Solar Gard

Solar Gard, Sustainable Films for the Future Focused Mind


The world as we know it is changing rapidly. Natural resources have depleted dramatically from time and the heavy consumption of humankind. As energy sources become more scarce, costs rise, creating an unpleasant paradox for families and businesses dependent on them. That’s why more and more people are installing Solar Gard window film. Solar Gard is one of the most trusted manufacturers in the business. As part of the efforts of Saint-Gobain, for the past several years Solar Gard films have been leading the way towards a more energy efficient future for the world. Solar Gard provides up to 79% heat rejection, allowing you to transform your building into an eco friendly space and experience a reduction in your energy costs by nearly 30%.

Silver Series

Solar Defense

Solar Gard Silver films are constructed using innovative technology that sputters thin layers of precious metals onto their surface. This creates a reflective appearance that rejects heat while still maintaining a high level of clarity. The Silver series also blocks out 99.9% of harmful UV rays that cause fading and skin disease. In addition to their energy saving and UV blocking benefits, Silver films are highly popular among architects and interior designers due to their sleek, modernized appearance.

Silver AG Series

Low-E Insulation

The Silver AG Series achieves all the benefits of Silver films with the added luxury of low-e insulation. The low-emissivity of Silver AG films allow them to keep heat in place during chilling winter months, making them ideal for dual climate regions. They also provide for up to 77% solar heat rejection during the summer, which combined with winter savings, creates an astonishingly quick return on investment.

ULR Low Reflectivity

Optimal Clarity

Due to their incredibly clarity and low reflectance, ULR Low Reflectivity films offer the ideal solution for storefronts, malls, window displays, and residential properties. Unlike their counterparts, ULR films are made without metal particles which gives them a clear, neutral appearance. They allow for up to 73% visible light transmission while still rejecting up to 50% of solar energy.

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