High quality film for Flat & Automotive glass


Llumar has provided a wide array of innovative window film products intended to protect property and make homes and commercial spaces more energy efficient, safer, and more beautiful – for over 55 years.

Llumar offers products for homeowners, architects and designers, commercial building owners, and even car owners.

Llumar Architectural Energy Saving Window Films

Lower energy costs

Saves homeowners up to 40% on energy costs and providing annual savings up to 15% in commercial buildings.

Block UV

Block UV rays that can lead to the advent of disease and cause interiors to fade. Also cuts glare.

A Solid Investment

Lowers carbon footprint by reducing energy consumption. An investment with an excellent ROI.

Llumar Security Films

Invisible Defense

Create clear or tinted barrier that bonds to the glass.

Mitigate Damage

Holds glass in place during storms or other acts of nature, vandalism attempts, break ins, explosions, etc.

No Shrapnel

Reduces danger from broken or flying glass in case of impact.

Llumar iLLusions Decorative Window Films

Get the Look

Gives appearance of frosted or expensive etched glass, without actually replacing glass.

Many options

Available in patterns, colors and textures for privacy and elegance.

Mix it up

Easily removed and replaced for a new upgraded look. Affordable and durable .

Llumar Automotive Films

Heat Defense

Blocks heat gain, leaving vehicle cooler, and stops UV rays that cause skin damage right through the windows.

Autobody Shield

Protects vehicle paint job from road debris, dings, chemicals, salt corrosion.

Maintain Value

Preserves the value of your vehicle and keeps vehicle looking new, inside and out.

How can Llumar window film benefit your home, business or automobile? Get in touch with one of our window film experts today to learn more about all of our amazing window film products.

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