Enerlogic 35

Enerlogic 35

Enerlogic 35 is a tinted film which provides ultimate insulation for windows, making your residential or commercial space more energy efficient year round. Enerlogic 35 blocks harmful UV radiation, prevents glare while preserving views and decreases temperature fluctuations.


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Tinting That Saves Energy Year-Round

Unlike other solar-control only commercial window tint, EnerLogic 35 keeps solar heat gain out during summer and radiant heat in during winter. It gives an existing single-pane window the insulating performance of a dual-pane window, and provides an existing dual-pane window with the insulating performance of a triple-pane window. Based on computer modeling using U.S. Department of Energy software, building owners and managers may expect savings from commercial window tinting with EnerLogic film that are up to three times higher than what traditional light films offer. Utility bills and HVAC loads and run times may likewise be reduced in winter, spring, summer, and fall, resulting in ongoing energy cost savings of up to 15% annually. Lighting costs may also be reduced after commercial window tinting is installed because it allows blinds and shades to be left open, letting in more natural daylight (with minimal UV radiation,  glare, and solar heat gain).

– See more at: http://www.enerlogicfilm.com/commercial-use/35/benefits#sthash.ijj5O2WI.dpuf