Park City

Window Film for Park City, Utah

Although Park City is known as a ski town, it started out as a silver mining town in the 1860’s. A large part of Summit County’s residents reside in Park City, and its easy to see why with all the attractions and beautiful mountain scenery. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to add Park City as one of its newest service locations. Window film is available for both residential and commercial applications, with a multitude of amazing benefits.

Park City Utah Window Film

Window Film Benefits For Park City Homes

Window Film For Energy Savings

Park City is known not only for its snowy winters but also for its beautiful sunshine. These temperature extremes can cause energy costs to rise all year round. Energy efficient window film acts like an insulator during the cold winter months, blocking the heat from exiting through your windows. During the summer months, this same window film acts as a barrier for your windows, blocking the heat from coming in.

Window Film For Glare Reduction

Way up here in Park City, Utah, there is one thing we are all familar with and that is the intense glare of the high-altitude sun in the mostly in the late afternoon but any time of day for that matter. Window film allows you to take back the best rooms in your home that are sometimes too hot and painfully bright to use. The best part is, with window film you don’t lose the view of the beautiful mountain landscape you love so much!

Window Film For More Privacy

Even in a city the size of Park City, privacy can be an issue. We live in a great place and more people move here every day, building homes closer together and increasing the population density. Window film gives you many options for varying levels of privacy, from a little tint to slightly obscure the view to fully reflective finishes that hide everything from the eyes of those passing by, without hindering your view out at all.

Window Film For UV Protection

Many Park City homes and businesses have beautiful hardwood floors and furnishings that are susceptible fading from the sun. Window film blocks up to 99% of the sun’s harmful UV rays, protecting the things in your home you love the most--including you and your family. Since window film acts as an SPF 1000, the rays that cause eye disease and many types of cancer, stay safely behind windows where they belong.

Window Film For Security

Park City, Utah, is very safe compared to other cities the same size in the country. However, crime happens here, just like anywhere else. The best way to protect yourself from being robbed is by using an ounce of prevention today. Not only does window film deter would-be thieves by keeping the glass in place after a blow, it also keeps glass from flying around and causing collateral damage in the case of a natural disaster.

Window Film For RF Blocking

As technology marches on, we are faced with more and more Radio Frequency (RF) radiation than ever before. While there are not enough studies to say for sure the effect these waves have on people, some people are more sensitive than others to them. Symptoms include headaches, insomnia, and nausea. RF blocking films keep waves from WiFi, electronics, and cell phones out of your home minimizing a threat that is yet to be fully understood.

These are only a few of the many benefits of window film. If you would like to learn more about what window film can do for you, contact us today.