Save Money & the Environment with V-Kool Window Film

V-Kool is an eco friendly, non-reflective window film that’s used for residential and commercial purposes. V-Kool window film reduces greenhouse gas emissions by lowering energy waste in building structures. It offers all the same benefits as traditional window film such as heat rejection, uv protection, and security without altering views or building aesthetics. Most building owners that install V-Kool tend to see a 15-30% decrease in their annual energy expenses.

V-Kool Residential Window Films

Crystal Clear Views

V-Kool films are no more reflective than ordinary glass and allow you to see clearly out of your windows during both the day and night.

Fade Prevention

Prevent fading to the furniture, artwork, and flooring in your home by adding V-Kool to your windows.

UV Protection

V-Kool blocks out 99% of uv radiation, protecting your family’s skin and eyes from the sun’s damaging rays.

V-Kool Commercial Window Films

Natural Brightness

V-Kool blocks out the heat while still allowing for maximum visible light transmission, making building interiors brighter and more inviting.

Energy Savings

V-Kool boosts the insulating power of your windows and rejects excess heat, providing a decrease in energy costs of up to 30%.


V-Kool mitigates damage to building interiors and protects occupants from being injured by holding broken glass in place.

V-Kool Products

V-Kool75: VK75 provides the highest visible light transmission out of all V-Kool films.

V-Kool70: Use VK70 to obtain just the right balance between heat rejection and interior brightness.

V-Kool65: Similar to VK75, VK65 offers high heat rejection with slightly less visible light transmission.

V-Kool55: Not quite as dark as VK40 and almost as effective as VK7, VK55 is the perfect middle ground between the two.

V-Kool40: VK40 reduces glare and rejects heat to optimize indoor temperatures and screen viewing comfort.

To learn more about V-Kool benefits and products, please contact our office. One of our window tinting experts will be more than happy to provide you with the information you need or give you an estimate for your project.