Heat, Glare & UV Reduction

Solar Control Films for Ultimate Sun Defense

Whether you are a designer or manager of a commercial space, window tinting and window films can be an extremely cost effective solution that can help your space save potentially thousands of dollars. Our window films defend against heat, glare and ultraviolet light. Not only do these great benefits come in handy in the short term, they can significantly reduce annual energy expenditures, protect valuables from fading, and help to defend employees and patrons against the potential advent of skin cancer.

The Benefits

UV Defense

Protect people, electronics, floors, furniture and valuable merchandise from the damaging effects of prolonged exposure to Ultraviolet light.

Heat Protection

Keep your building comfortable and cool by blocking heat and UV radiation which penetrates regular, untreated windows.

Glare Reduction

It's difficult to work, shop or eat in a room filled with glare from harsh sunlight. Stop glare without covering up windows with Solar Control Films.

How It Works

energy saving window film

How It Works

Window film is a thin, invisible substrate which is placed on the interior surface of a window. Though these films bond firmly with glass, they can be easily removed or replaced by window film experts. Solar control films act as an insulator, blocking UVB rays and radiant heat from penetrating glass, as well as filtering out a small percentage of incoming visible light. Window films can be custom cut to any size or shape, depending on your company’s individual needs. Solar control films come in a variety of tints, as well as clear options. Choosing a tinted film can serve to reduce heat and glare more effectively than some clear film options. Window tint also creates more private spaces, and can give the exterior of a commercial building a beautiful, uniform look, day or night.

Benefit Details

glare reduction window tinting

Benefit Details

UV Defense – Solar control films filter out 99.9% of UVB radiation, a naturally occurring component of sunlight which penetrates untreated glass. Exposure to UVB radiation over time causes sun fading, which is the phenomenon by which surfaces of all types loose their color and integrity when exposed to the sun’s rays for extended time periods. UVB radiation has also been known to damage electronic devices, and is one of the leading causes of skin cancer in America.

Heat Reduction – Solar control film serves as an insulator to stop excessive heat from building up in the interior of a space. By reducing incoming solar heat which penetrates regular windows, business owners can save money on air conditioning bills through long summer months. In fact, our clients often see a complete return on investment via energy savings in as little as 2 years!

Glare Prevention – Finally, solar control films reduce glare drastically in any space by filtering incoming light. By significantly reducing glare, business can open blinds and light spaces with beautiful, natural light, without sacrificing visibility of screens or products.

Solar control film has many incredible benefits for businesses large and small. For more information on how all of our window film products could benefit your company, please visit our applications pages. If you’d like to get started with your free consultation with one of our window tinting experts, please click the button below!