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Window Film for Colorado Springs, Colorado

Colorado’s Springs’ many government and municipal buildings, large corporate headquarters, churches, retail locations and extensive residential subdivisions makes this city and its surrounding area one of Scottish Window Tinting’s most popular window film markets. Scottish Window Tinting is proud to bring the three cutting edge Eastman Window Film brands — Vista, EnerLogic and Llumar — to the Springs, for energy savings, safety and security, UV protection and more.

Benefits of Residential Window Tinting in the Springs

The residential subdivisions around Colorado Springs, Monument and Castle Rock are perfect candidates to benefit from both the UV protection and energy efficiency benefits of Vista Window Film. If you live in these areas, you know just how strong our Colorado sun is every season of the year. Although this is one of this area’s many benefits, the strong concentration of UV rays can be quite damaging — not just to skin but to the interiors of a home. Not only can window film help home owners save up to an astonishing and most welcome 50% on gas and electricity bills, but the UV protection can help protect your hardwood floors, carpets, artwork and furniture from fading.

Benefits of Commercial Window Film

The many corporate offices based in Colorado Springs can increase their operational bottom line as well as enhance their environmental stewardship by adding energy efficient, state of the art EnerLogic Window Film to their offices. Scottish Window Tinting can also provide our clients with privacy film for the internal windows throughout their office as well as decorative film for any retail locations. We even offer loss prevention and security film if that is required. EnerLogic Window Film is an investment that pays off handsomely in a short period of time.

Benefits of Government Building Window Film

Much like commercial clients, Colorado Springs government organizations that install window film on their buildings can benefit from significant savings on their cooling bills. Additionally certain locations such as military installations could benefit from the added security of explosive protection film which absorbs bomb blast while mitigating the safety concerns associated with flying glass.

Window Film V. Window Tinting

Window tinting is often thought of as dark colored film, and while we do offer darker shades of window tint, this term commonly refers to the same product.  Whether you call window film or window tint, you will still be investing in an energy saving, extremely functional update to your Colorado Springs home.  If you are not sure which is the best window film treatment for your needs, contact us today. Our window film experts will assess your needs and determine which of our many window films is most appropriate. Our installers are top notch, with a minimum of eight years experience.

Colorado Springs Window Film Applications

The best way to stop expensive heating and cooling bills, put less strain on your HVAC systems and save money on utilities in Colorado Springs is with energy saving, Low-E window film.  In the winter these films keep warmth in your building, while in the summer it reduces the penetration of exterior heat through your glass.

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Protect your Colorado Springs Home or Business with Security Film

Safety and security should always be a consideration for your Colorado Springs home or business and security films are a cost-effective and incredibly potent way make sure the most valuable things in your life stay protected.

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Add Privacy & Safety to your Home or Business

Living in any city, privacy is an issue, and Colorado Springs is no exception!  Applying privacy film on your Colorado Springs home gives you the best of both worlds–privacy where you need it and style where you want it.

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Add a Personalized Look to Your Office or Store with Decorative Film

Many offices and retail spaces can benefit from using a bit of window film on their doors, storefronts, or conference rooms to enhance the feel of the brand, or provide moderate to complete privacy to specific rooms.

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Window Film Blocks 99.9% of UV Rays, Protecting Your Home from Colorado’s Harsh Sun

The sun in Colorado Springs is more intense at a mile high–protect your family and furnishings and block 99.9% of the sun’s harmful rays with UV blocking window film!  A recommendation from the National Cancer Society and rated SPF 1000.

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Window Film Can Reduce the Glare in Your Home & On Your Screens

The glare of the sun in Colorado Springs can make a room with a lovely view of the Rockies into an unbearable to sit in at certain times of the day.  Take back your favorite views with glare reducing window film for your Colorado Springs home or office.

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Reduce Maintenance Costs with Anti-Graffiti Films

Metal, mirrors, glass and most any flat surface in your Colorado Springs home or office stay protected from permanent paint and even scratch graffiti with graffiti shield films and other sacrificial surfaces.

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Mirror & Metal Film Can Improve the Aesthetics and Reduce Maintenance Costs For Commercial Buildings in Colorado Springs and Across Colorado

Commercial buildings and public spaces often use mirrors, stainless steel, and other metal surfaces to complete their architectural design. Other elements of many buildings, including elevators, restaurant counters, and in some cases even walls can be made of these materials that become scratched or tagged.  Mirror and metal shield can substantially reduce maintenance and replacement costs while improve your building’s aesthetics.

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Block RF Radiation in your Colorado Springs Home with Window Film

In today’s world RF radiation has become a concern for some home owners depending on where they living.  If homeowners live in proximity to certain cell phone, TV, or radio towers, they may want to work with Scottish Window Tinting to block some of the radiation to certain rooms.

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Bomb Blast films are strong polyester based films that are installed in such a manner as to prevent injury from flying glass.  While this film cannot prevent a bomb blast from shattering a window, it holds the glass together after the initial impact from the blast, which subsequently keeps those inside the building from being injured by flying shards of glass.

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Change or Modernize Your Colorado Office’s Exterior With Window Film

Window film can be used to change or modern the look of small, medium, or even large office and commercial buildings.  Often we use this film to modernize the look of brown windows that were popular in the 1970’s and 80’s.  Other times we alter the exterior colors of building windows so as to meet brand or aesthetic goals.

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