Commercial Window Film

Commercial Window Film Solutions for Every Conceivable Application in the Known Universe.

Scottish Window Tinting offers a ludicrous amount of window film products for every sort of commercial space imaginable. From basic window tinting which will help your space look cool and save money on energy, to films that mimic surfaces, or prevent your windows from exploding, our diverse range of window film products help many types of business owners improve their spaces. Our films save money, offer surface protection, decorate and transform. Scroll down to learn more about all of our products and commercial services.

Commercial Benefits

Heat, Glare & UV Reduction

Solar Control films and tints save energy and protect humans and interior surfaces from UV radiation.

Low E / Energy Savings

Our thermal insulating, low e films offer year round protection and serious energy savings for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Frosted Privacy

Use frosted and textured films to create private spaces in conference rooms, waiting areas, showers and more.

Decoration & Branding

Our custom films can be printed with high resolution graphics, vectors, text and more, and can be applied to windows, walls and ever mirrors.


Protect glass surfaces from even the most devious vandalism methods with this simple sacrificial anti-graffiti film.

Metal & Mirror Shield

Protect and renew metallic, mirrored and other surfaces with films designed to mimic any surface.

Safety & Secuirty

Security films help businesses protect their assets from theft and defend against accidental damage from weather and natural disasters.

Bomb Blast

For high-risk spaces such as government buildings, get ultimate protection with window film security attachment systems.

Exterior Resurfacing

With exterior glass window film resurfacing, an older, out of date building can achieve a fresh new look.

Bird Strike Prevention

Protect our avian friends and your windows with fritted film which helps prevent confusion.

Interior Glass Resurfacing

We offer interior window resurfacing options using custom window films, that will make them look better than new.


Transform any surface into a writeable whiteboard space with all new whiteboard films from 3M


Public and Government Buildings

Window films add security, cut heating and cooling costs, protect property from graffiti and vandalism.

Schools and Universities

Window films cut energy costs, add security, eliminate graffiti damage

Mass Transit: Trains, Buses, Airports/Transit Centers

Window films can add graffiti and vandalism protection, branding and advertising, and more.

Mall/Storefront Locations

Window films protects your place of business and the inventory inside from vandalism and criminal activity, and keeps your customers cool in the summer and warm in the winter while saving you money on energy costs.

Convention Centers and Theaters

Add security, lower energy costs, add style, branding, advertising, all with various window film products.

Stadiums and Arenas

Make the stadium more secure for staff and guest with security films. Add logos and branding to glass surfaces at the same time.

Hospitals/Medical Centers

Window films can significantly cut heating/cooling costs, make rooms more comfortable, and add security.

Restaurants & Cafes

Eliminate smash and grabs, add privacy and style with security or decorative window film products.

Hotels/Bed & Breakfasts

Cut overhead on energy costs with energy efficiency films, add security or privacy for guests or staff.

At Scottish Window Tinting, we have an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau, along with a customer service gold star.  This, along with our great team, has made us the best provider of window film in Colorado.  Our dedicated team will help you every step of the way towards adding this great product to your business, and we can help you make key decisions during this process.

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