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Window Film Options In Phoenix

Phoenix is a lovely city in the heart of the desert. The entire area from Phoenix, Mesa and Chandler are all beautiful places to live and wonderful places to raise a family. It does seem like summer never ends here and for the most part, that is true. It may get chilly at night here but the sun shines brightly here all year-round. This also means Phoenix is a great place for life outdoors but makes for a range of challenges for homes and commercial spaces here. Most of the issues stem from untreated or undertreated glass on windows and doors of the buildings here. Problems like high energy bills, fading furniture, hot and cold spots all originate from the glass on residential and commercial structures alike here in Phoenix. Which is why window film is such an effective all-round solution. It has a speedy ROI here in Arizona due to almost the almost constant need for A/C all year round here. But it also solves many other sun-related issues: glare and indoor comfort notwithstanding. However, window films and tints also have powerful niche applications like bird strike prevention, screen cloaking, and security vulnerabilities. All of which film products solves effectively.

Window Film Benefits For Phoenix Homes And Businesses

Energy Savings For Phoenix Properties

Phoenix properties both commercial and residential will save big time with energy-efficient window film applied. Since we get so much sun here in Phoenix window film and tinting products are needed to achieve true energy efficiency in a place where A/C runs more often than not. Our high-quality films here at Scottish mean you will be able to find one that is perfect for your Phoenix home or commercial investment. Not only will you save money on bills and get an ROI in as little as 3 years but you will also lower carbon footprint.

Business Security With Window Film

Like any city, Phoenix struggles with crime. It is still a fairly safe city but one of the most common problems here is– break-ins. This is why security films are a great security solution for Phoenix commercial properties. Security films and specialty window frames keep windows shored up against crimes like smash and grabs. Since an intruder cannot easily or quickly penetrate the glass they often move on to easier targets rather than risk getting caught. We carry many levels of safety and security film available here at Scottish, from films that protect against injuries from slip and fall, natural disasters and even bullet and bomb-resistant films.

Window Film For Home Security in Phoenix

Safety and security films for Phoenix homes are a wonderful way to keep your valuables safe and protect your family from harm. These non-tear films are made from very durable polyester and very difficult to penetrate without multiple blows–should someone try to break in your Phoenix home. This delay in entry means more time for your family to escape or the authorities to arrive. Also, security window film is a way to keep your family safe in the event of a natural disaster. During events like natural like tornadoes and earthquakes, one of the most dangerous things is flying glass. Safety glass keeps these shards in–protecting you and your family. Also, safety glass can be used as a workaround for tempered glass–a cost-effective way of bringing your home up to code for a remodel.

Privacy Film for Phoenix Properties

Window film is a cost-effective privacy solution for Phoenix residential and commercial properties and a very attractive one too. It comes in numerous gorgeous finishes like frosted or etched glass. Plus, privacy film costs on a fraction of full glass replacement. There are endless design options and colors for you to choose from, but if you can’t find something you love in pre-designed films–don’t worry–these films are completely customizable. As useful for coverage on bedroom windows in your Phoenix home as they are on a conference room in a highrise–privacy window films are an all-around amazing privacy solution.

Decorative Film For More Beautiful Phoenix Properties

What makes decorative window film so amazing it is a 100% customizable visual marketing tool. Useful across numerous industries, decorative films are a powerful way to present your brand. Whether you are renting an office or leasing, decorative window film helps you make your space your own. It will take your office, restaurant, hotel or stadium windows from flat to fabulous at a very affordable price. The sky is truly the limit when it comes to bringing you one-of-a-kind design concepts to life with decorative film. A custom logo, modern design, prices, and daily specials are all something decorative window film will help your space display– in a most beautiful way. Plus, these films are easily installed and removed, so your design ideas can easily change from season to season and tenant to tenant.

Window Films To Block Detrimental UV Rays

UV blocking window film is something every home and business in the US needs to stay protected from the intense rays of the sun. This is especially true for those here in sunny Phoenix. During the summer especially, we get almost continual sun through our windows for 10+ hours. Regular glass does not block UV rays. This means, in your home and at work you are left exposed. With UV blocking window film you block 99.9% of the harmful rays–keeping you, your family and/or tenants safe. Plus, your home or business’s floors, furnishings, artwork, and upholstery are protected too and last longer as a result.

Glare Reduction In Phoenix Work and Home Spaces

Glare is a huge problem throughout the Phoenix area since we get so much sun all year long. Glare is more than just a pesky problem too. It can lead to everything from high energy bills to health issues like cancer. Glare reduction window film is an incredibly effective way to make the sunny rooms of your home and/or business more comfortable during peak sun hours of the day. The additional benefits of glare reduction window film are plentiful too: increased employee productivity, improved computer and tv screen visibility, stress relief, headache relief and an overall more comfortable home/work environment.

Mirror, Metal And Glass Anti-Graffiti Films For A Cleaner City

The cost of replacing metal, glass and mirrored surfaces marred by graffiti is very high. Which is why graffiti abatement films are such an amazing product. These films are a cost-effective and clever way to combat existing and future damage from vandals. They are films that match the finish of your graffiti marked surface: mirror, metal or clear glass. They are installed on top of the damage so the job is done quickly–in as little as one day. However, should you get hit by vandals again, these sacrificial surfaces can be removed and replaced only about 10% of the cost of replacing the entire affected surface.

RF Radiation Blocking Films In Phoenix

For Phoenix residents who find themselves hypersensitive to RF radiation–living near cell phone, radio, or TV towers can be hard. Maladies like headaches, dizziness, and nausea, have all been reported in connection with excessive RF wave exposure. RF Radiation blocking window film was invented to prevent these waves from coming through the windows of homes close to cell phone, radio, or TV towers. The application of this film may reduce the impact of several negative symptoms and health effects due to RF Radiation.

Bomb And Bullet Resistant Films For A Safer Phoenix

Bomb Blast and bullet resistant films are made of thick polyester and are used in coordination with C-bond adhesives, and specialty frames. This trio keeps glass intact even when struck with a bullet or bomb. When glass is struck by one of these it typically explodes and flies around–causing damage to people and their surroundings. However, bullet and bomb resistance films and frame systems stop this from happening. They keep the glass from turning into dangerous shrapnel after a bomb or bullet strike by keeping it soundly attached to the film. These types of films can be applied to homes but are especially good for public places like arenas, hospitals, schools, churches, and bars–often the targets of attacks. Installing security films like these means adding an added layer of protection to your venue and providing a significantly safer environment.

Exterior Resurfacing Films For Refined Commercial Windows

Exterior resurfacing is a way to take the finish on your commercial windows from old and ugly to modern and sleek. Since window finishes on old buildings are often outdated in regards to form and function, when you update the appearance of your windows you also improve the overall performance of your building. Exterior window resurfacing is the retrofitting of your existing windows with film. This means you save thousands when compared to full window replacements. After the new, improved films are applied, you are free from unsightly colors and tints-and left with a nearly invisible gorgeous finish on the windows of your commercial space. Plus, exterior refinishing will increase energy efficiency, reduce glare and optimize your building’s comfort level as well.

Cloaking Films For More Screen Privacy In Sensitive Office Areas

Cloaking film is a way to keep screens in your Phoenix office space obscured from unwanted eyes and those who do not have the clearance to see the information on them. It is a great solution for the windows or glass walls in sensitive areas HR and accounting. The screens in these areas are where employee and customer information if often displayed openly on computers. It also works great on office conference rooms where private company information is being presented on TVs or screens. Cloaking film makes TVs, screen and computers appear as black boxes from the outside looking into a room, but the rest of the glass stays clear. This means you can keep an open office feel, but still protect sensitive information–delivering it to only your approved and intended audience.

Whiteboard Film Solutions In Phoenix

Whiteboard films turn nearly any flat surface in your interior space into a whiteboard area for collaboration, list-making, instructing and more. It is much less expensive than actual whiteboards which are costly and need to be replaced frequently. It is also better than freestanding whiteboards because this film can be cut to any size and customized to fit whatever area of your Phoenix office, meeting room, or classroom that needs it. The perfect way to add more function to glass windows and walls–without losing floor space, it is also great for home use in rooms like your home office, kitchen, kid’s rooms, and more.

Bird Strike Prevention for Phoenix Commercial Properties

Each year there are over 1 billion bird/window collisions. These cause hard to fix damage to windows on buildings and, sadly, almost always kills the bird. The impact of these bird deaths is devastating environmentally and we are seeing a reduction of entire avian species as a result. However, these collisions are 100% preventable with something as simple as a bird strike prevention window film. Also called “fretted” films, they have a repeating pattern so the birds will see windows as a solid object–rather than open air. Bird strike prevention film keeps birds from flying into your Phoenix building’s windows–saving the lives of birds and your time/ money.

Window Film Applications For Phoenix Buildings

Phoenix Homes

For homes here in Phoenix, there are plenty of benefits from window film. It blocks UV rays and rejects solar heat. Which makes homes here significantly more energy-efficient and saves homeowners up to 20% on both heating and cooling bills. However, it is also shown to be the equivalent of an SPF 1000. So your family and furnishings stay safe from the harmful rays of the sun. Preventing furniture and floors from fading and sun-related illnesses in your family.

Phoenix Hotels & Motels

For hotels in Phoenix, window film is a great investment for many reasons. Probably the most critical benefit of window film is that it increases energy efficiency in these establishments. This means savings on utility bills and fewer costly HVAC repairs–two things hospitality establishments struggle with. Decorative window film also makes a lovely addition to Phoenix hotels and motels as a stylish decor upgrade for any flat surface.

Restaurants, Bars, & Clubs In Phoenix

From restaurants to nightclubs to small cafes window film is an excellent addition for giving your hospitality space a competitive edge. Decorative film allows your patrons to dine in comfort and privacy while giving your space a stylish look. Small touches that give your customers a better guest experience and keeps them coming back again and again. Decorative films also make for a great visual marketing tool for hospitality locations. It allows your establishment to stylishly feature specials, cocktails, and events right there on your front windows to pull in more foot traffic from the street.

Phoenix Retail & Storefronts

Decorative window film gives Phoenix retail spaces endless marketing and decorating options. In a competitive industry like retail, standing out means getting ahead. Window film will give your Phoenix store a much-needed edge over your competition by drawing in more foot traffic. More importantly, window film will protect your store from theft. Since windows treated with film take many blows to penetrate –would-be thieves move on to easier targets rather than risk getting caught.

Phoenix Hospitals & Healthcare Buildings

In hospitals, too much sun is never good for patients or staff. Filtered natural light, on the other hand, is shown to help healing and employee morale. This is why glare reducing window film is so great for keeping patients healthier and doctors and nurses happier. It stops glare, filters the sun rays and lets in abundant, harmless natural light. This is because window film also blocks the UV rays–the equivalent of an SPF 1000. Security window film is also a necessity for hospitals. It allows them to passively guard their vulnerable patients and valuable staff from a ballistics or bomb attack. In fact, some states are now requiring safety glass in all areas of hospitals.

Phoenix Concert Venues And Stadiums 

Stadiums and arenas, where thousands of people gather, are often targets for terrorists using bombs and guns. Security window film is a powerful way to shore up areas vulnerable to attack– like glass windows and doors. Security film and specialty framing systems will keep glass intact even after a high-velocity strike from a bomb or bullet. This small but critical delay to the attacker gives precious seconds for authorities to arrive for attendees to escape/hide. Decorative films are also great for these locations to promote upcoming events, shows, and concerts creatively and effectively.

Public & Government Buildings In Phoenix

Oftentimes public and government buildings are targets for attacks from terrorist or disgruntled employees. Whether from a bomb or gun, safety and security window film keeps government spaces and its employees safer in these worst-case scenarios. The security films and specialty frame systems are the first line of defense against things like ballistics or explosive threats to Phoenix public and government buildings. Security films do more than protect from bombs and bullets. They also protect from the constant threat of the sun by blocking 99.9% of UV rays. This makes for a more comfortable working environment for the employees and an energy-efficient space as well.

Phoenix Mass Transit 

Mass transit stations for trains, buses, and subways are always targets of vandalism. This is why anti-graffiti films are so great. They work as graffiti abatement solutions for public transportation hubs here in Phoenix. These graffiti obscurement films are applied over the damage to mirror, metal and glass surfacing. This means they are easy to change out and totally get rid of the damage, allowing us for cleaner Phoenix transportation hubs. Plus they are much more affordable than other graffiti removal solutions. This saves taxpayer money and keeps Phoenix looking beautiful.  

Universities and Schools In Phoenix 

Glare has been proven to impede learning. Which is why window film, which stops glare, is critical in education settings. It is an important part of learning success. The application of glare-reducing window film on school windows has been proven to improve student test scores, lower absentee rates and improve concentration. Security films are also needed to keep our students safe in the event of a ballistics attack on a Phoenix school. This affordable security solution is well worth the cost since it could very well save lives. It delays entry through glass, stopping bullets and allowing students and teachers more time to escape and/or hide.

Convention Centers & Theaters In The Phoenix Area

Decorative window film is a powerful marketing tool for convention centers and theaters. It can be used as a stunning way to convey upcoming events, shows, and speakers. Plus, it is simple and affordable to remove and replace so venues can change it with every season or event. Energy-efficient film is the perfect way for these large spaces to save money on energy expenses and become more profitable too. Finally, security film is another sought after use of window film in concert venues, which house many people, often making them targets for gun violence and attacks.

Phoenix Jails & Prisons

Daylight redirecting film improves the sometimes dire prisoner environments and increases both prisoner and employee morale. It does this by taking what would be glare and sending it deeper into jail interiors to provide better light. Not only does this make for brighter rooms and happier people, but it also saves taxpayer dollars by lowering utility and lighting costs. Security film is also a great way to stop escape attempts since glass treated with these films is not easily penetrated.

Museums, Galleries, & Libraries In Phoenix

Museums, galleries, and libraries all house irreplaceable treasures. As it happens, these types of items are sensitive to UV rays and can easily be degraded by it. By having UV blocking window film installed in Phoenix galleries, libraries, and museums, operators can keep these valuable items safe from being degraded by solar rays. These places also need strong security measures since they contain priceless treasures and are the perfect targets for theft. For this reason, security film, which prevents entry through windows, is key to keeping these places and their valuables safer.

Choose A Window Film Contractor You Can Trust

When working with Scottish Window Tinting you can be sure you’re working with a reputable company you can trust. We’ve been in business for more than a decade, and have an A+ rating with the BBB. Furthermore, in 2017, we won the “Best in the West” award from Eastman/Kodak, the manufacturer of Vista, Huper Optik, and Llumar window films. For this reason, and several others, including our commitment to clear pricing and excellent service, come to us for an estimate on your Phoenix space and see the “Scottish Difference” for yourself.

Phoenix homes and businesses will both benefit from window film solutions. Homes in suburban neighborhoods like Desert Ridge experience a multitude of amazing benefits including better security and energy efficiency. Whether you are looking to prevent smash-and-grabs Norterra cafe or improve the privacy in your office in Central City, we carry a window film solution that will improve your quality of life here at Scottish Window Tinting.

The Most Comprehensive Selection of Window Tinting Manufacturers for Phoenix Homes And Businesses.

Sunscape window film adds to energy-efficiency in Phoenix commercial properties — making work areas that are more comfortable for employees and less expensive to heat and cool. It also has many additional benefits like solar heat rejection and UV protection.

Learn More Here

Phoenix sunscape_spec 2_sheet

Phoenix sunscape_spec_sheet (1)

Vista makes advanced commercial window film products for Phoenix businesses. WIndow film that lowers utility bills and improves tenant comfort–allowing employees to be more productive. It also is an excellent tool for glare control.

Learn More Here

Phoenix vista dual-reflective-window-film

Phoenix vista spectrically-selective-window-film-vs60

Phoenix vista-window-film-neutral-series

Huper Optik manufacturers high-tech nano-ceramic films made to add to insulation and energy efficiency in Phoenix businesses. They are also affordable window films with the added benefit of being environmentally friendly.

Learn More Here

Phoenix HuperOptiks_Ceramics

Phoenix HuperOptiks_Select_Series_Specifications

Phoenix HuperOptiks_ThermX

3M manufacturers highly effective window film solutions for Phoenix residents and businesses alike. From advanced safety and security films to energy-efficient and daylight redirecting films, 3M has many film solutions for home and commercial applications.

Learn More Here

Phoenix 3M -window-tinting-98-0150-0662-4_Single-pagePhoenix

3M window-tinting-98-0150-0714-3_WebPhoenix

3M window-tinting-Daylight-Redirecting-Film-Brochure

A leader in the window film industry, Madico makes architectural films for Phoenix businesses and offices. From stellar energy-savings to cutting-edge safety and security systems, Maddico has a film to solve the most difficult issues with your commercial windows.

Learn More Here

Phoenix Maddico Amber-81-spec-sheet

Phoenix Maddico Architectural-Spec-Sheet

Phoenix Madico-Safety-Security-Film-Specs

Solar Gard primarily makes amazing heat rejection and energy-efficient films. Furthermore, SolarGard window films excel in both form and function. These cutting edge window films are widely known for offering crystal clear views with lovely aesthetics.

Learn More Here

Phoenix solargard Graffitigard-Data-Sheet

Phoenix Solargard grey-silver-15-specifier-sheet-08871

Phoenix solargard window-film-hilite-40

Graffiti Shield graffiti abatement film solutions obscures damage from vandalism on any of your flat surfaces: metal, glass or mirror and protects them from recurrent damage. Fast and easy to install Graffiti Shield is much more affordable than traditional graffiti removal methods.

Learn More Here

Phoenix Graffiti Shield Metal

Phoenix Graffiti Shield spec sheet

Phoenix Graffiti Shield-Glass-Shield-4-mil-AG-Spec-CSI1

HD Clear Decorative Films make for gorgeous visual marketing tool for Phoenix businesses and commercial properties. High-definition, bright and easy to apply and remove–these films are available in numerous colors, textures, and designs.

Learn More Here

Phoenix HD Enhance-Brochure

Phoenix HD White-Spec-Sheet

Phoenix HDClear-Spec-Sheet


C-Bond cutting-edge glass adhesive gives glass increased strength and flexibility on a molecular level. With this advanced adhesive homes and businesses here in Phoenix are more protected against break-ins and also bullet or bomb attacks. Used along with security film and specialty window frames, C-bond drastically improves durability.

Learn More Here

Phoenix C-Bond-I-Specification-Sheet


SunTek by Eastman offers amazing window film solutions for issues like high solar rejection, UV protection–always with lovely aesthetics. SunTek architectural films are excellent for commercial applications– especially for lowering utility bills.

Learn More Here

Phoenix SunTek-Arch-Specs

Phoenix SunTek-Safety-Specs


Llumar Window Films offer excellent protection against fading but are optically clear–even improving views. These powerful films are perfect for both Phoenix residential and commercial properties alike; providing solar rejection, UV protection, and glare reduction.

Learn More Here

Phoenix Llumar -low-e_window_film_case_study

Phoenix Llumar spectrally-selective_solar_window_film_case_study

Phoenix llumarsolarcontrolwindowfilm_casestudy_1


V-Kool window films provide stellar visible light transmission so you get only gorgeous aesthetics and improved views from your windows. Powerful UV protection along with potent heat rejection technology makes V-Kool a great choice for Phoenix commercial properties dealing with intense glare and UV exposure.

Learn More Here

Phoenix V kool-commercial-quadfold

Phoenix Commercial Window Film

Commercial window film is a cost-effective way to enhance your commercial property. From visual marketing tools to exterior glass resurfacing, we have all the leading solutions for optimizing the functionality of your business. Our exclusive window film benefits can address any of your concerns while helping you save money. At Scottish Window Tinting, we want your business to be success. We’ll walk you through all of the different window tinting options available to your Phoenix business and help you select the perfect one. Whether you’re the owner of a restaurant, retail store, hotel, or another type of commercial property, we’ve got what you need!

Phoenix Residential Window Film

window film residential phoenix

Few cities can boast hotter summer temperatures than Phoenix. Living in the Valley means being subjected to warm, dry conditions all year long. In an effort to escape the heat, you may turn on your air conditioning but even the best HVAC system in the world can only do so much. And you’ll pay for it in the end when you get your monthly utility bill. By investing in home window tinting, Phoenix residents can cut energy costs and improve their quality of life. Residential window film makes Phoenix homes more comfortable, secure, and energy efficient while also reducing glare and adding privacy. Discover the difference that window tint can make today!

Phoenix Neighborhoods and Arizona Regions We Serve

Phoenix Neighborhoods We Serve

Scottish Window Tinting proudly serves commercial properties in neighborhoods throughout the Phoenix area including Downtown Phoenix, Roosevelt Row Arts District, Downtown Scottsdale, Central Phoenix, Paradise Valley Village, Ahwatukee, Willo Historic District, Encanto, Biltmore, Desert View, Warehouse District, Arcadia, Tempe, Brentwood Historic District, Central Avenue Corridor, Chinatown, Desert Ridge, Golden Gate Barrio, Maryvale, Moon Valley, North/Northwest Phoenix, Woodlea Historic District, and more.

Arizona Regions We Serve

Scottish Window Tinting is honored to provide our leading commercial window film services throughout Arizona including Tucson, Scottsdale, Sedona, Grand Canyon Village, Flagstaff, Mesa, Tempe, Chandler, Yuma, Prescott, Gilbert, Glendale, and more. Please contact our team if you don’t see your city listed!

Which Window Film Product Is Right for Your Phoenix Neighborhood?


Security Window Film

mesa window film

Mesa is known for its affordability and bountiful amenities, making it an attractive place to live, especially for young families. The landscape has changed a lot here in the past few years, but security still remains an issue in many neighborhoods. By installing security window film for your Mesa home or business, you can take steps to protect your property and guard it from danger.


Privacy Window Film

scottsdale window film

Scottsdale is undoubtedly the classiest neighborhood in the Phoenix metro area. Here, residents enjoy access to designer boutiques, high-end restaurants, and a vibrant night life. Many of the homes here feature large windows and glass walls. By installing window film, Scottsdale homeowners can preserve the views and aesthetic appearance they love while still getting the privacy and energy efficiency they need.


Energy Saving Window Film

gilbert window film

Gilbert is the most family friendly neighborhood in Phoenix. What was once a small farming town has turned into a vibrant community, home to numerous breweries, retail stores, and some of the best schools in the state. Because of the harsh desert climate and lack of shade from tress, many homes in Gilbert are exposed to the sun all day long. Installing energy saving window film for your Gilbert home will help you save money on cooling costs, get rid of glare, and improve the comfort of your living space.


Decorative Window Film

window film tempe

As a college town, Tempe offers numerous options for entertainment including dozens of bars, stores, and places to watch AZ sports teams. Decorative window film is an excellent option for apartments, retail locations, and businesses located in this lively, artsy community. By installing window film, you can make your building look beautiful and also protect it from the hot desert sun.

Phoenix Window Film & Tinting Blogs

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Our team is looking forward to serving commercial clients throughout the Phoenix area. Contact us to discover leading solutions available for improving your office, business, school, or more!