Security Window Film

Security Window Films provide unparalleled safety and security

Security window film provides businesses the ability to easily and inexpensively protect their clients and valuables from the threat of burglars, natural disasters, or freak accidents. Security film installed on the windows of your place business, particularly ground floor windows, can give you peace of mind. For business owners in big cities, neighborhoods with high crime rates, or for those who will be away from their establishment for extended periods of time, security film will provide security whether or not you are present at the time of an attack or accident.

The Benefits

Break-In Protection

Stop intruders and burglars dead in their tracks with our break-in resistant Security Window Film.

Natural Disaster Defense

Protect your assets from the worst nature has to offer with our Security Window Film.

Accident Prevention

Accidents happen, Security Window Film can help minimize the negative impacts they can have on whoever is involved.

How It Works

security window film

How It Works

This kind of window film is completely different than the energy savings “green” kind most businesses are familiar with. Security film contains a tough, break-in resistant polyester material that attaches to windows and holds the glass together even when the window is completely shattered. Therefore, if someone is attempting to break in through a window or glass door, even though they can actually damage the glass itself, the polyester web that has been fused to it keeps the glass in place and prevents any of the pieces from falling to the ground. So not only will a vandal be thwarted, there will be no dangerous glass fragments to sweep up either. The removal and replacement of the broken window will be much easier and less messy.

Benefit Details

theft prevention window film

Benefit Details

Break-In Protection-  

Natural Disaster Defense – 

Accident Prevention –

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