High Performance Window Film Primer and Bonding Agent


At Scottish Window Tinting, we use C-Bond as a primer for nearly every window film installation. An innovative product only recently released on the market, C-Bond works to increase the strength of glass surfaces and film by at least 100%. C-Bond works as a much more effective method of installing window film and, once applied, provides a level of security that’s unmatched by any other primer in existence. By using a system of durable film combined with this incredible bonding agent, you can achieve protection against everything from intense weather to malicious violence.

Engineered Based on Recent Advances in Nanotechnology

C-Bond was developed based on recent research and testing conducted by a group of scientists and engineers working at a laboratory headquartered in Houston, Texas. The company is engaged in an alliance with William Marsh Rice University in efforts to focus on research in the area of nanotechnology. C-Bond is based on the idea of implementing carbon nanotube technology into porous materials, such as glass, to enhance their molecular structure for increased strength and durability. It’s a water-based, eco friendly solution and is impossible to detect once it’s been applied.

The Ultimate Defense Against High Impact Force

A GSA certified product, C-Bond offers incredible protection for structures that require a high level of security or are exposed to severe stress environments. It’s perfect for schools, financial institutions, airports, hotels, police and fire stations, and residential properties. C-bond helps to prevent your windows from shattering in the case of a random accident, natural disaster, or ballistic forces. It can defend your building against a wide range of threats, including:

-Flying rocks and golf balls
-Forced entry
-140 mph winds
-Bomb blasts
-Improvised explosive devices

Certified C-Bond Dealer

Scottish Window Tinting is the only certified C-Bond Dealer in the State of Colorado.

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