Window Film for Offices

Office Window Film For Energy Efficiency, Blocking UV Rays, Security and More

Office buildings of all shapes and sizes can benefit from a simple, cost-effective window film upgrade. Window film can be applied to the exterior of offices to add a subtle and sophisticated tinted finish and improve energy effiency. Custom frosted films and even decorative films can be applied to interior glass surfaces for a snazzy look that greatly improves privacy. Want to learn more? Check out this nifty video!

Security Film

In a high crime neighborhood, a security window film might be the perfect choice. Security window films prevent windows from shattering in the event of an impact by bonding glass fragments together. For superior security and protection we cary 3M security window film attachment systems, which are designed to hold window panes inside their frames in the case of an extreme impact.

Energy Saving

If your office space has large windows, a large amount of your expensive heat may be lost through the glass in the winter. Similarly, regular glass lets in the heat of the sun along with an uncomfortable glare all summer, so your air conditioning costs could be exorbitant. Installing energy saving window film could lower your utility bills so dramatically that the investment will pay for itself in two or three years.

Privacy & Style

If your office has large, fishbowl conference rooms, tall glass doors, or glass-topped cubicles, frosted or custom decorative films might be the solution your company needs to create private spaces without breaking the bank. Frosted films, such as the one pictured above, mimic the appearance of frosted glass, and can be designed to replicate any number of interesting frosted patterns, finishes, and colors, for a totally customized look.

If you would like to speak with someone directly about how window film can benefit your office building or office space, please contact Scottish Window Tinting today.