Museums, Galleries & Libraries

Protecting Art, Artifacts, Books and More

Museums, libraries and galleries are the sacred spaces of academics. They are places where art, history, culture and science come alive. No matter what sort of academic or exhibit space you are developing, managing or curating, window films can be an exceptional addition to any building, providing exceptional defense from UVB radiation, break-ins, natural disasters and more. 

Protect Artifacts from Fading

Though not all exhibits have exterior facing windows, there are still many areas in museums, galleries and libraries with large windows and skylights. Don't take chances with artifacts displayed in natural light, protect these precious pieces with UV reduction window film, which can drastically reduce sun fading damage and preserve the look and value of art, fossils, books and more.

Vital Security Enhancements

Museums, galleries and libraries contain seriously valuable pieces in all shapes and sizes. If you're space is in need of enhanced security features to protect from robbers and damage from natural disasters, security window film shields your windows from damage and can help protect your most valuable artifacts.

Glare Reduction for every reader

From the casual reader, to the book worm, to the studious student, library goers of all sorts will thank you for adding solar control films for glare reduction to your library windows. On top of energy savings and the elimination of UV radiation, our window tints stop glare in it's tracks, helping book readers and computer users have a pleasant library experience.

If you are an architect, property manger, curator or head librarian looking to improve your museum, library or gallery space, Scottish Window Tinting has the tinting and film products that can help your space thrive. For more information, please send us a message or give us a call today!