Window Film for Restaurants

Window tinting for Restaurants, Bars, Cafes and more!

At Scottish Window Tinting, we can help you through your many options for adding window film to your restaurant, bar or caffe. We service many different brands, and no matter what you need in your business, we can accommodate. No matter whether you are looking to increase the energy efficiency of your space, make your dining room more comfortable for your guests, or bring your windows to life with custom decals, our unique window film solutions may be just what your establishment needs.

Glare Reduction

Window film can reduce glare throughout any room. If you own a cafe, for example, this could be very beneficial for your customers, as it removes the glare reflecting off computer screens and phones, which are commonly used in these restaurants. On the other hand, if you own a bar, or if your restaurant has TVs, your customers won't have to worry about closing blinds or curtains. Film that reduces glare can raise the comfort level of your restaurant drastically.

Custom Signage

Let your windows do the talking with custom designed window film from Scottish Window Tinting. Take advantage of large, street facing windows in your restaurant with custom designs which range from as simple as the one above, to massive custom graphics, text, full resolution images and more. For added flare, we also provide custom wall wrap graphics, so your restaurant can look beautiful inside and out.

Energy Savings

If you own a restaurant, you know that dealing with sky-high energy bills can be one of the toughest aspects of the business. Our energy saving window film can help make your restaurant up to 60% more energy efficient in as little as 2 years... so you can spend your money on what really matters.

Give us a call or send us an email today with any questions, or to set up an on-site consultation for your window film project.  Our experts are waiting to hear from you, and we can’t wait to get started on adding window film to your restaurant!