Window Film for Ogden, Utah

Ogden has an environmentally savvy and energy conscious population along with a proclivity towards using large windows in homes, offices and government buildings. Ogden is known to have very dry and hot summers with the average temperature reaching 95 degrees. With large buildings from Webster State University to the MarketStar head quarters, Ogden is an ideal city to for looking into window tinting.

Ogden Downtown

Ogden Residences

Window tinting offers residents throughout the Salt Lake City area the ability to cut their annual electricity bills by up to an astonishing 50% while simultaneously protecting their hardwood floors, carpets, furniture, and art. This is a home improvement investment that can pay for itself quickly, then the savings are yours for years to come. While the direct, measurable benefits of window tinting to most homeowners comes in the reduction of cooling costs, over the years many home owners also see ancillary benefits from the UV protection that extends the life of their hardwood floors, carpets, and furniture. Scottish Window Tinting proudly serves the greater Salt Lake City residences large and small with only the top of the line window film and tinting products!

Ogden Commercial Spaces

Scottish Window Tinting provides commercial clients across Ogden with a wide range of Enerlogic Window Films to commercial clients from office parks to warehouses as a means of lowering their energy costs. Commercial clients can also benefits from decorative window film for their retail locations, privacy film for interior office spaces, and even anti graffiti and anti theft film products. Perfect for malls, retail shops, car dealers, historic homes and landmarks, office parks, museums and more. The City & County of Ogden has already benefited from installation of window film on various municipal buildings as well as offices through out the area.

Scottish is proud to provide window film in all 50 states if the project can justify one of our installers traveling to install the film. Window film must be installed professionally so we are unable to just send clients the film. We also must install it. If you have a larger project of 500 square feet or more this is never an issue. For smaller projects we may be able to help but if we can’t then we will find someone for you to work with locally.