Anti-Graffiti Window Film

Is Graffiti an Issue in Your Neighborhood?

Scottish Window Tinting is pleased to offer a cutting edge solution to the old school problem of unwanted graffiti defacing your building’s windows or glass doors. Anti Graffiti window film offers business owners and commercial building owners the opportunity to enhance the value of their prime location by easily and inexpensively protecting their large display windows from graffiti, tagging, etc. This type of window film is particularly useful for retail businesses in inner city or downtown areas that are prone to vandalism.

Check out Anti-Graffiti Window Film in action!

The Benefits

Diverse Protection

Protect your windows from old school and new school vandalism techniques, including spray paint, scratches, sharpie, and even highly destructive acid etching.

Easy to Install & Replace

Quickly remove and replace anti-graffiti glass film after it has been tagged. Replacing film is over 10x cheaper than replacing actual glass, which can save business owners thousands of dollars.

How It Works


How It Works

Anti-Graffiti window film is designed to be applied to the exterior surface of new or un-vandalized glass, and prevents surfaces from being scratched or destroyed by tagging. The film is virtually undetectable. It bonds firmly with the window, so that it may not be removed by a vandal, but it is gentle enough that it can be removed and replaced by one of our window film technicians without damaging the glass at all.

The Graffiti Shield Advantage

Benefit Details

At Scottish Window film, we proudly supply Graffiti-Shield Anti Graffiti products, including Glass Shield, Metal Shield and Mirror Shield. For more about Metal and Mirror Shield, click here.

Graffiti Shield’s unique technology was engineered with the modern vandal in mind. Unlike other films which only defend against scratches and spray paint, Glass Shield Window Films protect against acid etching. Acid etching is a rather nasty form of vandalism, where by vandals create tags on surfaces by utilizing screwdriver or drill like tools dipped in a mixture of acidic chemicals, which corrode the surface of glass in seconds and makes a deeper, more intense scratch in a surface which is quite impossible to remove. The special compounds used to create all Graffiti Shield films are impervious to acid etching techniques, rendering once deadly compounds completely innocuous when it touches the glass. Glass shield films are far superior to all other Anti-Graffiti films on the market with the power to withstand every modern vandalism technique.

Anti-Graffiti window film are a great solution for business owners seeking a solution which will provide serious protection for their windows and keep their store fronts looking beautiful and free of unsightly vandalism. For more information on this and other window film solutions, click below to request a quote.