Whiteboard Film

Whiteboard film provides a blank canvas for innovation and organization

Even in these days of high tech devices, the humble whiteboard can still be the most effective way of presenting a message to an audience.

Introducing 3M Whiteboard Films, the preferred choice for architects, teachers, presenters, and anyone who needs a permanent whiteboard surface or projection screen of any size, that is easy to keep clean and always looks professional.

3M™ Whiteboard Films are applied to flat, smooth surfaces, with a unique bonding material that adheres well. Don’t be limited by the size of whiteboards found in the office supply store. Now, create the size of whiteboard that you need in a school, day care, university, corporate conference or room, hotel meeting room, etc.

dry erase writable window films

The Benefits

Writable Surface

Turn any wall into a writable surface with whiteboard film. Whiteboard film provides an easy way to increase engagement and make meetings, presentations, and lessons more interactive. These window films can be applied to any flat surface including desks, conference room walls, windows, and more.

Projection Capabilities

3M Projection Screen Whiteboard Film is a matte white film is made from sturdy PVC and allows for good viewing of the projection from any angle. As opposed to a heavy, hanging projection screen or whiteboard that needs to be nailed to a wall or held up on an easel, the film can be applied to a any smooth wall or partition. It saves valuable office or classroom space and fades into the background to become just another part of the office space when not in use.

Maintainance Made Easy

Used with regular whiteboard markers, these films allow you to write, draw, and easily remove what you’ve done with no color residue blurring the surface over time. We recommend cleaning the whiteboard film with gentle detergent and a soft cloth. Recommended for use with standard water based whiteboard markers which can easily be erased.

How It Works

whiteboard film dry erase

Whiteboard film is an innovative product that instantly transforms flat surfaces into writable areas. These window films are specially designed so that they can be used safely with dry erase markers without leaving residue or damage behind. Whatever is written on their surface will only be displayed on one side. This makes them ideal for glass walls in conference rooms and exterior windows in office buildings. While traditional dry erase boards are thick, heavy, and bulk, whiteboard films take up minimal space, creating a more attractive, modernized look. They are also non-permanent so you don’t have to worry about drilling holes into the wall like you would with a traditional whiteboard. This product is a great tool for organizing your space and increasing interaction and engagement.

Benefit Details

dry erase film for glass

Experience the benefits of whiteboard film for your office, classroom, or commercial space. Whiteboard films are a great investment that offer numerous benefits for any learning or business environment!

No Wall Damage – Traditional whiteboards are actually quite heavy. Usually, they have to be installed directly into the wall using large screws or concrete anchors. This results in permanent damage to drywall. It also places limitations on where you can install your whiteboard, since you cannot drill into certain surfaces. Whiteboard film, on the other hand, can be installed on any flat surface without damaging the area beneath.

One Way Visibility – Whiteboard films have one-way visibility. If you install them on a glass wall, exterior window, or room divider, you won’t have to worry about your writings being displayed on the other side. This results in a cleaner, more elegant aesthetic and a professional look overall.

Modern Aesthetic – Traditional whiteboards are thick and bulky. They take up a lot of space and also make the room look dated. Whiteboard films are much more modern looking and stylish. They lay flush with the wall, so that there’s no protrusion, creating a seamless, consistent look.

Multi-Surface – Our whiteboard films can be installed on any flat, hard surface. This includes glass, wood furniture, desks/tables, drywall, plaster, and other smooth, non-textured surfaces.

Featured Products

Solyx White Dry Erase Film for Glass

If you're looking for a premium quality dry-erase surface, look no further than Solyx White Dry Erase Film for Glass. This durable, modern-looking film is perfect for conference rooms, meeting areas, hallways, and more. Turn any glass area into a writeable, interactive surface!

3M™ DI-NOC™ Whiteboard Film

Achieve lasting durability and a flawless look with 3M™ DI-NOC™ Whiteboard Film. 3M™ DI-NOC™ Whiteboard Film facilitates creativity and collaboration by turning any surface into a writable area. This whiteboard film is stain and chemical resistant and is perfect for use in offices, schools, healthcare and other interior environments.

Solyx Chalkboard Black Film

Ditch the messy chalkboard paint and opt for an easier solution with Solyx Chalkboard Black Film. This beautiful writable film easily converts any flat surface into a chalkboard that can be wiped clean with a soft eraser or lint-free cloth.

Whiteboard Film Resources

whiteboard window film

Check out these resources for more information on our whiteboard film products:

  • DI-NOC-whiteboard-film-3m-spec-sheet: Get access to important technical information about 3M DI-NOC Whiteboard Film. This brochure provides many helpful details and insights including product benefits, stain resistance, performance, usage, application instructions, and more.
  • solyx-dry-erase-film: Learn all about Solyx Dry Erase Film for Glass! Here you will find tons of useful information including a detailed product description, fire ratings, and warranty details.
  • SX-7876ChalkboardBlack: Read all about Solyx Chalkboard Black Films. This brochure provides information about how to clean, install, and care for this product.

Whiteboard Film FAQs

Any dry erase marker is suitable for whiteboard film. Avoid using Sharpie and permanent marker. To clean the film, simply wipe off the surface with a soft cleaning cloth. Non-whiteboard cleaning wipes and flat erasers are not recommended. You may, however, use water and a mild detergent or a whiteboard cleaning spray to remove marker. Manufacturers recommend removing marker as soon as possible when it is no longer needed to preserve the beauty and longevity of the film.

We do not recommend attempting to install this product on your own. Wrinkles can be difficult to remove if the product is not installed correctly. Also, for whiteboard film, the seams need to very tight so that they do not accumulate ink. This is why professional installation is recommended.

Whiteboard film is better for writing on than an ordinary window because it is less porous. There is less chance of the ink seeping into the glass and getting stuck permanently. For this reason, it is also easier to clean. Dry erase marker can be easily removed using a soft cleaning cloth. Furthermore, whiteboard films are one-sided, making them more aesthetically pleasing. If you install the film on an exterior wall or conference room glass, you don’t have to worry about being able to see your writing from the other side. This results in a much more professional, aesthetically pleasing look.

Our writable window films are available in a variety of styles. This includes whiteboard film, clear dry erase, chalkboard black, dry erase etch, magnetic dry erase, and frosted dry erase films.

Yes! Whiteboard film can be installed on nearly any hard, flat surface. This includes glass walls, windows, and ordinary walls made from drywall or plaster.

For more information about 3M Whiteboard Films, please contact Scottish Window Tinting today. We can give you a free quote for whiteboard film installation in the size you require and set up an appointment with one of our professional installers.