Exterior Glass Resurfacing in Salt Lake City

Exterior Glass Resurfacing Restores the Appearance of Your Salt Lake City Office or Commercial Building

Restore weather worn and chipped glass with exterior glass resurfacing. Because Salt Lake City sits at such a high altitude, the sunlight it receives is more intense than the rest of Utah and its neighboring states. As a result, the windows of your building can crack or lose their insulation over time. Not only does this ruin the appearance of your building, but it also can raise your energy bill since heat can easily transfer through the broken glass surfaces. Exterior glass resurfacing can repair your damaged windows at the fraction of the cost of replacement. With just this simple renovation, you can reduce operational costs for your business and give it a new look that will captivate your clients and visitors.

Benefits of Exterior Glass Resurfacing

Glare and Heat Reduction

Exterior window film is considered to be one of the most energy efficient films available on the market. Because it’s applied to the outside of your building, it prevents the sun from ever touching the glass and heating it up. Therefore, interior temperatures stay more stable as your HVAC system won’t have to work so hard. In addition, window film also works to reduce glare throughout your workspace to make viewing laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices more comfortable.

UV Protection

UV protection is incredibly important in high elevation areas. In places where the sunlight is stronger, the population tends to experience a higher risk for melanoma and other skin diseases. In addition, UV radiation can cause fading to your office furniture, blinds, and flooring. Window film works to block out 99.9% of harmful UV rays and is a smart choice for Salt Lake City high rise buildings, office spaces, hotels, and more.<br />

Customized Appearance

Exterior glass resurfacing gives you the ability to create a whole new appearance for your building. Our window films are made custom to order and can be printed in any style, size, or color. You can select a traditional film to give your building a sleek, polished appearance or go bold with a colored or frosted film. Our staff can help you decide on an option that meets your needs and also looks great.

Scottish Window Tinting offers professional exterior glass resurfacing for Salt Lake City office spaces, hotels, government buildings, and more. Call us today to schedule an appointment or get more information.