Window Film In Topeka, KS

topeka window tinting

If you live in or have visited Topeka, you already know that it is a thriving community.  We have beautiful weather in Fall and Spring and plenty of activities like Downtown Jazz & Food Truck Festival, and Tulip Time Festival  Beyond that, there are so many lovely neighborhoods like Westboro, East End, College Hill.   It is for these reasons, and many more, that we, at Scottish Window Tinting, are proud to serve the residents and Topeka’s homes and businesses as window film installers and see the lives of the great people of Topeka made that much better with the benefits window tinting provides.

The benefits of window film for Topeka are far-reaching and more copious than you may think:

  • Window Film For Privacy:  At home or in the office, window film is a way to give your family or employees as little or as much privacy as they need.  This makes your home safer and your office more productive
  • Window Film For Energy Savings: Utility bills in Kansas get high in the summer and winter due to the sometimes inclement weather.  Window film can reduce these type of costs by over 20%!
  • Window Film For UV Protection:  The harmful rays of the sun are bad for people’s skin and fade furniture and untreated glass windows do nothing to stop them!  Window film blocks 99.9% of these rays and acts as an SPF 1000
  • Window Film For Security:  Windows treated with window film can, in some cases, be used as a substitute for safety glass.  This means the glass is not penetrated even after it shatters and several blows. This also makes your home or office more impervious to theft.
  • Window Film For Glare Reduction:  The glare in the afternoon here in Topeka is incredibly intense and has a tendency to leave some rooms useless.  Window film stops the glare and evens out temperatures so you can use any room in your home or office comfortably and glare-free.


If you would like to learn more about our window film for your Topeka home or office or are ready for pricing and an onsite consultation contact us at Scottish Window Tinting today!  We serve the Kansas and Missouri areas and would be happy to work with you!