Window Tinting Employment Opportunities

Why Work With Us?

  • Be part of a friendly, productive, and professional team
  • Enjoy our non-corporate, small business work environment
  • Learn and be a part of a rapidly growing industry– no prior training is necessary
  • Undergo provided, potential training opportunities from 3M, Llumar, and more
  • Earn real living wages: trainee installers start at $15 per hour plus benefits package, trained installers are paid per square foot of installation and can earn upwards of $50,000 per year plus benefits
  • Comprehensive benefits package: health, dental, 401K, and paid sick/holiday
  • Opportunities for company growth– management/operations roles, sales, and more
  • Help your community and the environment: window film reduces energy bills, enhances security, protects people and valuables from cancer-causing UV rays, and improves overall comfort
  • Scottish works to make positive impacts on our employees, clients and the community, using forward-thinking solutions along the way

Our Mission

“To provide comfort, protection, and savings while you live, work, and play.”

Additional Employment Opportunities

  • Complete a wide range of different residential and commercial projects
  • Expand your portfolio and experience– work with innovative, top-of-the-line window film products
  • Learn graphic design elements for window film application in commercial settings
  • Work with a wide array of manufacturers and distributors
  • Enjoy low-key home and business work-sites
  • Occasional travel opportunities– Scottish Window Tinting serves customers all over the country
  • Learn customer service and window film skills applicable in other industries

Our Culture

  • Always do what’s best for the customer
  • Deliver results and celebrate success
  • Empower individuals and teams
  • Open-mindedness
  • Laugh every day
  • Create win/win solutions
  • Open and real communication
  • Continual learning and growth
  • Inspire greatness

Our Core Values

  • Our people are our strength
  • First class customer experiences
  • Excellent products
  • Integrity – always do the right thing
  • Teamwork – the key to success
  • Change is good
  • Give back

If you are interested in becoming a trainee or in experienced tinter positions, please email [email protected] or call (303) 662-8214 to find out about available openings.