Energy-Saving Window Film for Schools

Window Film Creates a Positive & Safe Environment for Schools & Universities

Running a school is arguably the most difficult job in the world. In the world of education, security, spendings, and student performance are all high priority and concern for administrators and district staff. With window film, you can create a unique and safe learning environment for your staff and students.

Our films have the ability to dramatically improve virtually any educational facility, including public schools, colleges, universities, preschools, and tutoring centers. Experience incredible benefits such as enhanced security, energy savings, glare reduction, and more.


Bomb Blast Protection

Bomb threats present a serious situation for schools. The impact from such a harsh force can completely shatter your windows and send broken glass flying across the room, potentially injuring your students and staff. With bomb blast resistant window film, you can give your school a strong security system that will keep your building and its occupants safe in the event of a worse case scenario. It’s perfect for front office areas, cafeterias, hallways, multipurpose rooms, and classrooms.


Anti graffiti film keeps your school looking safe and clean by offering a long term, affordable solution to vandalism. It works to cover up scratches, marker, and paint on desks, mirrors, restroom partitions, school buses, and virtually any surface in your building. If the film becomes tagged or scratched in the future, anti graffiti film protects the underlying surface from being damaged. And it can be removed and replaced for a fresh new start whenever necessary.


C-Bond systems offer the ultimate protection against school targeted violence. C-Bond is highly effective window film primer that works to dramatically increase the strength of glass. It penetrates deep into the pores of glass and window film to reconfigure the molecular structure of the material and eliminate imperfections. When combined with the right window film, C-Bond systems can withstand everything from hail and tornadoes to gunshots, giving schools the upper advantage in high stress situations.

Safety & Security

Nothing’s more important than the safety of your students, teachers, and staff. That’s why you need top notch security at all hours of the day. With safety and security window film, you can protect your school from accidental damage, theft, natural disasters, and armed intruders, and more. If someone smashes your front doors or windows, film can hold the individual shards in place, thereby deterring invaders and mitigating damage.

Energy & Glare Management

Energy Saving

Free up your school budget by reducing your annual electricity costs with energy saving window film. Low-e window film works to control the amount of heat that enters and leaves your building, creating a more comfortable and energy efficient environment. It lowers your heating costs during the harsh winter months and also cuts down on cooling expenses for the spring and summer. Staff, students, and administrators all benefit from energy saving film.

Glare Reduction

Schools and universities are gradually becoming more reliant on electronics. Many classrooms operate with the assistance of smart boards, iPads, laptops, and other devices. But harsh glare in places with intense sunlight can make screen viewing difficult and uncomfortable. With glare reduction film, you can cut glare all throughout your school and give your staff and students an environment that’s conducive to learning and engagement.


Whiteboard Film

If you are working on building a school or doing some major campus renovations, whiteboard film could be just the upgrade your classrooms need. Whiteboard film is a great replacement for traditional school whiteboards, turning entire walls, windows and other surfaces into writeable surfaces, which can also serve as projector surfaces. From preschool to grad school, classrooms can go from ordinary to amazing with whiteboard film.

Logo & Branding

Add style and artistic flare to your school with logo and branding film. Logo and branding film is perfect for creating signage for your front office, adding your sports team names to the walls of your gym, or enhancing the interior design of your building. Our logo films can be completely customized with any text, graphic, or appearance and are available in any size you need.

We offer a decade of experience in the window film industry, along with the top lines of window films available today. Please take advantage of our expertise when choosing the right window film for your school, university, or other campus. Ask us about our multi-tasking window films that offer both security AND energy savings. Contact us today for a free quote.