Whiteboard film provides customers with a blank canvas for innovation and organization

Even in these days of high tech devices, the humble whiteboard can still be the most effective way of presenting a message to an audience.

Introducing 3M Whiteboard Films, the preferred choice for architects, teachers, presenters, and anyone who needs a permanent whiteboard surface or projection screen of any size, that is easy to keep clean and always looks professional.

3M™ Whiteboard Films are applied to flat, smooth surfaces, with a unique bonding material that adheres well. Don’t be limited by the size of whiteboards found in the office supply store. Now, create the size of whiteboard that you need in a school, day care, university, corporate conference or room, hotel meeting room, etc.

whiteboard window films

Projection Capabilities

3M Projection Screen Whiteboard Film: this matte white film is made from sturdy PVC and allows for good viewing of the projection from any angle. As opposed to a heavy, hanging projection screen or whiteboard that needs to be nailed to a wall or held up on an easel, the film can be applied to a any smooth wall or partition. It saves valuable office or classroom space and fades into the background to become just another part of the office space when not in use.

Maintainance Made Easy

Used with regular whiteboard markers, these films allow you to write, draw, and easily remove what you’ve done with no color residue blurring the surface over time. We recommend cleaning the whiteboard film with gentle detergent and a soft cloth. Recommended for use with standard water based whiteboard markers which can easily be erased.

For more information about 3M Whiteboard Films, please contact Scottish Window Tinting today. We can give you a free quote for whiteboard film installation in the size you require and set up an appointment with one of our professional installers.