Mural, Decorative & Branding

Put your Windows, Walls and Mirrors to Work!

For business owners looking to add some serious style to their space, or to improve their visual brand presence, custom window and wall graphics may be just the right solution. From large logos and brand graphics, to sale announcements and ads to high definition photographs, our top of the line custom decorative films are a great communication tool for businesses of all kinds. Our custom films can be applied to flat glass surfaces, walls and even mirrors!

hd clear conference room window film

The Benefits

Custom Window Film

With our high definition films, bring your brand identity to life on your windows. Whether you are looking to show off your unique style or announce a sale, our HD graphics window films take your businesses windows from ordinary to extraordinary.

Wall Wraps

Film isn't just for windows any more! Spruce up your office or highlight a special area of your shop with custom wall decals and wraps. Wall graphics are a great compliment to window graphics, and can be easily applied and removed without damaging paint.

NEW - Mirror Graphics

We are proud to introduce custom mirror graphics, exclusively from Scottish Window Tinting. Now you can take advantage of mirrors in your business place by adding some beautiful graphics to make your customers smile, or even sell unique advertising space!

Choosing custom decorative film

Custom decorative films are a great solution for businesses of all types to increase their brand visibility, announce temporary events and sales, and even sell advertising space. HD Films can be custom designed and cut to suit any space and style. We cary several different high definition styles of film.

• Crisp white graphics (for illustrations)

• Clear, full color graphics (for photographic designs & rasters)

• One-way transparent graphic films

• Completely opaque graphic films

• Wall wrap films

• Mirror graphic films (for decoration on mirrored surfaces)

We recommend our custom films for retail spaces looking to announce sales and new collections, restaurants with street facing windows, and office spaces with lobbies and work spaces that need a serious style upgrade. Mirror graphics could be an excellent addition to a sports arena or music venue, giving your business a whole new way to show off your team spirit or sell unique and effective advertising space.

Contact Scottish Window Tinting to speak with a window film expert about how our unique, custom graphic films can bring your corporate space to life. From walls, to windows, to mirrors, our films can help your business communicate, connect, and stand out.