Security Window Film

Security Window Films provide unparalleled safety and security

Security window film provides the ability to easily and inexpensively protect valuables from the threat of burglars, natural disasters, or freak accidents. Security film installed on the windows of your place business, particularly ground floor windows, can give you peace of mind. For business owners in big cities, neighborhoods with high crime rates, or for those who will be away from their establishment for extended periods of time, security film will provide security whether or not you are present at the time of an attack or accident.

Security Window Film Benefits

Natural Disaster Defense

Protect your assets from the worst nature has to offer with our comprehensive safety and security window film options. Defend against high impact events like natural disasters and severe weather by preventing glass hazards that can pose considerable harm and damage. Security film provides invisible protection and lasts the lifetime of your windows.

Break-In Protection

Stop intruders and burglars dead in their tracks with our break-in resistant security window film. Security window film works by adding a thick, durable layer of protection to the most vulnerable areas of your property. By reinforcing your existing glass, your windows are capable of absorbing high impact shockwaves and mitigating broken glass hazards. Intruders have a significantly more difficult time gaining access to your property, giving building occupants the precious time needed to better hide or escape. The loud commotion created by an intruder trying to enter your property through security film-installed glass is often deterrent enough for preventing them to act further.

Accident Prevention

Accidents happen, security window film can help minimize the negative impacts they can have on whoever is involved. In addition to vandalism, break-in, and natural disaster protection, safety and security window film also protects you and your property from freak accidents. Keep building occupants safe with this passive 24/7 security system that offers additional accident and weather protection.

How It Works

security window film

How It Works

This kind of window film is completely different than the energy savings “green” kind most businesses are familiar with. Security film contains a tough, break-in resistant polyester material that attaches to windows and holds the glass together even when the window is completely shattered. Therefore, if someone is attempting to break in through a window or glass door, even though they can actually damage the glass itself, the polyester web that has been fused to it keeps the glass in place and prevents any of the pieces from falling to the ground. So not only will a vandal be thwarted, there will be no dangerous glass fragments to sweep up either. The removal and replacement of the broken window will be much easier and less messy.

Benefit Details

Break-In Protection –  

Natural Disaster Defense – 

Accident Prevention –

Vandalism Protection –

24/7 Invisible Protection –

Energy Efficient, UV Protection, & Privacy Options Available –

Benefit Details

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Comprehensive Safety and Security Window Film Options

We’ve partnered with all the leading security window film manufacturers including LLumar, Vista, and more to provide residential and commercial property owners with premium security solutions. Choose from exclusive security options that include additional window film benefits like energy efficiency, UV protection, privacy, and even decorative. We utilize proprietary C-Bond technology for every security film project to optimize the strength and flexibility of your existing glass. C-Bond improves adhesion and enhances any window film product, helping better reinforce your windows for maximum protection.

Security Film for Commercial Properties

commercial security window film

Invest in the ultimate smash-and-grab defense for your commercial property. Security window film offers a comprehensive security solution for defending against robberies, break-ins, smash-and-grabs, natural disasters, vandalism, freak accidents, and more. Enjoy peace of mind knowing your property is protected even when you’re not there. Security film protects building occupants from broken glass hazards, helping minimize your liability and create safer cleanups. With security film, glass fragments are bonded together within the frame which limits operational downtime after an event.

Security Film for Residential Properties

residential security window film

Keep your loved ones safe with this invisible, passive 24/7 security system. Safety and security window film provides extensive protection for home invasions, burglaries, severe weather, natural disasters, vandalism, accidents, and more. With leading energy-efficient security film options available, homeowners can save money on energy costs while keeping their homes safe. In the event of a break-in, security film provides you with the precious time you and your family needs to better hide or escape until the police arrive.

The Ultimate Home Security Solution

Learn more about how security window film can keep you and your loved ones safe. Protect home valuables, defend against severe weather conditions, and gain access to a comprehensive safety and security solution for your property.

Safety and Security Window Film Resources

LLumar Clear Safety and Security Window Film

Security bars are unsightly and unideal for any property, showcasing your security concerns to any guest. Gain invisible protection with these optically clear security film options without obstructing your view.

LLumar Clear Security Window Film Specs

LLumar Solar Safety and Security Window Film

Windows are vulnerable to break-ins, harmful UV rays, and solar heat. LLumar’s solar safety and security films provide a triple threat against these threats so that property owners don’t have to make any sacrifices for leading protection.

LLumar Solar Safety and Security Window Film Specs

LLumar Exterior Safety and Security Window Film

Exterior security films deliver the same incredible benefits of defending against natural disasters, break-ins, and freak accidents. They’re designed specifically for properties that have no access to interior window surfaces. Enjoy a shatter-resistant option for better glass performance in high-impact circumstances.

LLumar Exterior Safety and Security Window Film Specs

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