Unmatched variety and quality of window films

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We offer a full range of 3M’s innovative and exceptional window films for a wide variety of different benefits. 3M Corporation offers the highest quality and highest performance films for residential, commercial, and automotive applications.

3M Thinsulate™ Window Film

Energy Saver

This low-E window film is barely visible to the naked eye once installed, this energy saving film helps keep heat inside during the winter and blocks heat gain from the sun in the summer. Takes the insulation of a single pane window nearly to a double pane. Perfect for historic buildings looking for energy savings without changing the look of the windows.

3M Sun Control Window Films

UV Protector

Reduces cooling costs by as much as 30 percent by blocking heat gain, as well as blocking 99 percent of the sun’s UV rays that cause interior furnishings to fade. Cuts glare as well.

Safe and Sound

Prevent burglaries, smash and grabs, and other crimes by impeding entry through the windows or glass doors. Holds glass in place to minimize danger during an explosion or accident, eliminates the need to clean up broken glass. Available clear or tinted to block sun.

Customized Looks

Add color, style, and a unique look to entryways, glass doors, bathroom windows needing more privacy, even kitchen cabinet doors. Provides decorative solutions for shower doors, bathroom windows, kitchen cabinets and pantries. Lets the light flow through.

Natural Lighting Solution

This incredibly innovative film actually redirects the natural light flowing in your windows, as much as 40 feet further inside the building. This redirection of light allows a business to reduce its need for artificial lighting, reducing energy usage up to 50 percent.

Please contact us for more information about 3M commercial, residential, or automotive films. Rely on Scottish Window Tinting’s decade of experience to help you determine which film is the most appropriate for your home, commercial building, or vehicle.