, which can help to prevent shattered mirrors and the resulting seven years of bad luck.

We recommend mirror shield to transit centers, bars, public buildings, schools, and other areas of high traffic where mirror damage and breakage occur frequently.

Graffiti Shield surface repair products such as metal and mirror shield, as well as all of the incredible custom surface finishes available are some of the most unique film products on the market. If your commercial space has surfaces in need of repair, please contact the window and surface film experts at Scottish Window Tinting today!