3M: Ultra Prestige Series Window Tinting

3M: Ultra Prestige Series Window Tinting

The most advanced window film offered by 3M, our ultra prestige series defends from violent crime, weather and bomb blasts while providing all of the additional advantages of our Sun Control Window Films. This includes UV protection and heat blocking capabilities.


3M patented technology utilizes many microlayers in a 6 mil film to provide enormous strength and tear resistance compared to standard PET films

• Improves personal, property and asset protection from hurricanes, blasts and earthquakes

• Substantial heat rejection provides energy savings and enhanced comfort, combined with a virtually clear film

• Increased on-angle heat rejection provides additional performance benefits

• Low reflection enhances views and overall beauty

• No metals; 3M technology provides superior performance with no corrosion or interference with cell phone signals

• Extends the life of furnishings by rejecting UV rays, the single largest component of fading

• Premium 3M manufacturer’s warranty