Drywired Liquid Nanotint

An overwhelming number of buildings in the United States have uninsulated single pane windows, which means that each year homeowners and businesses everywhere lose hundreds of dollars on energy costs. As a solution to energy loss, we offer one of the most innovative energy conservation products on the market, Drywired Liquid Nanotint®. Liquid Nanotint is an affordable alternative to window film and window replacement that drastically increases the insulation of your building without reducing natural light.

drywired liquid nanotint

Here’s How It Works

Liquid Nanotint is a thermal insulation coating that is designed to conserve energy and increase occupant comfort. It’s a liquid, self-leveling substance that is applied like paint and bonds directly to glass and polycarbonate surfaces. By using the combination of solvent borne metal-oxide particles and an inorganic adhesive binder, it creates a 10 micron thick coat that drastically enhances window insulation. Unlike traditional window films, it does not peel, crack, bubble, or fade over time and can be expected to last a minimum of ten years.

Energy Savings

Did you know that your windows are responsible for over 25% of the heat transfer that occurs in the structure of your building? That means that if you have untreated single pane glass windows, you could be losing hundreds of dollars in energy costs. Liquid Nanotint blocks out 100% of UV rays and up to 95% of infrared light while maintaining 78% of visible light transmission.

Indoor Comfort

While traditional window treatments work to block out light, they don’t actually enhance the insulation of your building. Liquid Nanotint is a smart alternative to dark window film that reduces radiant and conduct heat to regulate the temperature of indoor environments without limiting natural light. That way, you get to enjoy the sun and stay comfortable all year round.

Natural Lighting

In order to combat the issue of energy loss, many home and business owners have installed triple pane windows or dark window film. These methods are often expensive renovations and can actually result in increased energy costs for artificial lighting. Liquid Nanotint is able to allow for maximum visible light transmission while still mitigating energy loss, which keeps your building bright and clear.

Non RF Blocking

Some window films block out certain radio frequencies and microwave radiation. This poses a problematic situation for government and military buildings that rely on radio frequencies for their daily operations. Liquid Nanotint is a non rf blocking solution that allows you to achieve all of the benefits of window film without interrupting the important processes of your business.

Liquid Nanotint Installation

Ready to experience serious energy savings? Contact Scottish Window Tinting today to install Liquid Nanotint for your home or business.