Commercial Benefits

Benefits of Commercial Window Film

From airports to bus stops; from schools to stadiums; from offices to restaurants and everything in between, any commercial space can benefit from the addition of window film. We work with business owners, property managers and architects to choose, design and install a vast array of window tinting and film products. Our films serve a variety of proposes. Solar control films can defend against harmful UV radiation and making your space more energy efficient. Security films can help address security concerns from robberies to bomb blasts. Surface films replace damaged surfaces such as metal and mirrors, and can even create whiteboard surfaces. Decorative films add privacy and create beautiful branded and graphical elements on any surface. Learn about how window films from Scottish Window Tinting can benefit your commercial space.

Benefits of Commercial Applications of Window Films

Cut heating and cooling costs

With commercial energy efficiency window films, businesses can reap the benefits of low-E glass without the cost of replacement windows. These films block heat gain in summer and prevent heat loss in winter, cutting energy costs and making the building more comfortable for staff, customers, and guests.

Add safety and security

With security window films, burglars are thwarted entry through the windows. If the windows do break, the glass is held securely in place by the film, denying entry and eliminated messy and dangerous cleanups. Some security films are strong enough to withstand explosions, thereby eliminating one of the biggest dangers: glass turning into flying shrapnel.

Add privacy

With privacy window films, a business can add a more exclusive look or feel to any glass surface, while still letting in the light. Some privacy films give a mirrored appearance to the exterior, allowing people inside to see out easily.

Create dynamic advertising and branding messages

With custom decorative window films, customers can add photographs, logos, text, graphics, and any kind of custom artwork. These films take a space from ordinary to fabulous, and are fantastic for advertising and branding purposes.

Protection from Vandalism

With anti-graffiti window films, the film protects the surface beneath from graffiti. If damage occurs, the film can be removed and a fresh film installed, all for significantly less cost than replacing a window or mirror.

Prevent birds from striking the windows

Bird strike window films give a “fritted” surface to the glass, allowing birds to register it as a window and not clear sky. This eliminates the danger of birds flying right into the windows and falling to their deaths.

Turn a flat wall into a whiteboard surface

With whiteboard film, businesses can have as large a whiteboard as they need, without taking up any extra space in a conference or meeting room.

Exterior and Interior Resurfacing

Give a building a new, modern, upgraded look from either the interior or the exterior. With specialized custom window films, businesses can revitalize the look of an older building, giving it a modern look that will attract buyers and renters alike. Contact us for more details.

UV Protection and Glare Reduction

Many of our window films are multi-taskers, adding 99% UV block and glare reduction right along with their other major benefit. Since UV are the rays of the sun that cause fading in furnishings, blocking it can add years of life to a building’s interiors.

Interested in one of the many benefits offered by our variety of commercial window films? Give a call at 303-662-8214 or send us and email at [email protected] today.