Home Window Tinting

All hail the great and powerful home window film

Scottish Window Tinting provides home owners and residents with a variety of benefits. UV Protection, Fade Protection and Glare Reduction, Energy Saving, Privacy and Decoration, Security and Radio Frequency (RF) Blocking are some of the amazing benefits provide by our high quality window films. Contact us today for a free quote and scroll down to learn more about the variety of benefit provided by our home window tinting.

Benefits of Home Window Tinting


UV blocking window film can make the brilliant and ever shining Colorado sun a welcome addition to your home. This film actually improves the light in your rooms by removing virtually all (99.9%) of the harmful UV rays, thus reducing fading and other sun damage.

Fade Protection and Glare Reduction

If you’ve remodeled, redecorated, or otherwise updated your home, your new carpet and the finishes on your new cabinets, furniture, and hardwood floors can all be damaged by the sun. Window Film will help protect all these surfaces, prolonging their beauty by screening out up to 99.9% of the UV rays that cause fading.

Energy Saving and Climate Control

When rising utility costs make you consider ways to save energy it's good to know that window film is the most efficient way to reduce unwanted heat from entering your home through the windows. Window tinting can provide up to 78% heat reduction, control hotspots within the home and save 50% on your cooling bills.

Privacy and Decorative

Certain windows in certain homes need privacy. Whether it's a bathroom window, a certain window that shows directly onto a street, or a number of other situations, privacy window film can provide solutions for your home.

Safety and Security

While security window film is most often used with commercial or government applications, it is also a viable option for homes that might want an extra layer of security. Clear film is always a preferable aesthetic to iron bars so your home won't need to look like a prison to be secure.

RF Blocking

Radio Frequency (RF) can be potentially harmful and have been proven to cause electronic disturbances in commerical and residential environments. Our RF blocking window films guarantee 99.9% radio interference prevention.

We have a decade’s experience in the window tinting business, and you will find out customer service second to none. Our installers are highly experienced, punctual, efficient, and do it right the first time.

Please contact us today for a quote on a window film job, large or small. We’d love to earn your business.