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Window Film Solutions For San Antonio

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Our comprehensive window film selection gives San Antonio residents the opportunity to save money while utilizing all the diverse benefits this affordable solution has to offer. Window film has great benefits for both residential and commercial application throughout the San Antonio area. Our top-of-the-line products from a multitude of different distributors ensure that you’ll find the perfect investment for your property. From energy savings to UV protection, premium security, decorative, privacy, and more, window film is the cost-effective solution for your San Antonio building. Whether you’re looking to heighten security in your office building in Southtown or increase energy efficiency in your Victorian in Beacon Hill, Scottish Window Tinting has you covered.

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to be the premier window film company serving San Antonio.

Which Window Film Product Is Right For Your San Antonio Home?

Brackenridge Park

Fade Prevention Window Film


In a neighborhood like Brackenridge Park, where big old homes with their beautiful towering windows are everywhere, you need window film that can keep UV rays from deteriorating, wood flooring, upholstery, furnishing and artwork.  Window film hinders most of the harmful rays of the sun from damaging your Brackenridge Park home’s beloved and valuable belongings.  It also protects you and your family from illnesses that stem from sun exposure like some forms of cancer and premature aging.

Tobin Hill

Energy Efficient Window Film

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In the neighborhood of Tobin Hill, the residents are notoriously progressive and as such, saving energy is a way of life.  For these progressive people, not only is it about conserving the environment but saving money too. The benefits of window film are myriad from eliminating hot and cold spots to reducing glare.  But the best part of installing energy efficient window film is definitely watching your energy bills go down after you apply it to your home’s windows!

McAllister Park

Security & Safety Window Film

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McAllister Park is a fairly safe neighborhood but just like in any big city, crime and break-ins happen here too.  While you can’t stop someone from attempting to break into your home, you can stop them from actually getting through your windows with security window film.  Since it takes a number of blows to fully penetrate a window with security film, burglars usually move on to easier targets.  For more advanced protection, use security window film with specialty adhesives, like C-bond and window framing systems.

Alamo Heights

Decorative Privacy Window Film

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Let’s face it, in a city the size of San Antonio, privacy is a commodity.  When you live in tight quarters like Alamo Heights you need to find creative and cost-effective ways to keep the prying eyes of your neighbors and passers-by out of your home.  Window film gives you the privacy you need with as little or as much coverage as you need on your windows and happily, does not block off natural light.  Decorative window films can also be used on cabinets and for interior window embellishment too!

San Antonio Residential Window Tinting

San Antonio experiences extreme heat and constant sun only to find relief in its mild winter months. HVAC consumption is always high in any San Antonio home, making energy efficiency high priority for many. Energy efficient window film offers homeowners amazing energy savings while helping maintain a more comfortable home space. Window film also offers premium security benefits, privacy solutions, and glare reduction for residential application. With so many advantages and different options to choose from, we can definitely help you make the right investment for your home. Whether you're looking to save money on energy costs in your Alamo Heights condo or reduce glare in your mansion in Uptown, we've got you covered.

San Antonio Commercial Window Tinting

Commercial properties throughout San Antonio can experience extreme energy usage in order to keep their employees and tenants comfortable. Energy efficient window film can help San Antonio commercial property owners save considerably while improving the internal environment, elevating exterior aesthetics, and more. Commercial window film provides endless benefits specially engineered for this application. From UV blocking benefits to beautiful decorative solutions, we guarantee we have the right window film product for you. Whether you're looking to heighten security measures in your North Central retail space or reduce glare for your office building in Hollywood Park, we've got you covered.

San Antonio Window Tinting and Film Applications

Energy Savings for San Antonio Properties 

Energy efficient window films can help San Antonio building owners save considerably on energy costs year round. This great window replacement alternative is perfect for both residential and commercial applications. These great ROIs offer significant money saving benefits alongside optimizing indoor comfort.

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Safety and Security Benefits for San Antonio Buildings

Protect your San Antonio building against the unknown. Safety and security film protect your property even if you’re not there. From natural disasters to break-ins, this revolutionary film bonds broken glass fragments together after impact offering protection for building occupants and valuables.

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Add Privacy to Your San Antonio Home or Business

Privacy film delivers a cost-effective solution for both businesses and home application. Add privacy elements to conference rooms, collaborative work spaces, bathrooms, and more with privacy film. By mimicking etched or frosted glass, these customizable films offer an elegant look for any San Antonio space. 

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Add an Unique Look to Your San Antonio Office or Store with Decorative Film

Decorative film is a great affordable marketing solution for any San Antonio business or store. Attract potential customers, retain current guests, improve buyer experience, and more with decorative film. These highly customizable films are available in a HD printing option in virtually any color, texture, or design. Increase brand visualization, promote regional sales, curate art exhibits, and more with decorative window film. 

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Protect Your Home from Texas’s Harsh Sun

The constant Texas sun can cause serious, permanent damage in San Antonio residential and commercial properties. Window film can block up to 99.9% of UV rays that are responsible to discoloring furniture, fading floors, distorted art, shortened product life, warped display merchandise, as well as considerable eye and skin disease. Protect your property, valuables, and building occupants with UV blocking window film.

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Window Film Can Reduce the Glare in Your San Antonio Buildings

The glare of the sun can be overwhelming in office spaces and homes throughout San Antonio. Glare reduction window film can reduce severe headaches, uncomfortable squinting, and all the other negative symptoms of glare strain. Optimize the workspace, increase employee productivity, and improve home comfort with glare reduction window film. 

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 Reduce Maintenance Costs with Anti-Graffiti Films

Anti-graffiti films offer San Antonio properties comprehensive protection against vandalism and graffiti. Protect metal, mirrored, glass, and other smooth, non-porous surfaces with anti-graffiti film. 

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Mirror & Metal Film Can Improve the Aesthetics and Reduce Repair Costs For Commercial Buildings in San Antonio

Give guests and customers the right impression of your business with mirror and metal film. Conceal existing damage while defending against new damage allows San Antonio property owners to save significantly on repair and replacement costs.

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Block RF Radiation in Your San Antonio Property

RF radiation can present serious negative symptoms and ailments for San Antonio residents depending on where they live or work. RF blocking window film can alleviate these negative health effects.

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Protect Your San Antonio Building’s Employees and Guests with Window Film

Bomb blast film protects against explosions, natural disasters, and any large impact. Protect your employees and guests against the unknown and have peace of mind even when you’re not at your San Antonio business. By mitigating broken glass hazards, bomb blast film can save potential lives. 

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Change or Modernize Your San Antonio Building’s Exterior With Window Film

Exterior refinishing can conceal outdated, damaged windows while optimizing energy efficiency. Give your San Antonio commercial property a beautiful exterior which can lead to higher tenant retention, energy savings, LEED certification, and much more. This great ROI offers wonderful benefits in both aesthetically and functionality.

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The Accredited San Antonio Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

BBB Accredited Business

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Scottish Window Tinting is proud to be San Antonio’s trusted source for professional window tinting. Our dedication and commitment to our customers can be proven by our honorable standing with the Better Business Bureau. We hold an A+ Rating from the BBB and are a recipient of the esteemed Gold Star Award. This award was given to us in recognition of the fact that over an entire year, we received ZERO customer complaints!

Vista Dealer of the Year

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At Scottish Window Tinting, we work hard to go above and beyond to meet our customers expectations. Not only does this mean providing excellent customer service, but it also means being extremely thorough when it comes to our product knowledge. We are honored to be recognized as a recipient of the Vista Dealer of the Year Award for the Western Region. This is an accomplishment that we are extremely proud of. We are determined to continue to prove our commitment to our customers as San Antonio’s trusted Vista dealer.

Angie's List A Rated Business

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Our company is proud to have continually held an A Rating on Angie’s List for years. Determined based on a variety of factors, including price, quality, responsiveness, professionalism, and punctuality, this rating is a clear demonstration of the high quality service and support we provide. We are extremely grateful that so many of our customers have been so satisfied with our services that they felt compelled to leave these excellent reviews, and look forward to continuing to earn the business of building owners throughout San Antonio.

Residential Window Film Applications in San Antonio

San Antonio homes have a difficult time achieving energy efficiency with the harsh Texas sun– energy efficient window film delivers the affordable alternative to window replacement. Glare can often be a discomforting issue that homeowners face when their property lacks proper shade; glare reduction window film offers a budget-friendly solution that improves home office productivity and overall comfort. Decorative film options are also available for improving interior decor and privacy.

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Window Film Benefits for San Antonio Hotels & Motels 

San Antonio hotels and motels can save dramatically on running costs by installing energy efficient window film. Improve overall guest comfort, lower energy costs, and promote a happier work environment for staff members. Privacy window tinting can also add to guest experience, giving them to seclusion and comfort they need while they reside at your establishment. Creative decorative film options are available for improving guest experience, promoting upcoming events, or paid sponsorship opportunities.

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Window Tinting Advantages for San Antonio Bars, Clubs, & Restaurants

San Antonio bars, clubs, and restaurants can heighten guest experience with privacy window tinting. Everyone feels more comfortable dancing, drinking, and enjoying themselves knowing no onlookers can observe from the outside of your establishment. Decorative film can also serve as branding and marketing opportunities, setting your business aside from the others. Security film is always a great investment, providing comprehensive protection even when you’re not present.

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Window Tinting Options for San Antonio Retail & Storefronts

Protect your investments with UV blocking window tinting– prevent UV radiation from irreversibly damaging merchandise, display products, flooring, and employees. Security film is also a wonderful addition to San Antonio retail and storefronts, deterring smash-and-grab robberies and break-ins. Decorative film can be utilized for enhanced brand visibility, regional sales, upcoming events, and more.

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Window Film Opportunities for San Antonio Hospitals & Healthcare

San Antonio hospitals and healthcare centers can defend their patients and staff with security film. Mitigate broken glass hazards after natural disasters, explosions, gunfire, and other threats. Daylight redirecting film is a great investment that has been proven to decrease patient recovery times, improve staff morale, and lower hospital lighting costs. Decorative film can help stimulate patient and staff by boosting morale as well– decorative film is a great addition to kid areas, gift shops, cafeterias, and more.

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San Antonio Stadiums & Arenas Window Film Benefits

Security film, including specialty bomb blast and ballistic-resistant films, can help save thousands of lives under any threat-related circumstance. Decorative film can help San Antonio stadiums and arenas promote upcoming events, utilize paid sponsorships, and much more through custom building wraps and interior surface films. Anti-graffiti film is a great addition to any area of your property that is prone to graffiti and vandalism.

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San Antonio Public & Government Building Window Tinting Applications

Many of the public and government buildings are located in historic buildings in San Antonio, often requiring window replacement. Energy efficient film can relieve those high energy bills while concealing outdated or damaged windows. Security film can help protect employees and building guests from numerous threats that can present themselves at anytime. Glare reduction film can promote improved workspace comfort and productivity.

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San Antonio Mass Transit Systems Window Tinting Options

Anti-graffiti film is a great way to preserve expensive surfaces while promoting a clean, professional image to customers. Decorative film can be applied throughout San Antonio transit systems promoting paid sponsorships and advertising. Security film can really help protect the hundreds of people and staff members that rely on public transit.

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San Antonio Schools & Universities Window Tinting Opportunities 

Security film is gaining more and more popularity among San Antonio schools and universities due to its effectiveness and attractive price point. Defend students and teachers from gunfire, explosions, natural disasters, and more. Daylight redirecting film promotes improved student test scores, lowered absentee rates, in addition to lowered lighting costs. Energy efficient film can also help schools stay on budget by alleviating high energy costs.

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San Antonio Convention Centers & Theaters Window Film Applications

San Antonio convention centers and theaters can improve guest experience with energy efficient window film. Save money while providing a comfortable environment for your guests and performers. Decorative film, including exterior building wraps and interior promotional film, can promote upcoming events. Security film protects building occupants and valuables from the unknown.

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Window Film Options for San Antonio Jails & Prisons

San Antonio jails and prisons can save money and improve comfort with energy efficient window film. Daylight redirecting film can also help save on lighting costs while promoting better morale among inmates and staff. Security film can help keep prisoners in while protecting them and staff members from natural disasters, break-ins, explosions, and more.

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Window Tinting Advantages for San Antonio Museums, Galleries, & Libraries

San Antonio museums, galleries, and libraries can utilize security film to protect investments from smash-and-grab robberies, break-ins, and more. UV blocking window film is a necessary investment in order to defend art, books, and other valuables from permanent sun damage. Decorative film can be utilized to creatively curate art, promote upcoming events, and much more.

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Featuring Safety and Security Films in San Antonio

Choose the San Antonio Window Tinting Contractor You Can Trust

When it comes to window tinting, experience matters. The contractor that you choose to work with should be a company that you feel you can trust and has a good reputation within the community. At Scottish Window Tinting, we pride ourselves in providing an exceptional experience for our clients both in the quality of the work we conduct and our attention to customer service.

Over the ten years that we’ve been in business, we’ve completed hundreds of installs in the San Antonio area and have built an extensive network of satisfied customers. We promise that if you choose to work with us as your preferred San Antonio tinting contractor, you won’t be disappointed. Our A+ rating with the BBB and recognition as a Vista Dealer of the Year are evidence of our commitment to quality and service. When it to matters related to tinting, we’re more than experts; we’re the top of our class.

When you choose us, you’ll get access to:

  • The largest inventory of window film and tinting products in the San Antonio area
  • A dedicated project manager who will answer any questions you have and keep you informed during the entire process
  • Trusted brands of window film like 3M, LLumar, Vista, and more
  • A team of qualified professionals who have decades of industry experience
  • Competitive pricing that aligns with your budget

The Most Diverse Selection of Window Film Brands in the San Antonio Area

vkool-window-film-san antonio

V-Kool is a perfect investment for San Antonio properties due to the excessive amount of heat and sun these homes and businesses endure. Save money on energy costs while defending your property with V-Kool window films.


llumar-window-film-san antonio

Llumar is a popular choice among San Antonio residential projects, providing money-saving solutions and other benefits. Improve interior comfort with Llumar window tinting solutions.


sun-tek-window-film-san antonio

SunTek delivers high solar rejection and UV protection for San Antonio residential and commercial properties. Enjoy a comfortable living or working space all year-round.


cbond-glass-strengthening san antonio

C-Bond is a premium glass strengthening agent we utilize in all window film projects for quicker cure and install times in addition to improved glass shatter resistance. C-Bond makes ballistic-resistant and bomb blast security film projects throughout San Antonio possible.


hd-clear-decorative-window-film-san antonio

HDClear provides endless creative direction for San Antonio businesses and homes alike to improve decor, comfort, advertising, and branding. HDClear is the industry leader in decorative film solutions.


graffiti-shield-window-film-san antonio

Graffiti Shield can help San Antonio commercial property owners save drastically on vandalism repair and replacement costs. Graffiti Shield’s anti-graffiti surface films can mimic any smooth, nonporous surface.


solar-gard-window-film-san antonio

Solar Gard delivers high performing sun and UV protection for San Antonio homes and offices. Experience optimal energy efficiency and fade protection with Solar Gard window tinting.


madico-window-films-san antonio

Madico helps San Antonio commercial properties with a plethora of issues with industry-specific specialty architectural films. Madico delivers a comprehensive selection of commercial and residential solutions.


3M-window-films-san antonio

3M provides innovative window film solutions designed to help both San Antonio residential and commercial properties. From daylight redirecting to beautiful decorative films, 3M can enhance any space.

3M_ Difference_Window_Films_Flyer_San_Antonio

huper-optik-window-film-san antonio

Huper Optik offers highly sustainable film options that help San Antonio property owners save considerably. Huper Optik addresses many of the weather concerns facing Texas homes and businesses.


san antonio vista-window-film-

Vista always remains a popular choice for San Antonio homes and offices, offering solar control with enhanced window aesthetics. Vista delivers great energy savings in addition to other wonderful benefits.


sunscape-window-tinting-san antonio

Sunscape specializes in high heat climate areas, offering San Antonio residents proper escape from the Texas sun. Sunscape provides high performing solar and UV protection for residential and commercial buildings.


San Antonio Neighborhoods and Texas Regions We Serve

San Antonio Neighborhoods

Scottish Window Tinting is proud to serve all San Antonio neighborhoods with residential and commercial window film services. Some of the many neighborhoods we serve include: Pearl, SoBro, Broadway Cultural Corridor, King William, Southtown, South Flores, Missions, South, Eastside, Sunset Station, Dignowity, Northwest, Alamo Ranch, Westside, Deco District, Monticello, La Cantera, Stone Oak, Northeast, Morgan’s Wonderland, Monte Vista, Alta Vista, Olmos Park, Alamo Heights, Downtown, and more. Contact us if you have any questions regarding the San Antonio neighborhoods we serve!

san antonio texas window tinting contractor

Texas Regions

Scottish Window Tinting extends our services across the great state of Texas, providing our premier window film services to other cities and regions including:

  • Dallas
  • Fort Worth
  • Arlington
  • Austin
  • Round Rock

If you don’t see your city listed here, simply give us a call or contact us! We’d be happy to see if we can work on your next window film project with you!

San Antonio Window Tinting Portfolio

del frisco san antonio commercial window film contractor

Featured Commercial Project

Del Frisco’s steak house in San Antonio experienced years of wear-and-tear on all of their metal surfaces in their kitchen. Due to their open kitchen concept, guests could see the poor condition of these surfaces, taking away from their high-end image. Del Frisco’s contacted Scottish looking for a cost-effective solution that would allow them to enhance these surfaces without replacement. We were able to install a surface film from Graffiti Shield that mimics the appearance of metal while concealing damage and protecting from new scratches. With a clean, professional look to their kitchen, Del Frisco’s was happy with their results. As the trusted window film company, we offer several commercial solutions for your needs.

san antonio home window film contractor

Featured Residential Project

The Williams recently purchased a beautiful new construction home in the San Antonio area. Their home unfortunately didn’t have much shade on the property, making their south facing windows extremely difficult to bear. Having issues with both energy efficiency and glare, the Williams contacts Scottish for affordable solutions. We were able to install a residential energy efficient window film that helped lower their energy costs, make their home more comfortable all year round, and also reduced glare so that they could better enjoy family movie nights.

San Antonio Window Film FAQ

Have questions about window tinting? We’re here to help! Below, we’ve provided some answers to frequently asked questions that you may find useful for your upcoming project.

Believe it or not, it’s one of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of glass without replacing it. Window film not only works, but it’s also much cheaper than double pane windows.

Every project has a budget. But just because a contractor offers their services for cheap doesn’t mean they’re the right one for the job. We encourage all of our customers to shop around and do their research. Read reviews, ask for references, and check the BBB website to get more info about the company.

Yes, though we don’t recommend doing it on your own. Having a professional do the work will ensure that all residue is removed completely. This way, your windows will be clear and damage-free and a new film can be installed with ease if you choose to do so.

Every project is different. However, generally speaking, the cost is determined by the cost of the product itself, the square footage of the glass, and the labor required for installation. Window films themselves usually run about $4-24 per square foot depending on the product.

Nothing much. Making sure the area is accessible and clutter-free is always helpful. But we’ll take care of the rest. This includes cleaning and prepping your windows for installation.

San Antonio Window Tinting & Film Blogs

Want to know about how your San Antonio home or business can benefit from window film? Just give us a call. We’ll be more than happy to give you more information about our products and installation services.