Frosted & Privacy

Beautiful frosted-glass films for privacy and style

Decorative window films are a beautiful and cost-effective alternative to adding frosted glass to the interior or exterior of your commercial space. Our frosted and textured films help businesses of all shapes and sizes create private areas and bring their plain glass surfaces to life, without sacrificing natural light. From hotel showers to hospital rooms, frosted decorative window film is a fun and functional solution for a diverse range of businesses.

The Benefits

Private Areas

Give visitors and employees the privacy they need, without replacing glass OR sacrificing any natural light. Frosted privacy films can be placed on interior dividers, doors, windows, showers and any other flat glass surface.

The Perfect Finish

Choose from literally hundreds of different frosted, textured, and colored finishes that suit your brand and style. Or work with one of our designers to create a completely custom film!

Go Custom

For a one of a kind look, our frosted films can be completely custom designed with patterns, textures, graphics and even your company's logo. For even more advanced custom looks, check our custom branded page.

Why Choose Frosted Film?

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How It Works

At Scottish Window Tinting, we carry a huge variety of frosted films and textures to choose from. From simple frost, to stripes, to geometric and nature inspired patterns, to bright colors, our frosted films can mimic any true-glass finish, for a fraction of the price of replacing your glass. Decorative films can be custom designed cut to fit any design specifications, making them an ideal choice for interior designers and architects developing new or refurbishing commercial spaces on a budget.

Frosted films help create privacy in spaces with large open areas and glass walls. Fish bowl conference rooms, waiting areas, and even showers can seriously benefit from the added privacy that frosted window film brings to a space. Frosted films are used everywhere, from offices, to hotels, to airports, for a sophisticated, modern and comfortably private space.

Featured Products

Solyx Namibia Gradient

Create a stylish look for your space while also enhancing its privacy. Solyx Namibia Gradient frosted film features silhouetted bushes and a tan background that fades to white.

3M™ FASARA™ Glass Finishes Fabric/Washi

3M Fasara Glass Finishes allow you to add a designer touch to any room. This option in ``Fabric/Washi`` creates the allusion of texture while adding subtle privacy.

LLumar Matte Frost Series

Create an elegant, upscale look with LLumar Matte Frost window films. These window films are perfect for dividing spaces or enhancing privacy in restrooms, conference rooms, lobbies, and more.

Frosted & Privacy Window Film Resources

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Frosted & Privacy Film Resources

Are you planning the construction or remodel of an office, restaurant, or commercial space? Check out these resources for more information on frosted and privacy window film:

Frosted & Privacy Window Film FAQ for Businesses

It all depends. Some frosted films are highly translucent and others have a more opaque appearance. There are many different types of frosted film on the market today, all which provide varying degrees of privacy. If you’re trying to divide a space but aren’t that concerned about privacy, then you may like the look of a semi-translucent or gradient film. If you want more privacy, then a matte or fully opaque film may your best option.

The lifespan of a window film is highly dependent on its quality. Whether or not the film is installed on interior or exterior glass also affects its duration. In general, we usually tell our customers that window films last for about 7-10 years.

Some frosted films block heat whereas others are purely decorative. If you’re looking for a heat reducing option, we recommend installing a frosted solar film. These films are dual-acting and offer both aesthetic and climate control benefits.

Some privacy window films work at night and others such as reflective films do not. Reflective films rely on the sun to produce a mirror-like effect that creates privacy. However, there are many privacy films that will provide night-time protection. This includes tinted film, frosted film, and many patterned films.

Yes. There are privacy films that you can see out, but not in. There are also window films that have graphics or designs only on one side. These are also referred to as “one-way” films.

Most window films are designed to let allow at least some percentage of visible light transmission. The exception to this would be a blackout film. Blackout films, like blackout curtains, are designed to make the room dark. They’re often used for storage closets and other places closed to the public. Any other type of privacy window film will still let light in, so you don’t have to worry too much about this at all.

Decorative films are very versatile and they come in many different styles. This makes it easy to match virtually any décor or color scheme. If you’re not sure about what would look good in your space, we recommend browsing pictures online. You can also schedule a consultation with our designers.

Looking for even more decorative film design options? Check out our high definition graphics films, wall wraps, and custom mirror graphic films!

Contact Scottish Window Tinting today for your free on site consultation. Whether you’re looking for greater privacy, branding or just aesthetic enhancement for a reasonable cost, one of our decorative window films will fit the bill.