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Chicago is known as an international hub for culture, finance, commerce, technology, industry, transportation, and telecommunications. As the most populated city in the Midwest, Chicago is full of blooming industries and adaptive commercial properties. The incredible urban planning and new architectural styles developed by Chicago have been transforming the rest of the nation. With so much growth and potential, Chicago needs leading solutions that can keep up with its incredible properties that span throughout the city. Window film offers numerous, innovative ways to enhance functionality and beauty. We’re proud to serve the Naperville and Elgin areas as well!

Scottish Window Tinting is the preferred window film company serving Chicago.

Chicago Commercial Window Film and Window Tinting Benefits

Energy Efficiency for Chicago Properties

Energy efficiency can be tough to achieve especially for properties experiencing extreme seasonal variations. Achieve the same results as window replacement at a fraction of the price with energy saving window film. Improve comfort, productivity, and more with this great ROI.

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Defend Your Chicago Property with Security Film

Defend against smash-and-grabs, robberies, break-ins, natural disasters and more with security film. This effective security measure makes it incredibly difficult for intruders to gain access to your property, often acting as a deterrent.

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Provide the Highest Level of Security for Chicago Government Buildings, Schools, and More

Ballistic resistant window film delivers a high impact solution that keeps glass hazards from causing significant injury or death. Ballistic resistance is the closest thing available to bulletproof glass, providing comprehensive protection in the event of gunfire.

Leading Privacy Solutions for Chicago Commercial Properties

Exterior privacy tinting is the best way to obstruct unwanted views into your building without the need for window treatments or obstructing natural sunlight. Interior privacy concerns can be addressed with decorative privacy films that can also enhance decor and branding efforts.

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Decorative and Branding Window Films for Your Chicago Business

Achieve incredible branding and marketing efforts with decorative window film. From exterior building wraps to custom, high-definition decorative film, anything is possible. Decorative film provides versatile opportunities for businesses, offices, and more.

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Prevent Fading and Sun Damage with UV Blocking Window Film for Your Chicago Property

UV protection window film can block up to 99.9% of harmful UV rays. The Skin Cancer Foundation actually recommends installing window film on all commercial properties to avoid serious health risks. Protect your furniture, merchandise, and flooring from permanent sun damage.

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Promote Better Productivity and Comfort in Chicago Offices and Businesses

Stubborn glare can seriously impact productivity and comfort in office spaces and businesses. Prevent headaches, squinting, and eye fatigue with glare reduction window film. Make sure all screen-viewing activities remain comfortable for your employees and guests.

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Defend Chicago Commercial Properties from Vandalism with Anti-Graffiti Film

Vandalism and graffiti are common issues among commercial properties. Safeguard your expensive surfaces with durable anti-graffiti surface film. Conceal existing damage while preventing further damage from daily wear-and-tear and vandalism.

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Save on Maintenance and Repair Costs with Metal and Mirror Restoration in Chicago Buildings

Metal and mirror restoration utilize premium surface film for restoring damaged surfaces. Great for hiding prior damage while delivering a fresh, clean look for only a fraction of the price. This sacrificial film is easily removed and replaced by a professional window film contractor.

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Prevent RF Radiation with RF Blocking Window Film for Your Chicago Property

RF radiation can cause serious symptoms in certain, sensitive individuals. RF blocking window film is the most effective solution for addressing this concern. Keep your property comfortable and safe with this revolutionary window film.

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Protect Employees, Customers, and Guests in Chicago Buildings with Bomb Blast Protection Window Film

Bomb blast protection film offers a solution for mitigating glass hazards during a high impact event like an explosion. Perfect for stadiums, public buildings, airports, and more, bomb blast window film can provide another layer of defense.

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Modernize Your Outdated Chicago Property with Exterior Resurfacing

Exterior resurfacing is one of our specialty services that include window film and spandrel painting. Great for concealing outdated or damaged windows, this service provides a facelift for your property. Attract new tenants, improve tenant retention rates, and much more.

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Cloaking Film for Adaptive Privacy in Chicago Offices

Cloaking film provides a modern privacy solution that only hides the content on electronic screens. This is a great way to keep your office feeling open and welcoming without sacrificing privacy.

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Whiteboard Window Film for Chicago Offices

Make the most out of your space by transforming an existing wall or glass feature into a whiteboard. Great for glass conference rooms, non-traditional office spaces, and much more, whiteboard film can be applied to any smooth, nonporous surface.

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Embrace Bird Conservation and Lower Repair Costs with Bird Strike Prevention Film for Chicago Buildings

Bird strike prevention film utilizes subtle decals to alert birds of your property’s glass doors and windows. This specialty window film lowers glass damage, unsightly cleanup, and promotes bird conservation.

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The Preferred Chicago Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

Angie's List A Rated Business

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We’re proud of our comprehensive A rating on Angie’s list from all our reviews from the last decade. We’ve received A ratings across the board for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. We welcome all Chicago residents to work with us on your next window film project.

Vista Dealer of the Year

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Scottish Window Tinting is honored to announce our recent award on behalf of Eastman and Llumar SelectPro for “Best in the West” window film contractor. As the Western Vista dealer of the year, we’re humbled by the recognition of our work ethic, consistency, and dedication to our customers and community. We strive to continue being the recognized leader in our industry and are proud of our recent accomplishments, our hard-working team, and all of our wonderful Chicago clients.

BBB Accredited Business


We’re proud to have an A+ rating with BBB providing excellent customer service for the Chicago area. We recently received a Gold Star award from BBB indicating zero customer service complaints for every year in business. We’re proud to be an accredited BBB business and look forward to showing you the Scottish Difference.

Chicago Commercial Window Film and Window Tinting Applications

Window Film Applications for Chicago Offices

Make sure your office is running at full capacity by providing your employees with the numerous benefits window film has to offer. From energy efficiency to glare reduction, there are so many ways to improve productivity and comfort. Privacy decorative window film is a great option for making sure your employees can focus on their work.

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Window Tinting Options for Chicago Hotels and Hospitality

Differentiate your hotel and improve the guest experience with window film. Energy efficient window film can help lower running costs while ensuring all of your guests are comfortable 24/7. Security film offers comprehensive protection that can give you peace of mind even when you’re not there.

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The Benefits of Window Film for Your Chicago Restaurant, Bar, or Club

Give your guests all the amenities and comfort available in your restaurant, bar, or club. Decorative film is a great way to promote upcoming events, showcase specials, and improve brand awareness. Privacy tinting can make your patrons feel more comfortable while making your property seem alluring and mysterious in order to attract new guests.

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Window Film Options for Chicago Retail and Storefronts

Retail spaces and storefronts can utilize window film for numerous advantages. UV blocking window film defends merchandise, flooring, furniture, and other expensive goods from permanent sun damage. Security window film is a great way to prevent smash-and-grab burglaries and break-ins.

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Window Film Advantages for Chicago Hospitals and Healthcare Buildings

Hospitals and healthcare buildings are always looking for ways to promote better comfort for their patients and staff members. Daylight redirecting window film has been scientifically proven to actually decrease patient recovery times while boosting productivity among employees. Energy saving window film provides incredible money-saving benefits while ensuring all hot/cold spots are eliminated.

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Window Tinting Choices for Chicago Arenas and Stadiums

Arenas and stadiums are held to a higher standard when it comes to security and comfort. Bomb blast protection film delivers a comprehensive solution that can significantly reduce the risk of injury and blast-related death. Exterior building wraps and decorative film are great options for promoting upcoming events, lending amazing marketing benefits.

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Leading Window Film Options for Chicago Government and Public Buildings

Government and public buildings can take advantage of the exclusive window film benefits in order to keep employees safe and comfortable. Glare reduction window film is perfect for creating a more productive workspace, making screen-viewing activities more comfortable. Safety and security window film offers a better way to defend public properties from all the potential threats that can occur at any time.

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Chicago Mass Transit Window Tinting Benefits

Many residents rely on mass transit systems for their everyday transportation. Anti-graffiti surface film is a great way to protect surfaces from vandalism, graffiti, and daily wear-and-tear. Decorative window film can be utilized for sponsorship opportunities, helping mass transit systems increase revenue.

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Window Film Advantages for Chicago Schools and Universities

Schools and universities can always take advantage of window film benefits in order to improve their learning environments. Daylight redirecting window film can help lower lighting costs while improving student test scores and reducing lower absentee rates. Safety and security window film offers a preventative measure for keeping students and teachers safe.

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Window Film Applications for Chicago Theaters and Convention Centers

Make sure your guests are comfortable and happy during their next visit to your theater or convention center. Safety and security window film provides a thick layer of protection to the most vulnerable areas of your property, reducing glass hazards for building occupants. Decorative window film provides a unique approach to promoting upcoming events, marketing needs, and brand visibility.

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Window Tinting Options for Chicago Jails and Prisons

From money-saving benefits to morale boosters, window tinting can deliver some innovative ways to make jails and prisons more functional. Security film offers protection both ways, eliminating the risk of break-ins and escapes. Energy efficient window film is a great option for reducing HVAC consumption and keeping building occupants more comfortable.

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Window Film Inspiration for Chicago Museums, Galleries, & Libraries

Museums, galleries, and libraries are major attractions here in the city. UV blocking window film is required for keeping art, artifacts, books, and more safe from sun damage. Security film can provide peace of mind by helping deter smash-and-grab robberies, break-ins, and more.

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Choose the Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

When working with Scottish Window Tinting you know you’re working with a reputable company. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, and in 2017 we won the “Best in the West” award from Eastman/Kodak, the manufacturer of Vista, Huper Optik, and Llumar window films. We invite you to consider experiencing the “Scottish Difference” when exploring options for your next window film project.

Chicago can greatly benefit from window film solutions. Commercial properties throughout Chicago can experience a multitude of diverse advantages from security to energy efficiency. Whether you’re looking for decorative privacy film for your River North office building or bird strike prevention solutions for your Hyde Park property, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered.

Featuring 3M Safety & Security Films for Chicago

The Most Comprehensive Selection of Window Tinting Manufacturers for Your Chicago Project

Sunscape offers Chicago commercial properties a high-quality commercial solution for improving energy costs while ensuring better comfort during the summer months. This Madico brand offers UV protection, energy savings, and more.

Sunscape Window Film Spec Sheet

Vista offers incredible benefits ranging from safety and security to modern privacy solutions. Enjoy privacy solutions designed for offices, money-saving opportunities, and more with Vista window film. Learn more about Vista window tinting for your Chicago building.

Vista Spectrally Selective Window Film
Vista Neutral Window Film Series
Vista Dual Reflective Window Film

Huper Optik specializes in energy-efficient window film for commercial properties. Enjoy better heat rejection along with UV protection, security, and decorative benefits. Read more about Huper Optik products for your Chicago property.

Huper Optik Therm-X Window Film Specs
Huper Optik Select Window Film Spec Sheet
Huper Optik Ceramic Window Film

3M has been one of the industry leaders in commercial window film, offering the best selection of innovative products. From daylight redirecting window film to exterior building wraps, 3M has commercial solutions for you. Discover more on 3M window tinting products for your Chicago business.

3M Thinsulate Window Film Brochure
3M Daylight Redirecting Window Film Brochure
3M Commercial Window Film Brochure

Enjoy commercial window film options from Madico that are designed to improve function among Chicago properties. Find all the innovative solutions you need for keeping building occupants happy.

Madico Safety and Security Performance Specs
Madico Architectural Window Film Performance Specs
Madico Amber 81 Window Film

Solar Gard has incredible commercial polyester-based window films that offer optical clarity paired with energy-saving benefits. Enjoy a wide selection of energy-efficient window film options. Learn more about Solar Gard window films for your Chicago building.

Solar Gard Solar Control Window Film
Solar Gard Graffitigard Spec Sheet

Graffiti Shield is the industry leader in anti-graffiti films. Their surface films can be utilized for concealing damage while defending against new damage. Read more about Graffiti Shield films and save money on your Chicago commercial property.

Graffiti Shield Metal Shield Surface Film Spec Sheet
Graffiti Shield Glass Shield Window Film
Graffiti Shield Glass Shield Spec Sheet

HDclear offers creative custom window film options that can be used for privacy, marketing, branding, and much more. From one-way graphics to high definition printing, HDclear is a great option for decorative film. Discover more on HDClear decorative films for your Chicago retail space, storefront, business, and more.

HDclear HDwhite Decorative Film
HDclear HDenhance Decorative Film
HDclear HDclear Decorative Film

C-Bond has been scientifically proven to enhance the strength and flexibility of glass while improving the performance of window film. C-Bond enhances security film projects along with all other commercial options. Learn more about C-Bond glass primers and strengtheners for your next Chicago project.

SunTek offers superior UV protection and energy conservation benefits for commercial properties throughout the Chicago area. Improve the comfort of your property with these great ROIs.

LLumar is an Eastman brand, offering leading window film options that any commercial building can benefit from. Enjoy safety and security, energy conservation, privacy, UV protection, and more. Read more about Llumar window film for your Chicago property.

V-Kool is also an Eastman brand, designed specifically to reduce energy consumption. Their incredible solar heat rejection technology can help you save money and improve productivity. Discover more on V-Kool window film solutions for your next Chicago project.

Commercial Window Tinting Applications for Chicago

Window Film Benefits for Chicago Commercial Properties

commercial-window-film-consultants-chicago illinois

Chicago properties can transform their existing space with innovative commercial window film solutions. Enjoy incredible money-saving options that defend against UV radiation, improve energy conservation, protect your expensive surfaces, and more. Window film can provide the numerous benefits you need for addressing your client and property needs. As the trusted window film company in Chicago, we have all the commercial solutions that you need.

Chicago Neighborhoods and Illinois Regions We Serve

Chicago Neighborhoods

Scottish Window Tinting serves the entire Chicago metro area including Lincoln Park, Magnificent Mile, Chinatown, River North, Riverdale, Englewood, Logan Square, Little Village, Austin, South Chicago, Wicker Park, West Loop, West Englewood, Pilsen, East Side, Hyde Park, Humboldt Park, Oakland, Cabrini-Green, Lake View, Little Italy, O’Hare, and many more.

Illinois Regions

We’re happy to extend our commercial window film services for regions throughout the Illinois area including Springfield, Joliet, Rockford, Peoria, Aurora, Naperville, Elgin, Bloomington, Bolingbrook, Belleville, Waukegan, Champaign, Orland Park, Hoffman Estates, Edwardsville, Schaumburg, Romeoville, Galesburg, Carbondale, Moline, Alton, and other surrounding areas.

Which Window Film Product Is Right for Your Chicago Neighborhood?


Energy Efficient Window Film

energy-efficient-window-film chicago illinois

Lincoln Park properties can take advantage of energy efficient window film options for keeping their building comfortable all year-round. Improve comfort and productivity while experiencing a great ROI. Energy efficient window film can provide the benefits your commercial property needs.


Safety and Security Window Film

safety-and-security-window-film-chicago illinois

Protect your Chinatown commercial property from burglaries, break-ins, natural disasters, freak accidents, and more. Safety and security window film provides extensive coverage against glass hazards, helping protect building occupants and property valuables.


Decorative Window Film

custom-decorative-window-film-chicago illinois

Decorative window film is a wonderful option for improving privacy needs, heightening marketing and branding efforts, addressing certain building codes, and much more. Custom decorative film provides the opportunity to meet all your decorative needs for commercial properties throughout Little Village.


Daylight Redirecting Window Film

daylight-redirecting-window-film-chicago illinois

Oakland commercial properties can take advantage of daylight redirecting window film for lowering lighting costs as well as other exclusive benefits. Daylight redirecting window film is proven to improve student testing, decrease patient recovery times, and more.

Chicago Window Film Featured Project

Featured Chicago Commerical Window Film Project

A stadium located in Downtown Chicago wanted to ensure the safety of its patrons and performers by finding additional security measures. They contacted Scottish Window Tinting to learn more about their security film options. Once we completed an extensive security assessment of the stadium, we wer able to recommend tactical installations of bomb blast security film, traditional security film, and ballistic resistant security film. They took advantage of all three, experiencing a better, cost-effective solution for keeping their property safe from broken glass hazards and other viable threats.

Chicago Window Film & Tinting Blogs

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Contact us today to discuss the benefits window film can give your Chicago commercial building. Our window film company looks forward to working with you on your next window film project.