Providing custom printed decorative window film solutions that transform glazed surfaces

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Let HDClear power up your business’ branding or take your décor to a whole new level for an affordable cost. This film can be added to windows, any other glass surface, or smooth metals like partitions or temporary barriers and walls at a site that’s currently under construction.

HDClear Decorative Film is the perfect choice for storefronts, showrooms, malls, and any place where a unique look is desired.

HDClear Decorative Films

Sharp Styles

Offering a variety of textures, custom fades and gradients, all in high-definition.

Endless Combinations

Available in high definition color, 10 different ink options, frost and white printing.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Offering the industry’s first ten-year warranty, on all available products.


Save Money in Style

Sunblock, energy and heat reduction film. Customizable in thousands of different ways. Add style, save money, all in one high performance film.


All Around Protection

Fully customizable security and anti-graffiti window film. Protect your business from breaking and entering, smash and grab, or vandalism crimes. Available from 2 – 25 mill thicknesses, each appropriate for specific security purposes.


On The Job

HDBarrier allows daylight penetration while providing privacy at a construction site. It protects and glass, metal or stone surfaces while the work is going on. It’s low tack adhesive allows for simple removal as many days or weeks later as necessary. Protects surfaces from construction debris, accidents, impacts, accidental scratches, etc. Can be printed with any message or branding, such as “Opening Soon.”

How can HDClear window film benefit your storefront or office space? Get in touch with one of our window film experts today to learn more about all of our amazing window film products.