Convention Centers & Theaters

Custom film solutions for convention centers and theatres

Commercial window films offer a wide array of benefits to convention centers and theaters, from decorative, to bird-strike prevention, to enhanced security. There are even anti-graffiti films for glass, mirrors, and metal surfaces that will keep property protected from vandalism. If you own or manage a convention center in a downtown area, then read on to find out how window film from Scottish Window Tinting can help enhance, enliven, and protect you staff and patrons.

Custom Decorative Windows

With decorative films, any glass surface can be transformed, adding color, pattern, or style at an affordable cost. With customized decorative films, convention centers and theaters can engage visitors with custom messages, unique decorative elements, and even way finding signage.

Window & Surface Defense

With our line of anti-graffiti films, windows, mirrors, and metal partitions/walls/signs/vending machines, etc. can be protected from the ravages of graffiti. If the surface has already been destroyed, adding an anti-graffiti film will cover the damage, leaving the property again looking as new.

Save the Birds

So many convention centers have massive glass walls which are prime targets for tragic bird strikes. Save the birds and save your windows with fritted (and stylish) bird-strike prevention films, at a fraction of the cost of replacing your windows and glass walls.

From downtown Denver to downtown Dallas and everything in between, custom window film solutions can help protect and decorate any convention center or theatre. If you’d like to learn more, contact Scottish Window Tinting today!