Low E / Energy Savings

Save Energy 24/7, 365

As the global energy crisis continues to escalate, making commercial spaces more energy efficient is a key goal of many business owners around the world. Our Low E, Energy Efficient window films are an excellent solution to helping your place of business stay energy efficient all year round. By significantly improving the insulation on your businesses exterior windows, choosing Low E window films can pay for themselves in as little as 2 years, and help your company stay green, and save green.

The Benefits

Enhance Preformance

Adding window film to your windows makes a single paned window perform with the thermal efficiency of a double paned window, and a double paned window perform like a triple paned window.

Warm Weather Effiency

Window film blocks up to 99% of UV rays and a significant amount of the heat that would otherwise be allowed into the building through its windows. By blocking this heat, window film can drastically cut down on air conditioning bills in those hot summer months.

Cold Weather Climate Control

Low E energy saving window film also insulates windows in colder months, which helps to lower heating costs and keeps rooms at a consistent temperature. Low E Films are a great investment for businesses with large windows in places like Colorado, where the winters can be harsh.

How It Works

Low E films are available with tinted and non-tinted finishes for added comfort and privacy.

How It Works

Window film is a thin, invisible substrate which is placed on the interior surface of a window. Our Low E, climate control films act as an insulator, blocking UVB rays and radiant heat from penetrating glass in either direction. This means warm air is kept inside a space during cold months, while cool air is kept from leaking in. In warm weather, Low E films block heat from penetrating windows and keep UVB rays outside, which not only keeps your commercial space cool, it can also protect against the advent of skin cancer and sun damage to electronic devices and floors. For more information on the UV blocking properties of Solar and Climate Control window films, please check out our Heat, Glare & UV Reduction page.

Contact Scottish Window Tinting today to learn more about what energy saving window film can do for you and schedule your free consultation. We will help you to choose the film that will help your business save energy and money, all year long.