EnerLogic Low-E Glass Insulation Technology

Enerlogic window film is the perfect all year round solution to lowering your energy costs. During the summer Enerlogic window film keeps heat from entering your home, making it easier to maintain comfortable temperatures without constantly running your air conditioner. During the winter this same amazing film acts like insulation for your windows, blocking heat from leaving your home. This means you will experience energy savings all year round, not only during the summer months.

How does Enerlogic Window Film work?

Enerlogic 35

Privacy & Energy Savings

This tinted film enhances privacy and reduces glare, while providing optimal insulation year round. Our highest recommend film for energy savings!

Enerlogic 70

A clear alternative

This clear alternative still offers all of the amazing insulation and UV protective benefits of Enerlogic 35, but does not alter the appearance of windows or reduce visibility.

Enerlogic film can help homes and businesses save money on their energy bills year round, and help protect the environment. Want to learn more about Enerlogic films? Contact Scottish Window Tinting for a free quote today!