Drywired Liquid NanoTint

A Powerful Clear Coating for Windows that Blocks Heat, Glare & UV Radiation

drywired liquid nanotint

Liquid Nanotint is Drywired’s powerful solar control solution for commercial and residential buildings. Clear, solar rejecting liquid solution bonds directly to glass, levels out, and creates a 10 micron thick coat that defends properties and people against uv radiation, intense heat, and distracting glare.

Revolutionary for its high heat rejection and clear appearance, Liquid NanoTint achieves what traditional window tint cannot by blocking solar rays while maintaining perfect clarity and maximum VLT. Apply this solution to bent glass, skylights, or other difficult-to-reach areas for comprehensive protection against outdoor conditions.

Liquid NanoTint Benefits

Control Energy Use

Limits the amount of energy that buildings consume by blocking heat and allowing internal cooling systems to operate more efficiently

Maximize Light

Creates a welcoming ambiance and conserves electricity by providing an alternative to artificial light exposing interiors to natural sun

Provides comfort

Liquid NanoTint stabilizes room temperatures to create a more comfortable environment for work and living

Rapid Installation

Fast 14 day cure time provides a quick solar control solution for remodels and new construction

Versatile Application

Liquid application makes it easy to install on a variety of surfaces, including bent, raised, and textured glass

Clear Uv Protection

Deflects 99.9% of UV radiation, and protects against the sun without changing the color or clarity of glass

How Liquid NanoTint Works

Liquid NanoTint proves that there is power in being different. Liquid Nanotint’s unique liquid composition allows it to provide many of the same benefits of traditional window films while facilitating easy installation and maintaining optimal glass clarity.

Application – Windows are cleaned and primed. Nanotint is applied like paint using a roller and allowed to set. Since the liquid is self-leveling, installers need not worry about the uneven application. Liquid NanoTint naturally creates an even, consistent 10-micron thick coat that bonds to glass.

Curing – NanoTint is allowed to dry and set. After 14 days, the thermal coating achieves full clarity and the normal appearance of the glass is restored.

Protection – After NanoTint is fully cured, its heat-blocking powers are 100% functional. Metal-oxide nano particles work 24 hours a day to reject infrared heat, glare, and ultraviolet radiation. NanoTint lasts for up to 10 years and does not crack, peel, or deteriorate like traditional film.

Get a clear, long-lasting solution to your energy efficiency issue that’s guaranteed to put your worries to rest. Call Scottish Window Tinting today to learn more about the benefits of Liquid NanoTint for your home or business.