Mirror and Metal Restoration for Austin

Mirror and Metal Restoration Gives Austin Businesses a Clean, Polished Appearance

Prevent your business from looking old and worn down with mirror and metal restoration. Austin is known for being extremely clean and eco conscious, so the appearance of graffiti in your business can make it seem out of touch and out of place with the local mentality. With mirror and metal restoration, you can eliminate any existing marks or scratches in your building, giving it a professional, polished appearance that’s coherent with the city vibes. In addition, our surface films cost only a fraction of the price of replacement and can also protect your place from damage that could occur in the future, making them a long-term solution to your maintenance situation.

Applications for Mirror and Metal Restoration

Commercial and Residential Property Protection

Protect your property and reputation by giving your business the defense it needs to combat vandalism. Our surface films can restore the metal fixtures and appliances in your building at a cost friendly rate. They can be made custom to order and are perfect for applying to elevators, escalators, metal signs, and display cases. Mirror and metal restoration is a smart choice for apartment buildings, retail outlets, and other commercial buildings.

Bus Stops, Light Rail Stations, and Transit Systems

Mirror and metal restoration can repair damaged metal panels and surfaces at stopways and in transit vehicles with affordability and ease. At Scottish Window Tinting, we work with anti graffiti film to restore surfaces that have been scratched, painted, or marked and give them a fresh, new appearance. Our surface films are designed to not only cover up existing graffiti, but also protect the underlying surface from damage, making them a long term solution.

School Restroom Partitions and Mirrors

Due to their discreet and private nature, bathrooms in schools, universities, and education facilities are a target for vandalism. With mirror and metal restoration, you can keep the bathrooms in your Austin school looking new and sparkling clean. Our surface films can cover up any signs of scratching, etching, or corrosion on your bathroom stalls and mirrors. That way, your staff and students can have a clean, and safe looking learning environment.

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