Stadiums & Arenas

Keep your fans safe and your stadium looking slick with window & surface films

Stadiums and arenas are the places where legends are born, and people come together to create powerful memories and experiences. When people come to watch a concert or a sporting event, they expect to have a fantastic time. But mobbed stadiums full of excited fans can pose a serious security risk. Large glass windows and doors are at particular risk from mobs, reckless or drunk fans, or even terrorist attacks. 

Diverse Disaster Defense

If things turn violent inside the stadium, or if Mother Nature turns violent outside the stadium, the security film will hold the glass together, even if it is shattered. This can prevent the nightmare of flying glass that turns into deadly shrapnel. It will also prevent the dangers of glass all over the floors, and eliminate the messy glass shard cleanup.

Vandalism Protection

Vandalism and graffiti seem to go hand in hand with stadiums and arenas. If your surfaces have already been irreparably damaged, Metal Shield & Mirror Shield surface films can cover the damage and give the surface a “like-new” appearance. The cost is a fraction of what you’d pay to replace any windows or mirrors.

Branding & Excitement

If you want to add visual interest to the look of a stadium, show support and team spirit for the home teams who play there, and enhance your own branding in the eyes of your customers, a custom decorative window film is the perfect and affordable choice. Window films can be customized with team photos, any kind of art work or graphics, and even text to say whatever you want guests to know.

Whether you’re looking to spice up the look of your stadium, combat vandals, or protect your guests from any number of dangerous situations, we have the window film solution that is right for you. Contact Scottish Window Tinting today to speak with our window film experts.