Bomb Blast

Ultimate protection for the most dire situations

The world is not always flowers and rainbows. In the 21st century, terrorist attacks, shootings, bombings and even massive extreme weather events are all too common an occurrence, particularly in highly populated areas and cities that house government and corporate headquarters. While we don’t have the solution to world peace in our inventory, we do offer highly advanced security window film systems, which offer maximum security enhancements for buildings and spaces that could be targeted by destructive forces.

If you own or manage a government building, large corporate space, public building or airport, our highly advanced security film systems might be the disaster preparedness solution you need.

Impact Protection Systems

Window film impact protection systems work two fold to help mitiagate the damaging effects of high pressure impacts on windows. First, high grade secuirty window film is placed on existing windows, bonding glass plates together. Next, an attachment system like the one pictured above is installed to the the filmed glass. The attachment arm bonds window panes firmly yet flexibly to the inside of their frame, assuring that even the most extreme impacts will not rupture glass.

Disaster Preparedness

Security window film impact protection systems can help your commercial space be prepared for even the very worst terrorist attack or extreme natural disaster. Broken glass shards can quickly turn into deadly shrapnel when impacted with a tremendous force, so don't take chances. Bomb blast impact systems can save the lives of hundreds and mitigate collateral damage to property in dire circumstances. We highly recommend this film to airports, government buildings, and any corporate spaces in areas where disasters like earthquakes, hurricanes, tornados or giant monster attacks are common.

If your commercial space is in need of maximum security upgrades for their windows, than call Scottish Window Tinting today to speak to a window film expert about bomb blast impact protection systems.