Window Film in Salt Lake City

A Wide Range of Window Film Options for Salt Lake City Metro Area

The neighborhoods of Salt Lake City tell the story of a beautiful and modern oasis of culture and innovation that still manages to maintain much of its historical traditions. Founded on simple principles in the pioneer days of America’s youth, Salt Lake City helped bring the west and east sides of the nation together. Nowadays, it is not only a modernized city with unique and blossoming industries but a central location for many progressive religious organizations. Businesses, religious organizations, and the homeowners that make up this awesome city can all benefit from the varieties of window film that Scottish Window Tinting has to offer.

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to the trusted window film company serving Salt Lake City.

Explore Window Film's Numerous Benefits for Salt Lake City

Solar Rejection Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes and Businesses

Solar rejection window film provides optimal energy savings for Salt Lake City homeowners and business owners. These innovative window films help regulate internal temperature in both summer months and winter months, eliminating cold/hot spots and delivering considerable energy savings year round.

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Safeguard Your Salt Lake City Property with Security Film 

Safety and security film offers Salt Lake City residents comprehensive protection against the unknown. By mitigating broken glass and flying debris hazards, safety and security film can protect against break-ins, burglaries, natural disasters, and more. Protect your loved ones or customers with security film.

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Add Privacy to Your Salt Lake City Residence or Office Space

Privacy window film is perfect for any Salt Lake City residence or office space. This affordable privacy solution comes in a multitude of design options and colors and is available for customization. Perfect for conference rooms, collaborative workspaces, home bathrooms, condos on the first floor, and much more.

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Utilize Decorative Film as a Marketing Tool for Your Salt Lake City Commercial Property

Decorative film is highly customizable and is available in HD printing with virtually any color or design. These decorative films can be utilized for improved brand visualization, customized door logos, paid promotional space, regional sales promotions, and much more. Make your Salt Lake City business stand out with decorative building wraps or utilize existing space by installing decorative window film.

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Window Film Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays, Protecting Your Property from the Harsh Utah Sun

UV blocking window film offers up to 99.9% protection from UV radiation. Overexposure to UV rays can lead to significant repair and replacement costs as well as potential health costs. UV rays are the culprit of fading floors, discoloring furniture, and more.

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Optimize Your Salt Lake City Home or Business with Glare Reduction Film

Glare reduction window film can increase employee productivity as well as improve home comfort and make family movie nights more enjoyable. With glare reduction film, all the major headaches, squinting, and discomfort are eliminated during screen viewing activities. Optimize comfort in your Salt Lake City office space or home.

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Protect Your Salt Lake City Commercial Investments with Anti-Graffiti Film

Anti-graffiti film can be installed on virtually any nonporous, smooth surface including mirrored, metal, and glass surfaces. These durable films imitate the original surface while protecting against vandalism efforts and concealing existing damage. Replacing these films cost a fraction of repair and replacement fees and are much quicker to reinstall than it is to repair the damaged surface. Give your guests the right impression of your Salt Lake City commercial property.

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Metal & Mirror Shield for Salt Lake City Public Buildings and Commercial Properties

Elevator recommissioning fees are usually very costly and can add unnecessary downtime for your Salt Lake City property. Skip the fees and install Metal Shield to conceal damage, protect against vandalism, and give your customers a professional impression. Mirror Shield can protect your expensive mirrored investments as well.

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RF Blocking Window Film for Salt Lake City Homes

Some Salt Lake City residents are extremely sensitive to RF radiation. From insomnia to nausea, these symptoms can be debilitating and hard to live day-to-day with. RF blocking film is perfect for residents who experience these negative symptoms as a result of RF radiation.

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Defend Your Salt Lake City Staff and Guests with Bomb Blast Window Film

Bomb blast window film is perfect for Salt Lake City’s secured buildings, government buildings, and any commercial property or business located in a high traffic area. Protect your staff members and building guests with bomb blast film.

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Improve Salt Lake City Commercial Buildings’ Aesthetic and Functionality with Exterior Resurfacing

Exterior resurfacing modernizes Salt Lake City commercial buildings by improving exterior aesthetics and optimizing energy efficiency and functionality. With many outdated windows throughout the city, window replacement is a costly option while exterior resurfacing offers an effective, affordable choice.

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Cloaking Films for Salt Lake City Businesses and Office Spaces

Cloaking films are an innovative screen privacy solution that cloaks LED screens from outside views. Perfect for conference rooms, meetings, collaborative workspaces, and more, cloaking films are a tasteful way of handling sensitive information for Salt Lake City office spaces.

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Utilize Existing Space in Salt Lake City Homes and Offices with Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard film is perfect for Salt Lake City offices, conference rooms, kids rooms, kitchen spaces, and more. With all the same benefits as a whiteboard, whiteboard film can be customized in regards to sizing and shape and can be applied to nontraditional surfaces.

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Save Salt Lake City Bird Lives with Bird Strike Prevention Film

Bird strike prevention film utilizes decals so that birds can fully observe that you’re building is there before impact. Bird strike prevention film not only saves a considerable amount of bird lives, it also eliminates the repair and cleaning costs associated with these incidents.

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Salt Lake City's Certified Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

BBB Accredited Business

bbb window tinting contractor salt lake city

Scottish Window Tinting has an A+ rating with BBB providing excellent customer service for the Salt Lake City area. We recently received a Gold Star award from BBB indicating zero customer service complaints for every year in business. We’re proud to be an accredited BBB business and look forward to showing you the Scottish Difference.

Vista Dealer of the Year

salt lake city vista dealer of the year window tinting contractor

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to announce our recent award on behalf of Eastman and Llumar SelectPro for “Best in the West” window film contractor. As the Western Vista dealer of the year, we’re humbled by the recognition of our work ethic, consistency, and dedication to our customers and community. We strive to continue being the recognized leader in our industry and are proud of our recent accomplishments, our hard working team, and all of our wonderful Salt Lake City clients.

Angie's List A Rating Business

salt lake city angies list window tinting contractor

We’re proud of our comprehensive A rating on Angie’s list from all our reviews from the last decade. We’ve received A ratings across the board for price, quality, responsiveness, punctuality, and professionalism. We welcome all Salt Lake City residents to work with us on your next window film project.

Window Film Solutions for Every Salt Lake City Building

Residential Window Film Application for Salt Lake City Homes

From significant energy savings to privacy, glare reduction, decorative, and more, window film has numerous residential applications that offer versatile benefits and savings opportunities. Find a great ROI for your next window film investment in your Salt Lake City home.

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Window Film for Salt Lake City Hotels & Motels

Save considerably on energy costs with energy efficient window film. Hotel and motel energy costs are always extremely high– installing energy efficient window film can save you money year round. Privacy film gives guests a sense of seclusion and comfort, elevating their experience whenever they stay at your Salt Lake City hotel or motel. Decorative film offers event promotion and brand visualization throughout your property. Protect your guests and staff members with safety and security film. Have complete peace of mind even when you’re not there.

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Window Tinting Benefits for Salt Lake City Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs

Optimize guest experience with privacy window tint– customers feel more comfortable without onlookers being able to watch them while they’re out to dinner or dancing at a club. Security film offers comprehensive protection for Salt Lake City restaurants, bars, and clubs– protect your patrons and staff from natural disasters, break-ins, burglaries, and more. Decorative window film is highly customizable and can be used to promote upcoming events, restaurant specials, increase brand promotion, and much more.

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Salt Lake City Retail & Storefront Window Film Advantages

Prolong product life and defend display merchandise with UV blocking window film. UV rays distort display merchandise and shorten product life alongside potential skin and eye disease. Utilize security film to protect your costly investments as well as staff members from break-ins, burglaries, and more. Glare reduction film is great for Salt Lake City retail spaces and storefronts with screen viewing activities– optimize the buyer experience and increase employee productivity.

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Window Tinting for Salt Lake City Hospitals & Healthcare

Daylight redirecting window film has been proven to decrease patient recovery times in Salt Lake City hospitals– improve patient recovery time while lowering lighting costs. UV blocking window film is pertinent to protecting costly medical equipment alongside furniture, sun sensitive medication, and more. Energy efficient window film provides savings opportunities for hospital and healthcare owners.

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Window Film Benefits for Salt Lake City Stadiums & Arenas

Security film is a definite necessity for Salt Lake City stadiums and arenas. Bomb blast film and blast resistant film offers comprehensive protection against terrorist and domestic attacks, natural disasters, and more. Building wraps and decorative film are a great marketing tool to promote upcoming events, current events, sales, and more. Energy efficient film offers great energy savings, helping owners save considerably on heating and cooling costs.

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Salt Lake City Public & Government Building Window Film Applications

Ballistic resistant and bomb blast films are a great addition for Salt Lake City public and government buildings. Protect building occupants from any unknown threats as well as natural disasters and more. Many of the public and government buildings have outdated windows which could highly benefit from energy efficient window film. Glare reduction film can optimize workspace and increase employee productivity. Cloaking films and privacy films are great for concealing sensitive information within the building.

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Window Film Advantages for Salt Lake City Mass Transit Systems

Protect expensive surfaces throughout your Salt Lake City mass transit system with anti-graffiti film. Anti-graffiti film provides customers with a clean, professional impression while cutting down repair and replacement costs. Security film is always a great investment for mass transit systems– protect patrons and employees from any potential threats. Decorative film provides opportunities for paid promotional space, sponsorships, and more.

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Window Tinting Advantages for Salt Lake City Schools & Universities

Security film is starting to become a necessity for Salt Lake City schools and universities. Protect your students and staff from assailants, explosions, intruders, and more. Privacy film also offers another layer of security, obscuring unwanted views from those trying to scope out your school property. Daylight redirecting film has been shown to improve student test scores while lowering lighting costs.

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Salt Lake City Convention Center & Theater Window Tinting Benefits

Decorative film allows Salt Lake City convention centers and theaters the opportunity to promote future events, advertise sales promotions, boost brand visibility, and more. Security film is a must for these high traffic areas– bomb blast and ballistic resistant films are necessary for protecting patron and employee members. Energy efficient window film provides significant savings alongside UV protection for optimal comfort.

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Window Tinting Benefits for Salt Lake City Jails & Prisons

Protect your jails and prisons from the inside out with security film. Security film protects staff members and prisoners from natural disasters, explosions, and more while deterring any escape attempts from the inside. Energy efficient window film provides energy savings and provides consistent internal temperatures. Daylight redirecting film can boost prisoner morale while lowering lighting costs.

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Salt Lake City Museums, Galleries, & Libraries Window Film Advantages

UV blocking window film provides comprehensive protection against UV radiation for your Salt Lake City museums, galleries, and libraries. Protect your expensive art, furnishings, books, and more from discoloration, fading, and warping. Decorative film can be utilized to better curate exhibits, enhance customer experience, and more. Energy efficient window film is great for year round energy savings, providing a great ROI for museum and gallery owners. Optimize library experience with glare reduction window film.

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Featuring Security Film for Salt Lake City Schools

Choose a Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

When working with Scottish Window Tinting you know you’re working with a reputable company. We’ve been in business for over 10 years, have an A+ rating with the BBB, and in 2017 we won the “Best in the West” award from Eastman/Kodak, the manufacturer of Vista, Llumar, and Huper Optik window films. We invite you to experience the “Scottish Difference” when exploring options for your next Salt Lake City window tinting project.

Salt Lake City features many opportunities to take advantage of window film solutions. Both commercial and residential properties throughout Salt Lake City can experience numerous diverse benefits from glare reduction to safety and security. Whether you’re looking to take advantage of energy savings in your Sugar House District condo or add premium security measures to your restaurant located in The Avenues, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered.

When you work with us, you’ll experience:

  • Hassle-free installation and competitive pricing
  • Quality workmanship and attention to detail
  • Outstanding customer service and great communication
  • An immaculate install that works as beautifully as it looks
  • The very best products to provide you with a quick ROI

An Extensive Selection of Window Film Brands for Your Salt Lake City Project


Acclaimed for its solar rejection properties, Vista window films offer various solutions for both residential and commercial buildings throughout the Salt Lake City area. Perfect for blocking the Utah sun, these different window films provide high savings opportunities for homeowners and business owners. Discover more on Vista window film solutions for your Salt Lake City property.

VS60 Spectrally Selective Film
V14 Dual-Reflective
V33 Neutral Series


Renowned as the recognized leader in sustainable window film solutions, Huper Optik delivers comprehensive green products for residences and businesses. From security film to high insulation solutions, Huper Optik’s versatile window film collection ensures you’ll find the right investment. Scottish Window Tinting is the leading source for Huper Optik window films in the Salt Lake City area. Read more on Huper Optik window tinting products for your Salt Lake City building.

Select Series Retail Specification Sheet
Ceramic Series Retail Specification Sheet
Therm-X Series Retail Specification Sheet


An accredited industry innovator, 3M delivers premium window film solutions for homes and businesses across the globe. We’re proud to offer the entire 3M window film collection to Salt Lake City residences– from daylight redirecting to safety and security. We guarantee you’ll find a great ROI from 3M window films. Learn more about 3M window film products for your Salt Lake City project.

3M™ Daylight Redirecting Film
3M™ Thinsulate™ Window Film Commercial Brochure
3M™ Commercial Window Film Energy Efficiency Brochure


Known for improving lives for over 100 years, Madico delivers consumer focused window film solutions. Madico’s dedication to product research and development has resulted in top-of-the-line products for both commercial and residential application. As Salt Lake City’s premier Madico window film contractor, Scottish Window Tinting is honored to carry their entire selection.

Architectural Solar Performance Specs
Safety and Security Solar Performance Specs
Amber 81 Spec Sheet


Distinguished for their industry leading warranties and anti-fade window film products, Solar Gard delivers premium products for Salt Lake City homes and businesses. Solar Gard optimizes clarity alongside aesthetics, ensuring their products compliment your property. Discover more on Solar Gard window film products for your next Salt Lake City film renovation.

Solar Control
Solar Control Panorama


Graffiti Shield specially engineers anti-graffiti film solutions that are perfect for high traffic surface areas prone to vandalism. Available in a multitude of finishes and materials, Graffiti Shield also offers a customizable product for nontraditional surface areas. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the number source for the entire Graffiti Shield line, helping Salt Lake City commercial property owners save considerably. Read more about Graffiti Shield window film solutions for your Salt Lake City public building or commercial property.

Glass Shield 4-mil CSI Spec
Multi Layer 4-mil CSI Spec
Metal Shield CSI Spec


Sunscape features window film solutions with high solar rejection and UV blocking properties. Perfect for Salt Lake City properties that lack shade and energy efficiency, Sunscape provides superior sun protection for high energy savings. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the trusted Sunscape window film contractor in the Salt Lake City area.

Sunscape Product Performance Spec Sheet


Acclaimed for its versatile, innovative decorative window films, HDClear provides optimal graphics and options for Salt Lake City residents. These highly customizable films are available in HD printing, one-way graphics, short-term promotional films, and many more. Scottish Window Tinting’s design experts can work with you on creating the perfect decorative window film from HDClear. Learn more on HDclear decorative window film solutions for your Salt Lake City commercial property.

HDClear Spec Sheet
HDWhite Spec Sheet
HDEnhance Spec Sheet


C-Bond provides glass strengthening primers that add incredible durability to any security film system. Named by Forbes as one of the “Ten Technology Incubators Changing the World”, C-Bond increases glass flexibility and strength after impact. C-Bond is a great investment for Salt Lake City secured buildings, arenas & stadiums, government buildings, schools, and more. Discover more on C-Bond glass strengtheners for your Salt Lake City commercial building.

C-Bond Spec Sheet


SunTek has been producing revolutionary window film solutions for the past 60 years, delivering state-of-the-art products for homes and businesses across the country. With an extreme dedication to improved aesthetics and functionality, we guarantee you’ll find the right window film solution for your Salt Lake City building from SunTek.

SunTek Arcitectual Window Films Spec Sheet
SunTek Safety and Security Window Films Spec Sheet


Llumar has produced high performing window film solutions since 1977 that enhance energy efficiency, aesthetics, comforts, security, and safety. Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the preferred Llumar window tinting contractor in the Salt Lake City area, providing solutions for both commercial and residential projects. Read more on Llumar window films for your Salt Lake City property.

Dual-Reflective Film in Hurst, Texas
Low-E Window Film in Denver, Colorado
Spectrally-Selective Window Film in Tucson, Arizona


V-Kool is a recognized spectrally selective window film brand created by the Eastman Chemical Company. V-Kool incorporates XIR technology in order to deliver premium spectrally selective solutions for residential and commercial applications. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be the trusted V-Kool window film contractor in the Salt Lake City area. Learn more about V-Kool window film solutions for your next project.

V-Kool Commercial Brochure
V-Kool Residential Brochure

Utah Regions We Serve

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to serve the state of Utah, offering premium commercial and residential window tinting services for Salt Lake City and surrounding neighborhoods and cities. Scottish Window Tinting offers window film installation for Beaver, Brigham City, Castle Dale, Coalville, Duchesne, Farmington, Fillmore, Heber City, Junction, Kanab, Loa, Logan, Manila, Manti, Moab, Monticello, Morgan, Nephi, Ogden, Park City, Panguitch, Parowan, Price, Provo, Randolph, Richfield, St. George, Tooele, Vernal, and many more. We can’t wait to help you with your next window film project!

utah window film contractor

Which Window Film Product Is Right For Your Salt Lake City Neighborhood?


Fade Prevention Window Film


In a neighborhood like Liberty Park, where large homes with their gorgeous towering windows abound, you need window film that can stop UV rays from deteriorating things like wood flooring, upholstery, furnishing and artwork.  Window film blocks 99.9% of the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your Liberty Park home’s cherished and valuable belongings. It also protects you and your family’s skin from sun-related illnesses like cancer and even premature aging.


Energy Efficient Window Film


For people who live in The Avenues, saving energy is a way of life.  These progressive minded homeowners not only are conserving the environment but also saving thousands of dollars each year.  The benefits of the film are plentiful–eliminating hot and cold spots to reducing glare. However, the best part of installing energy efficient window film is definitely watching your energy bills go drop after you apply it to your home’s windows!  


Safety And Security Window Film

commercial safety and security film salt lake city

Sugar House is an up and coming neighborhood and all around a pretty  safe neighborhood to call home.  However, just like in any big city, there are a fair amount of break-in here as well.  While you can’t stop someone from trying to break into your home, you can stop them from actually getting in with security window film.  Since it takes a number of blows to fully penetrate a window with security film, would be thieves usually move on to easier targets, rather than risk the police arriving.


Fade Prevention Window Film

decorative window film salt lake city

As anyone who has ever dared live in the tightly packed neighborhoods of any large city, privacy is not an easy thing to come by.  Capitol Hill in Salt Lake City is no different.  With privacy at a premium,  when you live in tight quarters like Capitol Hill, you need to find creative ways to keep prying eyes of a nearly everyone out of your home or condo. Window film allows you to have the privacy you crave with no loss of natural light and sleek design choices to suit any style.  

Salt Lake City Window Film Project Portfolio

vivint salt lake city commercial window tinting

Featured Commercial Project

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to have completed a threat assessment alongside security film installation at the Vivint Smart Home Arena in Salt Lake City. We conducted a threat assessment on entry points and installed security film on various glass entryways to ensure optimal safety for their patrons and staff members. With countless commercial services available, we’re the trusted window film company for Salt Lake City.

sugar house salt lake city residential window tinting

Featured Residential Project

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to have helped local residents, the Parker family, by installing energy-efficient window film throughout their home located in Sugar House. The Parker family had outdated windows which couldn’t keep up with their heating and cooling needs. After window film installation, this Salt Lake City family was thrilled with their lowered energy costs and more comfortable home. Work with Salt Lake City’s leading residential window film contractor.

Testimonials from Our Customers in Salt Lake City

“We recently bought a home on a hill. We fell in love with it right away. But after a few weeks of living here, the glare and heat from the sun started to bother us. There are no trees around our home to shade it. We called Scottish Window Tinting and they were able to come out and install a window film made by Vista. Almost immediately, we noticed the difference. Our home is much more comfortable and we save money on electricity each month too!”

– Evelyn & Jacob S.

“We were looking for ways to cut costs so we could free up our budget in order to make some renovations to our store. One of our associates told us about window film. We decided to look into it and saw that energy efficiency was one of the main benefits. After that, we called Scottish Window Tinting. They did an amazing job installing solar control window film and our store looks beautiful.”

– Patrick & Denise W.

“We love our neighborhood, but when we started hearing about break-ins in the area, we became concerned. One of our neighbors told us they had security window film installed as a precaution and we decided to do the same. We chose Scottish Window Tinting because of their reputation. Our installers were friendly and professional the whole time. And now we can sleep easy at night knowing our home is safe.”

– Robert & Ingrid M.

Salt Lake City Window Film FAQ

At Scottish Window Tinting, we want the best for our customers. We believe in empowering our customers with the tools and information they need to make an informed decision.

Every property owner’s journey is different. Whether this is your first time buying window film or your second, third, or fourth experience, we want you to feel confident as you’re getting started.

The following information is meant to provide valuable insight and answer some of the most commonly asked questions about window film in Salt Lake City.

Window film is one of the most affordable alternatives to window and glass replacement. Window films themselves are relatively inexpensive and cost about $4 to $24 per square foot. However, property owners must also pay the cost of installation. Quality of parts and workmanship both affect the price. For more information, please see our guide to window film pricing.

There are literally thousands of different types of window film on the market today. However, when you break it down into categories, there are three main types: decorative, security, and solar.

Technically, window film slows down fading. Fading may still occur over time, but it could be decades before any signs are visible. This is because window film blocks out 99.9% of UV radiation, meaning that the smallest amount of UV light exposure still occurs. However, it is unlikely that you will see any signs of fading in the time that you own your home or furniture.

It is unlikely. The idea that window film causes glass breakage is a myth perpetuated by window manufacturing companies. When a window shatters, it is usually due to a flaw in the window itself or a broken seal. As long as the right type of window film is installed, it shouldn’t damage your windows.

In terms of energy efficiency, we recommend a four season window film. In Salt Lake City, you want the heat to stay out during the summer but you want to keep it in your home during the winter. Installing a low-e window film will help with this. We recommend EnergLogic and 3M Thinsulate, to name a few suggestions.

If you’re planning on attempting to install it yourself, you can buy window film online or in a store in Salt Lake City. But we don’t recommend this. In fact, we highly advise against it. If you want your window film to perform the best and last the longest it can, professional installation is the way to go. In this case, you would pay a window tinting contractor like Scottish Window Tinting directly.

That’s a great question. Most homeowners see a full payback on their investment in about 2-3 years. For a larger property, such as a commercial office building, it may take a little longer, around five years or so.

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Scottish Window Tinting offers all the top-of-the-line window film solutions from innovative, premium manufacturers. Whether you’re in Salt Lake City, Ogden, Park City, or Provo, we’re happy to assist you with your next window tinting project.

Contact us today for a free on-site consultation or for any questions regarding window film and what product is best for your Utah property.